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Personal development Plan
Personal development Plan


My life is an indication of my diverse and transformable nature. During my tenure as a high school student, the photography world was a competitive and growing industry. Companies such as Kodak set foot in the industry and took charge of the market. I established my first photography and filming company between 1998 and 2003. Over these years, I managed to develop a good reputation in spite of my lack of professional knowledge. I believe that it is important to look for new challenges in the professional world to guarantee growth and development in the areas where my interests lie. I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and business administration, which gave me the technical skill to establish and manage my private firm. I got my first job as an accounts payable manager. I was able to rise through various ranks at the organization. The job gave me firsthand experience in important managerial tasks such as management of debts in business. It enabled me to acquire the skills required in the allocation of resources and allocation of those resources to the most urgent needs of the organization.
Most importantly, I also gained experience in the management of human resources. Working in conjunction with other reputable organizations enabled me to learn how to relate to other people, who make up the workforce of the company. Interaction with other people enabled me to appreciate the differences in cultural attributes and the fact that it is important to utilize the diversity for the betterment of an organization. Diversity is inherent in the workplace, and it leads to the necessity to understand and appreciate other people. Keirsey’s test and result enable lays down the framework for me regarding understanding other people. It also evaluates me based on my personality.

An evaluation of my thoughts and the manner in which I think enabled me understand many aspects of my life. Based on the results that I received from the Keirsey test, I found that I am a healer. It was an important discovery for me given that it helps me to evaluate myself. I can identify my strengths and weaknesses based on the results of the test. As such, I can work on my strengths and improve the manner in which I handle situations in my life. At the same time, I can also examine my weakness and embark on making them some of the strengths.
According to Keirsey, healers portray a serene and calm perspective to the rest of the world. The may seem distant and shy around other people. However, they have the serenity and capacity for caring personally for others, which is not easy to find among other people in the community. Healers pay attention to the lives of other people especially when they have a close relationship with that person. The same attention may be directed to other things that they regard as a favorite in the world (Payton, Rosenblatt, & Keirsey, 1990, p. 22). Healers have a great passion for resolving the conflicts that exist between them and other persons in the world, or the people around them. They are also keen to deal with the elements that lead to disunity and division among people. Consequently, healers are concerned about the overall welfare of the society because they pay close attention to the things that have an effect on other people.
As a healer, I possess a distinct sense of idealism, which emanates from keen attention to the things regarded as right or wrong in the society. I have the perception that the world is an honorable and ethical place where people should follow certain rules and standards that govern their behavior. Deviating from the rules implies that the person’s behavior is unethical hence, the healer feels the need to intervene and resolve the conflict that such a person has with the rest of the community. For healers, the world has the potential of numerous goods and wondrous possibilities. Healers have an optimistic perception of life because they believe that the world offers good things only to the world. In fact, people must understand that my commitment to the good and the positive things in life is involuntary, heartfelt, and selfless (Payton, Rosenblatt, & Keirsey, 1990, p. 30). When I commit to ensuring the prevalence of good and positive things in the community, I do not expect anyone to reimburse my efforts. Healers can make sacrifices for the sake of other people as long as it helps them have a better welfare. The scarcity and privacy of healers make them unique and sets them apart from the rest of the humanity. The purity of their idealism makes them different because they think in a manner that is different from the rest.
As a healer, I have a misunderstood childhood that makes me have a sense of separation from the rest of the world. My childhood was filled with fantasies where I felt that I would be the prince of the world in which I lived. The implication is that I feel I will dominate and be better than everyone is because I am concerned about maximizing the welfare of other people. Given that I seek to improve the welfare of other people, I also grow in a similar context. My conservative nature as a healer made my parents force me to interact with other people because they felt that I did not have the right social skills. However, my social attributes emanate from the natural implications caused the aspect that I am a healer. In spite of their perceptions, I feel comfortable with my social skills because I can be an effective leader. I can overcome the reservation of my personality and work effectively in the limelight.

My Temperament (Idealist)

My temperament is that of an idealist. An idealist refers to a person who pursues and cherish noble and high purposes, goals, and principles. Idealists are perfectionists and optimists such that they want things to be done and happen in perfect order. On that note, they have very high expectations of other people, which is one of my attributes. I require people to perform their tasks to the best of their ability. The results they produce must be perfect and match the best possible standards that a particular job can produce. My temperament as an idealist makes me impose much pressure on the people around me. I tend to force them to produce the type of results that I desire (George, McLean, & Craig, 2008, p. 30). Sometimes, these expectations tend to overwhelm my colleagues, which may hinder their level of efficiency and overall performance.
Certain tips can help me overcome the weaknesses caused by my temperament. First, I should look for the factors that fit my interests and ideas. It will help me guide the people around me because I will have better knowledge of the results and objectives that I want to achieve. Secondly, I should not take all the remarks personally. Instead, I should be ready to take criticisms that will help me better my skills, approach, and performance. I should also stop expecting unrealistic performance from other people even though I emphasize the element of a perfectionist. I should be aware of the effects of blaming other people and pointing out the faults in their work whenever they do not meet my expectations. All individuals are human, and they have various weaknesses when they are performing their duties. Most importantly, I should notice the attention I project to others insisting that they should meet the standards I expect them. I should be flexible enough to allow them make mistakes and learn from them

Strengths and Weakness

Based on the Keirsey test and the results derived, I have certain weakness and strengths in my personality and attributes as a healer. I have the following strengths and weaknesses:


• Adaptable and ready to accept change under any circumstances
• Attentive and aware of the importance of other people’s feelings
• Ability to work in solitude and enjoy the work I am doing
• Ability to make genuine decisions based on feelings and not thoughts. As such, I can make errors based on the facts of the issues presented but not the feelings involved in making the decision.

• A natural liking and interest in activities related to education and an ability to use language efficiently and fluently.

• Poetic talent that can be used as an exceptional mechanism of communication. It is a gift in the artistic sense.

• Willingness to help others and improve the overall welfare of the people around me.

• Thinking on my feet
• Sociable
• Genuine and Creative
• Taking initiatives
• I am Impatient when it comes to routine details, which may have an effect on the results when I fell less passionate about the results.

• Inability to accommodate people who cannot meet the standards I expect.

• Loss of hope in cases where I fail to achieve the desired results consistently.
• Muscle or sensory stress due to recurrent stress.
• Sensitivity to a negative environment, which makes me vulnerable to undesired influence.
• Emotional attachment to then activities around me.
Improving Work Relationship based on my Temperament
Improving my relationship at work requires me to address the weakness I have in terms of asserting my control over other people. First, I must accept the fact that other people have weaknesses, and they may not be able to deliver the results that I require of them. It will reduce my weakness in terms of being judgmental and focusing on their weakness. In addition, I should also be more patient and take better charge of the routine activities in the organization. Since businesses and organizational activities center on the achievement of particular goals, it is difficult to eliminate the repetitive activities from the tasks undertaken daily (George, McLean, & Craig, 2008, p. 16). Moreover, it is also important to address stress as a serious issue because it hinders efficiency in terms of making decisions and relating to other employees. Stress also hinders good judgment. As such, I will tend to think that other people have ill intent, which may not be the case.

Competing Values

My Strongest Values
Communicating honestly and effectively
Honest and effective communication is important especially when it comes to professional relationships. Open communication enables people to be aware of one’s honest opinion and feelings regarding various. Some of the promotions I had at the workplace were a result of my tendencies to communicate well especially with people who are in authority. Honest and effective communication should not be mistaken and perceived as a sign of disrespect to those in authority. It is important to remind the person you share the information with and remind them that the communication is made out of dire honest, and there is no disrespect intended to the person.
Good relationships at the workplace depend on the ability of the parties involved to share information openly between one another. My ability to communicate honestly and effectively enables me to point out the wrongs in the workplace and help the other people to overcome their shortcomings. Communication can differentiate the organization from the others because of the development of strong and coherent relationships. In fact, there are higher chances of growing and becoming a manager in the organization because of the ability to communicate effectively and honestly.

Designing and Organizing

Designing and organizing are also part of my strongest values. They help in the sense that I am an innovative individual, which enables the organization to benefit greatly from my ability to come up with new ideas and implement them. The design is an important aspect, and it adds value in situations when the organization wants to come up with new product mixes and structures. I can help in various departments such as the production, marketing, and human resources in a case where the situation wants to create something that adds value to the normal and routinely operations. Designing goes hand in hand with organizing. I have an excellent ability tom coordinate various projects and activities for the organizations. My communication skills enable me to understand the way people function and carry out roles. Most importantly, they enable me to drive them towards the targets set by the organization and use the appropriate channels to achieve the desired goals. The strength to organize makes me a trusted staff at the organization because senior members of staff can trust me to guide and deliver what the organizations requires.

Understanding self and others

It is important to understand oneself and others. I have a perfect understanding of myself. My thoughts, ambitions, strengths, and weakness are clear to me, and I use them every day to carry out the roles assigned to me. Understanding myself enables me to know my abilities and the goals I can achieve within a particular timeframe. It also makes me appreciate those abilities and the achievements I make as an individual. Self-understanding adds value to my efficiency because I can assess the tasks I can accomplish effectively and those that require me to work harder.
At the same time, I have an understanding of the people around me, which plays an important role in the interpersonal relationships I develop with other people. The fact that I can understand others makes me better in the sense that I appreciate what they can accomplish. I do not pressure them t produce results that I feel are beyond their ability. It is important to have the welfare of other people at heart. It motivates them knowing other people care about their opinion and feelings.

Three Competencies in Need of Improvement

I need to improve on a variety of competencies. Despite having a progressive development, failure to improve on some of these competencies is likely to affect my overall progress. This improvement will act as an avenue to solve the challenges that I am likely to face in the course of my personal development.

Setting Goals and Objectives

I need to improve the manner and approach that I use to set up my goals and objectives. First, I need to look at my constraints and my vision. After this identification, I need to formulate my goals in line with what I intend to achieve in the future. The setting of these goals is also likely to influence how I end up as regards my vision. For this reason, I need to evaluate each of the steps that are likely to lead me to the achievement of the vision. As such, I need to set my goals in line with each of the steps. I need to ensure the goals I set are within the scope of my vision as well as my mission. Therefore, each of the goals and objectives that I set has to encompass the challenges, as well as the strong sides of my personal development. The goals and objectives set for the challenges have to reflect my role and obligation of annihilating and overcoming these challenges. The goals set for the strongholds need to reflect my duty to capitalize on these strengths.
Second, I need to set realistic and achievable goals and objectives. That is; I need to set these goals within my constraints and limits. Setting goals within these limits will enable me to take a variety of approaches to attain the goals. Additionally, it leaves room for modification and improvement of the goals and objectives depending on the situation or the progress of the development. I have to make sure that I stick to my goals and objectives in the course of my personal development. For this reason, I need to emphasize in the formation of goals and objectives that are in line with my main vision and mission. Last, I need to assign a given period to each of the objectives and goals that I set. This aspect will allow me to prioritize which of the goals to meet first. As such, I will have the capacity of solving or completing each of the steps set for the course of my personal development.

Planning and Coordinating Projects

In the course of my personal development, I will have plans and projects that will facilitate the achievement of my goals and objectives. These projects will vary with the steps and goals set for these steps in the course of my personal development. Nevertheless, in order for these projects to be successful, I need to plan and coordinate effectively. First, I need to have a systematic approach in my planning of the projects. That is; I need to outline the specific stages and prioritize each of the steps I have to take in the course of these projects. The significance of planning is that it will provide me the opportunity to execute the projects in my personal development effectively.
Second, I need to identify challenges and possible solution to these challenges in my plans. The plans have to include the timeline for the projects I intend to execute. I also need to coordinate and plan the projects effectively. Coordination involves aligning the objectives and goals of the projects and overall personal development with the specific events that are likely to lead to the success of the project. It will be elemental to include effective coordination and planning approaches of the projects of my personal development. To build effectiveness and efficiency in the planning and coordination, I have to establish an appropriate system of the interrelationship between the data that I have on the issues of my personal development and the events or activities involved. This correlation and coordination will provide me with the opportunity to move systematically and swiftly in the implementation and execution of the plans I have for my projects. This aspect will be important because it will allow for easy and early detection of the challenges and barriers and develop measures of annihilating them.

Negotiating Agreement and Commitment

Every time that I will need to do something or engage in activities in the course of my personal development and projects, I will have to negotiate, especially in the projects. As such, every decision that I will make will be dependent on these negotiations. In the course of this development and the projects that I will engage, there are likely other parties to be involved as well. For this reason, I am likely to engage in negotiations about priorities, resources, commitment, timeframes, deliverables, cooperation, and different possibilities (Czajkowski, Foster, Kesselman, Sander, & Tuecke, 2002). For this reason, in order to improve negotiation agreement and commitment, I need to mind not only my interests, but also the needs and interests of other parties likely to be involved in my personal development.
First, I will need to improve my dialog, which is important in negotiations. I believe that without the dialog, the negotiations that I am likely to engage in will be baseless. For this reason, I will build elemental conditions for having an effective dialog, including having common goals, developing respect to each other, and understanding each other. Second, in order to improve my negotiating agreement and commitment competencies, I need to employ various principles of efficient and effective negotiation. The first principle is separating issues and individuals. I have to understand that people have tendencies of becoming involved personally with their issues as well as their positions. That is; they take various responses to the positions and issues as personal attacks. As such, I need to separate the people from their issues to allow effective addressing of the issues and the negotiations while maintaining a good relationship with them (Czajkowski, Foster, Kesselman, Sander, & Tuecke, 2002).
The second principle that I will need to take into consideration in improving my negotiating agreement and commitment. That is; the negotiation process has to focus on my interests, as well as the interests of the parties involved in the projects rather than the positions of these individuals or parties. These positions are based on the underlying interests. Trying to resolve a variety of positions suggests that at least one of the parties will lose during the negotiations (Czajkowski, Foster, Kesselman, Sander, & Tuecke, 2002). As such, I need to define the problems in terms of the underlying interests of the parties involved in my negotiations. I can determine solutions that are likely to satisfy me as well as the interests of the parties in engage in negotiations with.
The third principle I need to consider is the generation of options. The more options I generate, the bigger the conceptual chances are that the required solutions will be identified. I have to generate as many options as possible before the decisions upon the solutions as part of my negotiation process. I have to identify the obstacles to the generation of creative options and device measures of annihilating these obstacles. For instance, the parties could decide the prematurely on a variety of options, they could also be intent on the narrowing of options to identify single answers, they define various problems in terms of win-lose, assuming that the only elemental options are for a single side to win on the side that loses. In addition, parties may decide that it is on the other sides.
Lastly, the principle that I have to consider while improving the negotiation agreement and negotiation. Under this principle, when the interest is opposed directly, the parties that I am likely to engage in negotiations in the course of the projects and personal development have to consider using objective criterion to resolve differences. The differences have to lead to distinct battles between the parties that are likely to destroy the relationships between the parties (Czajkowski, Foster, Kesselman, Sander, & Tuecke, 2002). Additionally, it has to be unlikely and inefficient in the production of wise agreements. The decisions based on the reasonable standards have to make it easier for me to agree with the negotiation parties upon the outcomes, as well as preserve good relationship with these parties.

Steps to Improve the Competencies

The first step I will take in improving these competencies is to evaluate the plausibility and the validity of the competencies in relation to my set objectives and goals. The evaluation will seek to provide an elemental background for the solving of the issues related to my personal development, as well as the projects for the same. Second, I will research on the various measures of improving the competencies in relation to my visions and missions for the achievement of goals of set for my personal development. I will also identify the various challenges that I am likely to encounter in my quest for personal development and achievement. After the identification of the challenges and the barriers, I will identify measures to solve and annihilate the barriers. Last, I will look for the best possible approaches to executing the competency measures adopted throughout my personal development.

Career Plans

My core career plan is to open a successful photography studio when I go back to Saudi Arabia. Since I have a passion for photography, the pursuing of this career will be elemental for the success of my personal development. I have other plans for the pursuing of my career. First, I need to develop my plans for the career to be successful in this career. I also have plans for the diversification of my career to include a variety of options for the same. That is; I have to explore a variety of fields in photography. This diversification will be important because it will increase the scope of my career and make me think of a wider scope of photography. I intend to outline the career plans and align them with my experience. For instance, I worked for a year as an accountant for a medical company and another year as a supply chain planner at the same company. My undergrad major is accounting. Currently, I am enrolled in MBA financial management program. These elements are intended to assist me to develop my career plans and attain my career objectives, as well as the plans outlined for the same.


I have a variety of SMART goals for my personal development. These goals are cut across the short, medium and long-term approach. For the short term, I intend to achieve the following goals:
1. Develop a personal development plan for the challenges that I am likely to face daily in the course of my personal development.
2. Identify barriers and enablers to the daily activities in the projects, I develop for my personal development.
3. Identify the various steps in ensuring that in achieve the goals and the objectives that I have set for my personal development.
4. Identify the various issues accompanied by the steps that I have formulated and the various measures to take in handling the issues.
5. Set up specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals that will propel my success in the daily events and projects.

For the medium term, I have formulated the following goals:

1. Have an outline and a plan that will instigate the achievement of the goals.
2. To develop and organize myself effectively to handle the issues that come along in the course of the projects developed for my personal development.
3. To evaluate the plausibility as well as the validity and effectiveness of the plans I have for my personal development and alter the plans where necessary to fit my mission.

For the long term, I have the following goals:

1. Open a successful photography studio in Saudi Arabia.
2. To diversify and widen my scope of career by researching in the field of photography.
3. To establish a successful photography business operations with the certainty of continuation to solve the issues facing photography in the society.

Actions to Meet Goals

In order to meet these goals, I will first remind myself the significance of my vision and mission in my career. This aspect will act as a motivating factor in the course of my personal development. I will also engage and seek help from influential individuals concerning my goals. I will research on the various issues required for the achievement of goals. I will diversify my research on the research to have a widened scope of approaches that I can employ in achieving these goals. Consequently, I will seek to employ these measures effectively in the attempt to attain my goals for the personal development and related issues.


In summary, this plan outlines a variety of issues related to my personal development. These issues include the various goals, competencies, strengths as well as the challenges I am likely to face during my personal development. My career plans as well as my experience in working are part of my personal development. I decided to include my passion in the career plans because I believe humans have their conceptions and perceptions concerning a variety of issues that define their passion. For this reason, my passion would define my success in my career because of the commitment and significance that I will attach to it.


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