Example Of Responses Of Questions A And B Essay

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Published: 2021/02/09

Response A

As a visual description of the image, this is a vintage advertisement. The advertisement shows a man wearing Mr. Leggs slacks who steps a woman’s head that is attached to the tiger head rug. The caption itself is an offensive slogan that says, “It is nice to have a girl around the house” and showing how the man standing on the head with his prize. The image itself speaks about a man’s powerful masculinity. It is linked to gender roles; a man is inherently superior to woman. Overall, the image of the advertisement simply speaks of gender discrimination affecting the woman, and in deeper view, violence against women.
Potentially, the media can offer positive and effective portrayals of the different individuals with their roles in the society. On the contrary, the advertisement of Mr Leggs slacks itself portrays societal inequality. The media have a deep impact on the individuals on how they relate and understand the information. It implies that an advertisement can strongly influence the minds of the viewers. In addition, an advertisement is one of the important factors that directly influence the public. The main sphere of operation of the media is to produce and transform the ideology. The Mr. Leggs advertisement is a portrayal of a decorative advertisement and it represents some aspects of social existence.
The message of the advertisement creates unrealistic expectations among men in the society. Some men think that women are submissive to their demands as depicted in the image. The advertisement itself highlights the lack of social change; the slogan, “It is nice to have a girl around the house” has a negative connotation to women in the society. The advertisement is socially not responsible because it does not maintain the balance between man and woman gender. The Mr. Leggs advertisement is a type of advertisement that leads to domestic violence.

Response B

The postmodern theories of society and culture greatly influence the feminist study of the intersecting issues of class, race, sexuality, and gender. Today, the video image like television and cinema is relevant to the public to integrate and obtain the present lives through the visual and narrative style conventions, and it confronts what people have lost historically after the industrially produced culture arrived. However, films offer a number of pleasures; scopophila, a source of pleasure as Freud isolated it as one of the component instincts of sexuality that drives the erotogenic zones independently. The sexual instincts and the process of identification have its meaning within the symbolic desired articulate order. The desires are born with language that allows the transcending instinctual and imaginary possibilities. However, its origin continuously returns to the traumatic point of complexity. In context, the source of pleasure is threatening the women being the representative this irrationality. It demonstrates the women are images and men as the bearers of the pleasure.
As the theories of post modernity claim that, the modern high tech media society is the processes of changes or transformations produced new postmodern society. For example, the spectatorial desires, in the modern film theory, it is described as fetishism as precisely pleasures in seeing what is forbidden in relation to female bodies. It claims that high tech technologies such as new forms of knowledge, changes in the socioeconomic system, and computers and media produced postmodern social formations. Another example, the technological advances clearly transformed the economic conditions of the cinematic production . In addition, the process produces cultural disintegration and new modes of subjectivity, experience, and culture. Consequently, the conditions provide for the postmodern theories with analysis of perspectives to claim that the theories are the edge of the modern developments.
Through the description of the series of images, the reality attains popular media cultural status, for example, media. The work of Freud demonstrated the importance for women and it introduced some ideas of psychoanalysis with feminist audiences. The feminist work on sexuality, ideology, and film are associated with the theories of postmodernism. Feminism is the movements and ideologies that share common goals, equality. Feminism defines, establishes, and achieves equality, specifically, the rights for women. The advocates promote the equality they deserve; the main objective of the movement is a thorough understanding of gender equality. The gender equality is the equal perception or treatment of the people based on gender. The movements promote their goal to establish equality, protection, and campaigns for rights and interest, legally.
The postmodern feminism approaches its feminist theory that incorporates the postmodern theory. One of the largest departures from the branches of feminism is the argument that speaks on gender constructed through language. Specifically, the feminist film theory continues to analyzing the relationship between films, ideology, and the domination of men, and the perceptions or reactions of audiences and women. Speaking with the perspective of the postmodern theories, feminism has solid beliefs and approaches as a single entity.

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