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Question 1

American presidents have in the past characterized the state of the union as strong and as a matter of fact President Obama stated that it was the citizens who made it strong. The state of the union gives the president the opportunity to say some optimistic things to the citizens. President Obama on the 27th state of the Union urges the Americans that they are one family, and they should continue working together in order to develop their economy. He starts by stating that they belong to the American family where every faith and race and their point of view of can be found. The president states that the economy had grown during the period when recession had hit hard in America. He brushes the issue of election and states that what they should focus on is the introduction of more industries and creation of new jobs in the country. He is concerned about the hard work of the Americans and state that they should be rewarded for the good job they doing. According to President Obama, his leadership has made America be light to the world and not just a place on the map. This rises questions on whether his government alone has struggled in putting America in the light compared to the previous administrations. His administration has poised for success and two years after the recession that had struck them, the country is in the process of regaining its strength as the stock market is roaring back (The White House 9).
. According to President Obama, economy is developing after the recession and the corporate profits are shooting up. The president states that success of the American people is not only measured by the jobs they find but the quality jobs that they do. His government also gives the opportunities for other small businesses to grow and individuals who undertake small businesses can thrive into bigger enterprises. We can pass the better life that we work for to our children if we continue to work hard since the government gives us the opportunity to develop. The tax cuts passed by the congress is the first step in the development of the American economy and according to the president, majority of the Americans today have a bigger pay checks. The step taken by both the Republicans and the Democrats will enhance the growth of the economy when added to the one million jobs created in the private sector last year. Question 2
I do not agree with President Obama sense on the state of the union. The speech made by the state of the union are just by nature, lofty rhetoric policy proposals and bold claims that do not stand a chance to becoming laws. According to President Obama, the economy has been growing, and the rate of unemployment has reduced as compared to the period during which financial crisis had struck the country. It is not true since the American economy has been in the best shape since and before President Obama took office. President Obama took office during a time in which America was in a Great Depression and as a matter of fact the recovery from the depression has been one of the weakest since the country came out of world war II. In order to evaluate Obama economic performance, one needs to select various benchmark grounds (The White House 7)
. When compared to the depth in which we were in a recession, we as Americans we have come an along way. Compared to the pre-crisis peaks, we have made minor gains and in some circumstances we have remained deep in the hole. From the benchmark, one can clearly deduce that the recovery from the depression is discouraging since it was slow. The recovery has gained momentum in the past year and has not reached a significant percentage of the Americans. As Americans, we had a belief that it was possible for us to reduce the rate at which we depend on foreign oil in order to protect our planet and country. Today our country is one of the best in oil and gas production. President Obama likes to tout the matter of the oil boom that has occurred under his administration. The production of oil in US has increased during Obama’s reign and today the oil fields produce 8.6 million barrels a day compared to the past in which the country used to produce 5 million barrels thus showing a 70 % increase. President Obama does not deserve much of the credit on the increase in oil production since some of the such plans had been placed before he came to office (The White House 13)
. Most of the federal lands have not experinced the production boom in the production of oil as the production offshore has reduced. I do not agree with the president's claim that the economy is growing and because of that recovery is influencing the lives of many people as the wages rise. The president also stated that all of us know that small scale business owners also plan to develop and increase the salary of their employees. There are many reasons that can lead to an increase or decline in the salary status of an individual. There is no evidence that the salaries are increasing since they drastically fell in December. The proposals gave by the president, however, point out that a recovery alone won't lead to the increase of the wages for most of the workers. Question 3
One of the major proposals of the administration is on the American innovation in which the administration calls for a continued development in the technological world. The administration wants every individual to be creative and imaginative since they do not know what kind of economic revolution will occur in the kind of technology that today exists. Since America is the nation that make computers and cars, innovation does not change the lives of the people but act as a way in which they make their living. The free enterprise system that the country provides leads to innovation since the government gives the researchers the support they need. The innovative investment is important to the country as that will make their security strong, create jobs and protect the planet (The White House 19). Renewable energy is also one of the initiatives of the administration. The administration is working on an energy policy that can help them achieve such an initiative. Some of the technological institutes are now focussing on using water and sunlight as a source of energy. Developing education is also one of the initiatives of the administration. Education is important for our country to have a better and effective leadership. Question 4
The proposals made by the administration are achievable and doable. The projects especially the issue of innovation and developing the education system in the country is realistic and can positively impact the country(The White House 19).
. The issue of innovation will strain the country financially since the proposals require a large sum of funds in order to be conducted. The issue of education is easily achievable as what the government needs to do is to develop the schools both technologically and with books. Such projects are supported by both houses including the Republicans, but the problem comes on how the projects will be funded. Question 5
The president did not address the issue of gun control in the state of the union that had become an issue in the country. The president had promised to give an address on this issue following the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The president kept pushing the issue instead of addressing it despite the increase in the constant gun use in areas of studies. The president just mentioned the tragedies related to irresponsible use of the guns, but never gave what to do in order to protect such. The issue of israeli palestinian peace was not also addressed in the speech. The president in the last two years has been in the process of finding a peaceful solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The president also never addressed his tax proposals. The obama tax plan that had been put in place few days before the state of the union and which the administration had to press was put in the speech, but the actual, and real details were not stated.
President Obama also never talked about the bad news overseas that involved Al Qaeda and the chaotic problems in Yemen and Libya. The president had promised to do anything in order to solve any problem that may appear a threat to the American’s national security. For the first time in history since September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the American soil, the issue of the Al Qaeda was not mentioned in the state of the Union address. The president did not even mention the successor groups of Al Qaeda that were terrorizing many countries in the world including Africa. President Obama had promised to help Libya fight terrorism in his address in 2013. He had also promised to help Yemen fight terrorism that was also facing constant attacks. The two countries are now in the middle of chaos, but the president never gave any attention to them in his speech. The question of government reforms was not also addressed in the speech. During 2012 address, the President had stated a plan that would restructure the focused business agencies in the US by forming a department for them in the government. The plan aimed at merging together Small Business Administration, Commerce Department, and U.S. Trade Representative. The officials were ready for such a plan, and they wanted it immediately to be put in place. The president in his address never stated anything on that or any form of progress that had been made in making the project a dream true. The president saluted the scientists at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration but never realized that he had stated in 2012 that they would be shifted to the Interior Department from their current Commerce Department.

Re the budget message which was on Feb 2,2015.

Question 1
The items that will dominate the budget include boosting of early education, high schools and technology. In his budget, the president might not have had many allies but he his still on the move to ask the lawmakers if they can increase the budget allocation to the U.S. Department of Education. The issue of quality education was looked into, and that made the president include huge hikes to the teachers. The budget also gave a provision on civil rights enforcement, preschool development grants and education technology(The Washington Post 5)
. The budget also captured the new competitive grant program that aimed at helping the various districts make use of their local K-12 dollars. Programs that have proved unpopular amongst the Republicans in the Congress such as the Grant program for improving schools was also captured in the budget. The defense budget was also high and aimed at solving the overseas conflict. In the budget, the president would increase the amount spent at the Pentagon by about $38 billion. The budget also captured a four-year program that would assist in improving the bridges, roads and the railways. The issue of extending the unemployment insurance was also captured in the budget.Question 2 The budget priorities are due to the nature of some of the activities that require immediate attention from the US government that might be a threat to national security. The operations in countries that are war torn such as Syria and Iraq require immediate attention from the government. The president requested for additional $51 billion in order to cater for the ongoing military operations in Iraq and Syria. The budget also presented the department of defense as determined to invest in building of aircrafts, bombers and ships. The issue of education has also brought challenges, and the president saw it important to address matters pertaining to such (The Washington Post 16).
. The increase in the number of students calls for a revolution in the educational sector. The budget allocation for education included the Title I grants that were allocated to the needy students. The different states were also given grants for cater for education with special needs. The funds would also allow the Congress to work together to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Question 3 The deficit will go up by about 20% although the people at the Treasury claim that it will bring record revenue during the year. The deficit that was $485 in 2014 has increased by about 20.2 percent in 2015. The federal government in 2015 will take in about $3.176 trillion in tax revenue and spend about $3.759 trillion. The spending and the tax plans formulated by the president would lead to about 2.5% of the gross domestic product. The main drivers for the deficit include health care programs and social security. The deficit also arises due to the amount of funds that were allocated to the education programmes such as early learning that many children had taken advantage of (The Washington Post 5).
. The president budget had many investments in the early learning programme that ensures that the children can be served daily.Question 4 Based on the budget, I would reduce the deficit through the Health tax and the immigration reforms. Most of the new investments in the budget are paid for by a wide range of programs and the tax loophole closers. In order to reduce the deficit, it can be done by focussing on the main drivers of the budget challenges that include health care cost for the aging population. Since there are close to $400 Billion in Health Savings, I would cut down the amount allocated for health care. Immigration reforms also have close to $160 Billion in Savings that can be used and for this reason it should be cut down from the budget in order to reduce the deficit (The White House 13).
.Question 5 I would balance the budget by attending to more urgent matters first. It includes the various programmes in education, national security and the health sector (The Washington Post 15)
. Other programmes such as boosting of the private investment through American partnership would be done in a process and as such that would help in reducing the deficits thus balancing the budget.


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