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Alternative medicine is any form of practice that has healing effects just like a normal medicine. Alternative medicine is however not founded on evidence that is gathered on scientific methods. This form of medicine has a wide range of practices that are healthcare based, therapies and products. Therapies in the alternative medicine include naturopathy, chiropractic, and homeopathy and energy medicine. At some point, promoting alternative medicine gets to be mentioned as unethical and dangerous. Further, giving tests on these medicines have been given the sense of wasting scarce medical resources for research. Concepts of diseases, health and reasoning are based on beliefs instead of being proven scientifically in the alternative medical practices. Cultures differ in their beliefs about alternative medicine and their practices also vary. Recently, systems of practice and belief based practices have been established to promote alternative medicine because it seems important. This paper explores alternative medicine as a viable option for treatment.

Alternative Medicine as a Viable Treatment Option

Mostly, alternative medicines are viable options for treatment, but just for some patients. Alternative medicine can mostly be viable when used in conjunction with traditional medicines. Its complementary therapies can even be most beneficial to the psychological and physical well being of a patient. The arguments come out that non-traditional medicines can help in the alleviation of cancer symptoms. These non-traditional medicines are also believed to ease the side effects of therapies that are traditional (Leach 2010). An example of Chinese herbs has been found out to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy. Acupuncture has then been shown to reduce nausea and this is a side effect of chemotherapy with other drug therapies. It is however important to notice that not all alternative medicines are safe. Patients who want to use the alternative medicines should then investigate the therapies involved thoroughly and consult with physician are involved.
The alternative medicine can be treated as a viable treatment option because they involve little risks and can be effective in treating most diseases. Herbal remedies in the alternative medicines may reduce both physical pain and emotional stress with fewer effects. Different therapies can be easy to follow even though they require a great time and more monetary commitment. The alternative medicines can be used to treat hormonal imbalances and have fewer effects on the patient (Ober et al, 2010). However, much the safety of alternative medicines is questioned, the effects have never been experienced. Alternative medicines have then gained a growing interest and come to be proved as a viable treatment option. For further options, alternative medicine has been shown to affect activeness of diseases and may be used greatly.
This alternative medicine may be viable because patients are in a position to engage in physical exercise even during dosage. Patients then get to develop strength and involve in other physical therapies like laughter and changing ways of thinking. Alternative medicines then are a pioneer healer for both physical and emotional ailments with no side effects (White 2005). It has alternatives and complements even in the absence of exact medicines. The alternative medicine gives self directed care among proponents and users and patients get to know how to administer the drugs themselves.

Alternative Medicine Therapies that are Viable for Treatment

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine therapy that seems to be effective, although its proof is not scientifically established. Homeopathy system develops in a belief that substances that cause symptoms of a disease occurs in healthy people. This symptom, then will cure similar symptoms in people who are sick and should look similar with the ones in healthy people so that the treatment can be better. Homeopathy was developed early even before the knowledge of molecules and atoms and that of basic chemistry. Just as alternative medicine is not scientifically proved, this therapy of homeopathy is also not proved scientifically. Repeated dilation in homeopathy may be seen as quackery in the medical fields, but it works (O'mathúna and Larimore 2007). Just as mentioned before, alternative medicine works perfectly for some people and this also applies to homeopathy. Homeopathy also lacks side effects on patients and in case there exists one, then they occur mild. Besides, homeopathy ensures that patients understand their dosage and can engage in physical exercise during medication for better health.
Naturopathic medicine as a therapy of alternative medicine is also based on belief rather than proof. It believes that the body heals itself by use of a supernatural energy that is vital. This energy guides bodily processes and the concept is in conflict with the paradigm of medicine that is evidence based. At times the body acts the same way naturopathic medicine states, but it is not scientifically proved (Callahan 2002). Of all the therapies of alternative medicine, there is no scientific proof, but the ideas are somehow relevant based on the understanding of a person. Several naturopaths have opposed vaccination and believe in the supernatural energy to vaccinate the body. Further, there are no scientific claims that Naturopathic medicine cures cancer and other diseases, but the cure do occur at times. Some people take the alternative medicine to be miraculous since there are no scientific proofs and this ensures other factors of cure are believed.
In conclusion, alternative medicine is viable for treating diseases and curing them, but can also be questioned on issues that require proofs. Apart from sufficient therapies of alternative medicine, including homeopathy and Naturopathic medicine, other therapies also exist and function well for some people. Others include traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, biofuels therapies and energy medicines. These therapies are all functional, but are applied in specific persons and places, thus their efficiency is relative.

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