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The Constitution of the United States was signed on September 17, 1787 (History). The main bone of contention between Federalists and Anti-Federalists was whether to propose the Bill of Rights or leave the Constitution without the amendments. Federalists believed that the states and the people “kept any powers not given to the federal government” (Bill of Rights Institute) and due to this fact there was no need to make any additions to the Constitution. Anti-Federalists were sure that it was a must to create the Bill of Rights to safeguard freedoms and liberty of each citizen of the country. They believed that the Bill of Rights can limit the power of the government and, in such a way, will give more freedom and safety to the people.
The Bill of Rights was drawn up by James Madison, as a response to petition of several states to limit the power of the state and give the people some guarantees on their safety and protection (History). In other words, it limited the power of the government and gave the citizens some safety regarding their rights in any extraordinary or complicated situations, as well as on a regular basis.
First, there were created 17 amendments, 12 of which were approved by the Senate. After that, these 12 amendments, proposed by the First Congress of the United States on September 25, 1789, were sent to each state to get their approval or any corrections. As a result, only 10 amendments were approved on December 15, 1791, and were called the Bill of Rights (Archives). Nine of the amendments have been slightly changed since 1791. Only the first amendment preserved its original content and no correction has even been made (History).
Amendment I states that any individual has a right to choose their own religion and to worship their own God. It means that the state does not have a right to impose restrictions on the individuals’ religious views and the world outlook. What is more, there is a freedom of speech for each citizen of the country, which lets them express their thoughts in a peaceful way and get trustworthy information presented by the mass media. What is more, the first amendment even allows the people to hold peaceful meetings and social gatherings, in case they are not satisfied with any issues. As for me, this amendment lets the people feel free in the country they live, because they have a right to live the way they want and get precise information about any national or foreign events.
Amendment II lets the people protect themselves by bearing and keeping arms. It allows them to protect their life and property if they are in any danger. Besides, there is Militia, which is always ready to guarantee safety of the members of the United States. This amendment proves that the people and their belongings can always be protected either by means of the arms or by the executive body. In such a way, they can always be sure that their life and property are in safety.
Amendment III tells that no soldier is allowed to be quartered in any house if it is a peaceful time. During wartime, there must be special regulations introduced by the government, which let the soldiers to live in the houses of civil population. This amendment is connected with Amendment II, as it proves that private property and space shall never be invaded or taken.
Amendment IV protects the citizens from unjustified search and sequestration. There has to be a lawful document, which gives a reason for the search and an enumeration of things, which have to be expropriated. According to this amendment, each subject can feel safe that nobody uses their property and has no right to confiscate it without sufficient grounds and an official document.
Amendment V states that only Grand Jury can accuse a person of any crime, and only if it has firm evidence. An exception is made only for the Militia, naval and land forces, when they are in actual service at a war time or in cases of public danger. Another statement is that nobody will be tried twice for the same crime, which is quite fair, because a person cannot be punished again for the same crime if the punishment has already been imposed. What is more, each person has a right not to testify against themselves if it leads to their imprisonment, death or any other punishment. Nobody will be penalized for any action if there are no valid grounds or an official document, which proves their guilt. The government does not have a right to take the subject’s property without a fair compensation. This amendment includes several basics, and they state firmly that even if a person is guilty of any crime, they still deserve a fair treatment. What is more, it is prohibited to judge, punish or accuse a person if they do not have firm grounds and or official conclusion.
Amendment VI states that any accused has a right for a speedy trial and jury from the state or the district, where the crime has been committed. In addition to that, any accused can ask for an identification parade with the witnesses and can have their own lawyer, who will protect their rights. This amendment proves the idea that any person, no matter whether they are criminals or innocent, has a right for fair treatment and to be secured by the state. In addition to that, they are allowed to protect their rights and freedom.
According to Amendment VII, each suit, which value is no less than $20, has a right of jury. What is more, the decision made by the jury cannot be reconsidered by anyone, but for the regulations of the common law. This amendment gives a right for a trial by jury, even if the price of the suit is not really high. It shows a social justice, which does not respect any kind of crime and tends to form a law-abiding and humane society. In addition to that, a decision made by the jury is firm and final, but for some serious cases. The latter statement proves that jury can be considered as a respectful and a competent organ, and their verdict is firm and final.
Amendment VIII gives some limits to the bails, fines, and punishment decided by the state. The bails and fines have to be affordable, so that a person could have a possibility to pay for the committed violation of rights. The punishment has to be fair and appropriate. It should not cause intense and unbearable suffering to a person, but has to help them understand the consequences of their deeds and what is considered to be wrong according to the rules of morality.
Amendment IX states that the rights, which are presented in the Constitution should not be aimed at derogation or denial of the citizens’ right. In other words, the Constitution and its regulations have to be aimed at protecting the rights of the citizens and making their lives safe and protected, i.e. the government has to function for the sake of the people’s welfare, happiness, and freedom.
Amendment X says that the powers, which are neither prohibited nor provided by the Constitution to the United States, belong to the states or the people respectively. So, the states and people have a right to make their lives better and more comfortable, and if it is not prohibited by the Constitution to establish their own rights aimed at improvement of the living standards and conditions.
My idea is that it is of a great advantage for the citizens of the USA that the politics have decided to adopt the Bill of Rights with its amendments. It not only states, but proves that the state has to do everything for the citizens’ safety and welfare. This document proves that the Americans deserve a fair treatment and all their rights will be protected by their powerful and great state.

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