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The terms terrorism and homeland security are rapidly becoming entrenched in many US citizens dictionary. Recently, US President Barack Obama stated that ISIS has the potential of posing a direct threat to the US homeland if it is not dealt with in due time (Weaver, 2015). The ISIS, which exercises control over Belgium, has now become famous for its motiveless brutality against any nation or anyone who stands in its way. For Example, the ISIS murdered a second American hostage, Steven Sotloff, a freelance journalist (Scharling et al., 2015). Following this incident, a significant pressure has mounted on the US homeland security to deal with ISIS. There is a rising need for the examination of effects, issues and causes of terrorism surrounding the current state of homeland security. This article offers a perspective on understanding the threat Homeland Security faces and how best to handle the challenges encountered by the security system.


ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham) is a well-known jihadist association that focuses on creating an Islamic state in regions stretching from Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt if not beyond. ISIS was formed in 2000 and has had several iterations and names (Walsh & Miller, 2015). ISIS rebranded itself in 2013 and adopted a new name that demonstrated more ambition in their goal. ISIS, a growing terrorist army, poses a severe threat to the Homeland. In addition, several Government officials are concerned that some Europeans or Americans battling with ISIS could return to the US to perform retaliatory attacks. However, this has never occurred. In early September, the U.S Government regarded ISIS as a serious potential threat (Weaver, 2015). The US security system has forever changed, with increasing terrorist threats the days of walking through simple metal detectors are over. 90% of Americans currently view ISIS as a major threat to U.S national security (apostate Muslim rulers) (Walsh & Miller, 2015).


ISIS represents a risky new chapter in the global war and a present and clear threat to the U.S. homeland security (Weaver, 2015). It exercises controls over thousands of square miles of ungoverned territory. It is also well known for recruiting highly aggressive and motivated fighters from all over the world. The open space occupied by ISIS and the entry of fighters provides the group an ability to think innovatively and effectively exercise major attacks against the US.
Over the past five years, the “near-attacks” against the US, are clear signs that ISIS is not wanting in “quantity” of potential fighters. However, they do not can efficiently train “quality” foot fighters to execute major attacks. It is for this reason that the U.S government should act and establish policies relevant and essential towards ascertaining security to its citizens. It is also of the essence to denote that these policies ought to be drafted with huge regards to the aftermath outcome. The recommendations in the hereunder will establish the accredited course of action that will possibly eradicate and lessen terrorist activities in U.S particularly as it relate to homeland security and ISIS.


Americans aim at leading a broad coalition that will effectively roll back the ISIS terrorist threat. It targets to degrade and eventually destroy ISIS via a sustained and comprehensive counterterrorism strategy. U.S ought to cooperate with regional partners and other forces battling ISIS to ensure that their national interests are achieved incoherence (Walsh & Miller, 2015). It is impossible for the US to bring down ISIS on its own. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iran all have a stake in preventing or stopping ISIS advances. In addition, the US also has to embrace the fact that al-Assad is a significant hedge against ISIS, this is despite the fact that his policies helped in facilitating ISIS.
Considering that for US to defeat ISIS it has to go through Syria that apparently has quite a considerable number of sympathisers of ISIS, the first and foremost strategy should focus on bringing down Syria. By bringing down the axis and centre of the ISIS, operations means eradicating their terrorist acts.
In addition, U.S ought to first focus on diplomacy then focus on military force (Scharling et al., 2015). The U.S need to embrace diplomacy to make their military force effective. It implies that the U.S must come up with a more satisfactory political arrangement with countries that experience terrorism within their environs by their people. In essence, U.S ought to negotiate with countries known for executing terrorism prior to directing military force to these countries. U.S should negotiate with Iraq, Baghdad, Syria and other countries known for terrorism before undertaking military operations.
In a nutshell, the following elements should guide U.S. policies toward combating the ISIS conflict:

Profound campaigns that will in effect terminate the ISIS targets, particularly in Iraq and Syria;

Offer full support to forces fighting ISIS
Utilize counterterrorism capabilities to prevent ISIS attacks;
Generously offer assistance to terrorism victims.


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