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Published: 2021/02/15

Three Article Reviews

Article One
Article One outlines the impact of post colonization. Decolonized peoples develop a post-colonized identity that binds them culturally to their former masters. In the article, Italian lyrics are shown to abound on a make believe Venetian canal in Las Vegas. Italy had colonized Venice in the past. However, after Italy left Venice, the latter has continued to be influenced benignly by the social power of Italy. As a result, the Italian language prospers in Venice and Venetians bear no grudges to anyone speaking Italian. This is indicative of a deeper post-colonial impetus: extolling what was purportedly good in the imperialist nation. In this case, the richness and beauty of the Italian language are extolled. The article could have given out the Italian influence on Venice in greater detail (Vegas).

Article Two

The article highlights the deleterious effects of colonization. European explorers ‘discovered’ Canada and displaced the local inhabitants, the Aborigines, from their natural homes. The ensuing interaction between the locals and the settlers has always been through the lens of mutual suspicion and distrust. Resultantly, the Aborigines have been subject to stereotyping. It is assumed that Aborigines have poor hygiene. The settlers have also historically treated the Aborigines with little respect. As a result, the aborigines suffer from racism and stereotyping as they struggle for medical treatment in present day Canada. The article gives adequate number of instances of racist behavior against Aborigines (Mehta).

Article Three

The article highlights the effects of decolonization. When a nation is colonized, it develops an affinity to the colonizing power, if only due to the dominating cultural and sociopolitical powers imposed upon it. However, on decolonization, the nation begins to rediscover itself. In the article, the notion of ‘white is right’ is debunked by the citizens of Peru. When Peru was colonized by Spain, it developed the idea of supremacy of fair skin. However, on being decolonized, such notions began to be questioned by the citizens, resulting ultimately in the pulling of the blonde pictures in the catalogue. The article could have given more examples of Peruvians rejecting western stereotypes of class and character (Metro News).

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