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Apple Inc., an American international corporation which specializes on production and release of popular nowadays electronics, such as personal computers, music players, telephones, various portable devices, and software for computers has gained a tremendous success. The company has become a world leader for less than forty years of its existence making its way from garage near a simple living house where the company was established to one of the first places in the international market of electronics. What is that which made out of a primitive start such a tremendous success and allowed Apple and its owners to take leader positions in the world ratings? As it is mentioned by the specialists, the company’s budget has reached the world-record of 624 billion dollars. The strategies applied in the process of creation of the company remain the main concern and issue of interest not only for Apple’s competitors but also for its customers.
1. Creating new brand and establishing Apple’s main targets
A wise start, comprehensive approach and creative ideas of the founders resulted in establishment of the most powerful company of electronics of our time. Three founders of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs (21), Steve Wozniak (26) and Ronald Wayne (42) have established the company in 1976 in the garage in the Jobs’ living territory in the Silicon Valley, Cupertino, California with the purpose of selling Apple I personal computer kit. Creative ideas, ambitions, effective strategic planning and convincing leadership have led to creation of powerful company specializing on production of electronics. The three co-founders were friendly, cooperative and determined for success even in choosing title for the new brand, because as it is known, the name of anything influences its success. The company started its activity from choosing name for the new brand because as it is known, success of any initiation depends primarily on its title and first impression for the customers and this involves marketing strategic planning as well. The name “Apple” was assigned to the company by Steve Jobs who went on an apple farm being on a fruitarian diet; Jobs thought that such title and logo would be fun, enthusiastic and not intimidating but rather such which draws attention and increases interest in potential customers. First version of the Apple’s logo was colorful, and then the founders arranged it would appear monochromatic in the products of the company. After choosing logo for the company, the founders proceeded their activity without Ronald Wayne who sold his share in 1977 to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Jobs and Wozniak directed their efforts on implementing their creative ideas and making them real; from the very beginning, Steve Jobs was eager to improve educational process and reconstruct the whole system of education by creation of devices that would be helpful to the youth. Finally, Jobs reached his dream and due to his efforts the education is now computerized, and new devices produced by Apple are rather popular among today’s young generation (Lashinsky, 2012).
2. Leadership and applied strategies
The company’s success and increased popularity of its products is the result of strategic planning and effective management applied by the Apple founders. From the start of cooperation in creating new company, the leader among the three founders has been outlined due to his charismatic nature and the abilities of a leader such as courage, determination, insistence, etc. Steve Jobs was able to inhale confidence in his customers as well as engage thousands of employees and make them believe in his success and work for him to implement his ambitions. The leader of the Apple company used different strategies in coordinating further steps of the company and determine actions with the purpose of enlarging the company and leading it on the international level as well as increasing its profit. In leading his business, Jobs applied persuasive strategy while coordinating work of his employees, when he was their immediate director; he showed charismatic features of his character to people, so that they understood the importance of making any task given by him. Besides, confidence of the leader in his actions which allowed him to take risky steps made Apple one of the most prosperous. He also displayed stubbornness and impatience while implementing one of his new ideas; the Apple’s owner was rather strict and sometimes cruel to his employees. One of the painters has described Jobs as “one of the greatest business executives of our era”. The example of Apple is a direct portrayal of the leadership that has to be demonstrated, strategies applied in effective manipulating employees and making planning with the purpose of creating effective business and turn knowledge and ideas into money (Sted, 2012).
3. Apple’s products and their ways to leading positions
Apple I personal computer kit was the first product and the company was established with the purpose of realizing it. Later, the improved Apple II and Apple III were invented and incorporated in 1977 and 1980, respectively; the products used open architecture and color graphics for that time which made their realization successful in front of the other products of the rivals on the West Coast Computer Faire. After gaining some experience in computer technology by communicating with the other founders of electronics, Jobs decided that the next product of his company would be supplemented by a graphical user interface, and started to develop it for Apple Lisa. Macintosh, the first computer which was sold without the programming language was released in 1984 and it was another success of the company. It didn’t have good results of sale though, due to its high price and scarce possibility of software titles, but its “successor” Macintosh Portable which was designed and sold in 1989 gained popularity among the US citizens. Further after that, the PowerBook was introduced by Apple in 1991, and other portable devices such as Newton, iPod and iPhone which are now very popular nowadays among the young people because of their commodity in the use in the process of receiving education, at work or in any public places where Wi-Fi red is spread. Along with electronic devices which helped the world to move forward in the technologies, Apple company also released operational systems, online services and other programs for computers, phones and other devices, such as Mac OS, Book Camp, iCloud, iTunes Store, App Store etc. (Grady, 2009).
4. Competition on the market of electronics
After all these years of hard work, strategic plans and cooperative servicing, Apple became a successful producer and example for all other companies in the world. Despite the competitiveness created by Microsoft and some other companies, Apple managed to succeed in the American and then in the international market of electronics. Steve Jobs and other founders of the company made it a leader of the world market, revenue of which has exceeded the US Government budget in 2011. The products of Apple Inc. are known and widely used in different countries all over the world. When each next Apple store opens, there are thousands of crowds of people willing to attend first new shop and check the new products of the company; some fans of the brand even use the stores to propose marriages. People didn’t know about the computers in early 1970s and due to such people as Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne community acquired unlimited possibilities of developing, communicating online and making other operations, as nowadays every second person in the world uses personal computer or portable device. Though, the main creator of the ideas and the leader of the company died in 2011 after he took two medical leaves of absence. Jobs knew whom he would transfer the right of ownership and entrust leadership and management of the company in such case; he made Tim Cook Chief Operating Officer of the company first who was managing everyday tasks under the guidance of Jobs remotely, and later, after the Job’s death Tim became CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs had some ideas of improving the products produced by Apple as well as creating and realizing new devices which is now implemented by the company guided by Tim Cook now. The iPhone has been improved to the fifth model gaining new functions and possibilities, and now the public is eager and ready to see and accept further creations of the company.
Having analyzed the company’s “road to Olympus of the technological market”, the following implemented steps should be mentioned. First of all, Apple Inc. owns for its success, to the company’s ambitious and decisive founders who wouldn’t stop in front of anything before reaching their goal. The second reason of the computer company’s leadership in an international market is a set of coordinated, cooperative actions and analyzed and applied strategies by Steve Jobs as the major owner of the company, which established the order in the company. Creative ideas of the owners of the company were implemented opportunely, which provided the company with a wide range of products and services able to make budget for further projects. And finally, Apple Inc. was able to resist competitive pressure of the other companies with the ambitions of producing innovative devices and providing new and profitable services. Having such a story of success for an example, we may say that in order to succeed one has to have an ambition and confidence as there are a lot of learning courses and practices for leadership development for effective management of the desired business.

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