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Executive Summary

This document gives a description of Kent State University which is based on the institution research which is the center of resource control and planning. It stipulates the stated sections one after another by the order in which they are given. It shows the results of the research that was conducted by the institution with different aims of future performance improvements as students are concerned. It also reflects the challenges that the university is facing, and the recommendations provided at the end of the paper to advice each and every problem. It will bring about the appropriate ways in which the institution can recover and establish best measures which should be implemented in order to produce a favorable environment for the students and the staff.Institutional research The section contains a simple description of Kent State University office of research, and it has two columns which are titled IR secure data and IR reports respectively. Both columns have eleven divisions which are labeled differently and intended to show us some data collected and analyzed. The data is used for planning on particular ways that the institute’s performance could be improved. According to the information given in the link, Institutional Research is an office which provides the way forward as different levels are concerned. All planning activities in the University are carried out in this institution. The research office is the pillar of all resources as planning and establishing programs to bring about the brighter future for the entire institution as improvement of student performance is concerned.The IR secure data column This column has particular personalized data that entails the institutional systems and students performance details based on their grades on different levels including performance for continuing students and those to graduate. The data is not open to everyone but for particular individuals. That is to say, it is the university’s student portal. The column is divided into 11 sections which have different information which are useful to the students and the institutional staff too. The following are the sections which are based on different statistical data.Provost dash bond It is a section in which enrollment into the university data is stated. It brings about a comparison between different years intakes. From the data stated it can be clearly noted that the institution is facing a lot of challenges because the number of students who are interested in this institution is reducing. It even specifies the enrollment conducted per course in which there is evident a fall in the number of students enrolling in summer and also in spring. It can drive us to asking ourselves what is happening to the institution.Provost measureThis section has some information based on the capacity of students enrolled in given specific levels.15th-day statistics In this section there some data that are given in columns based on university enrollment based on climatic conditions which are summer and spring. From the data given there is still evident a fall in the number of students that are admitted to the institution per year. The data is given from 2010 to 2015. From both intakes which take place during summer and spring, it is evident that the institution had many students in 2010has compared to 2014. The following sections are secured and not everyone who can access them. The university has used the username and use of password strategy as a way of ensuring not intruders does not access the information in them. Faculty workload, Income generation model, the RCM revenue model, newly admitted tracking system, New graduate students, Non-returning, Mid-term grades and Pathfinder work book

It is a column which contains information which is not restricted and gives a report on various activities and proceedings of the entire institution based on different titles. It also shows the achievements that the University has attained in differed levels and the objectives that are set. It is the Centre for information on Kent State University. And provides analysis of data collected to be used in planning on improvement methods of performance for the entire institutiondifficult course This section stipulates those courses which have been challenging students. The argument has been brought forward that, based on the number of students who dropout from the courses and also in accordance with the performance. These courses experience poor performance as compared to the others in the institution.Grade distribution In this division distribution of student’s grades is done in accordance with the college and courses offered. It is also stipulated that a course with less than ten students cannot be ranked in this section in accordance with the distribution methods and strategies.Major movement It is a section which shows some dislocation from major to subsequent major in accordance with the course taken by the students and by the college that they are in. It gives reports of all that to help them know their way forward.Course enrollment A report is showed in this section about the enrollments that occur in the each course and college. It helps in explaining the expansion of the entire institution.Student enrollment In this division, there is a report on the students who enroll in the institution. It is based on the campus, courses, and department and colleges. This section has three columns and bank spaces based on the links which individuals can use to identify the total number of students that enroll in the institution in a given time.Conclusion The document was well structured in accordance with the focused purpose that was based on the Kent State University ‘institution research office. The report is based on a guideline on two different aspects: the IR secured data which was on student’s portal. The data provided in this section was of great importance to the entire institution because it reflected on many ongoing activities and those which were done before. Achievement of students evident by their grades and that of the entire university were evident in this section, conclusively this section reflected the performance of the university and the way forward to facilitate improvement in futureRecommendations The institution should research on the reasons for why the student enrollment is declining as years goes by. An effective way should be plotted in order to allocate ways which are efficient and which can bring about a reformation of the entire institution. It is an agent thing which the institution’s management should take action in. An institution without students cannot be stable. The institution research office should be equipped with the appropriate tools in order to be updating the information on all statistical data that is helpful to the student and the entire institution as well.

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