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Fairness of Results

In order to make employees realize that the job evaluation results are quite fair, it is necessary that employee representatives should be involved in the evaluation process and the final results be communicated to all employees at once. It is important for the human resource and job evaluation panel to follow a detailed and systematic approach to collect or gather information concerning each specific job for a fair result. Similarly, it is imperative for the fairness of results concluded by the human resources managers, while following a consistent job evaluation method, to ensure that every employee is convinced of different specific job evaluatation parameters. Overall, to ensure the fairness of job evaluation methods, it is necessary that the human resource panel should follow employment laws of equal pay packages and value while complying strictly with them.

Job Evaluation - Specific Method

Job evaluation represents a method, in human resource management, to compare numerous jobs for providing a basis on which grading and pay packages/structures are determined. The major aim of this evaluation method is detailed evaluation of the job, not the job-holder or the candidate, by providing a relatively objective basis on which the demands of a job are assessed.
Job evaluation, in its broader sense, reflects the systematic process to assess the comparative worth of different kinds of jobs being carried out within the business boundaries. A thorough analysis of each job’s responsibilities, tasks, skill and knowledge required are investigated into for assessing the value of certain jobs to an employer while providing an internal ranking of different jobs on especially designed rating scale.
It is equally important to remember, while evaluating different jobs, that this evaluation method measures the internal relativity of any selected position under review and not the candidate, employee or an incumbent supposed to secure that position. An effective job evaluation approach is the one that facilitates human resource managers in determining best pay rates for a specific position while helping the evaluation panel to develop a job description that can easily adhere to the organizational needs while they get modified over time.
In theoretical framework, it is evident that there are three major approaches followed to evaluate multiple organizational jobs which include Job Classification, Whole Job Ranking and Point Factor.
Of all these three systems of job evaluation, Point Factor or Factor Comparison is the most effective and widely used approach. Under this system, benchmark positions are determined and ranked on the basis of numerous compensable factors. The factors are assigned monetary values based on market rates. Minimum pay rates for those benchmark positions are arrived at by determining the net monetary value of different compensable factors. Relatively, other competitive jobs offered in an organization are compared to the stipulated benchmark position for ensuring fairness of evaluation results and the determined monetary value of compensable factors are totalled for determination of the pay rate suitable for each job.
Factor comparison, even though a time-consuming and sophisticated evaluation method, utilizes techniques that are found in several job evaluation approaches employed by large successful businesses. In factor comparison approach, the very first step involves assessment of each job on the basis of certain characteristics employed in the point method but without assignment of rating points. To ensure the fairness of evaluation process, evaluators make analysis of their findings in the second step against the market pay rate for certain compensation factors which were ranked in the previous step. In the last and third step, evaluators establish external benchmark jobs for comparing different jobs and their underlying compensable factors in an attempt to determine the fairness of rate pay .
Under the Factor Comparison System, human resource managers choose those compensable factors, against each job, that have value to an organization such that it is willing to pay lucrative rates to those incumbents wishing to assume them. To ensure that employees perceive the job evaluation as fair, different forms of compensable factors could be considered like supervisory skills and problem-solving etc. Some compensable factors may be more valuable while others may have less importance to an organizational setting, which facilitates job evaluators to assign a relative weight to each compensable factor depending on its priority.
For fairness of job evaluation results, a wide variety of compensable factors include Education, work Experience, Complexity of duties and Responsibility, Supervision received and exercised, possibility of human error, Work conditions, physical, Mental, as well as visual demands etc . This process followed in Factor Comparison establishes the pay rate for each factor involved in every benchmark job. Slight adjustments may be made to the determined matrix to ensure job evaluation fairness and ranking of all compensable factors .


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