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It’s not easy to do away with my love to education be it formal or informal and learning. This paper will involve the reason and my support for coming up with my personal philosophy for education have discovered to be important that are supposed to be found in the modern classroom. I have a strong expression of forming a safe environment of offering every child who has the quench for education equal opportunity to learn. In this paper I have explored some factors that I feel are important in the protection of education of a child to form citizens who are of help to the society in the future. I would support the role played by schools and institutions in the expressing of opportunity as an added role model in the life of a child. According to me students usually have that motivation to learn. They may have different understanding of information or develop different learning skills. Therefore, it is upon instructors to adapt to this and help them adjust to catch up. Provision of education equally to all students is important despite of students’ background or where the school is situated. I know that for education to precede well, different geographical areas needs different requirements to support education. These areas may vary with some in need for well-trained instructors and others funds to promote education. However, in the United States, funds are divided in a way that all the schools get required resources to provide students with education of higher level in the classrooms.


Looking into the surrounding society, all human, be it in the modern or ancient world had gained interest in education. Some have even deduced teaching as the second profession which is old. Some society go not provide enough resources for learning activities and institutions but they would provide their centrality for better reasons (Hare et al 2013).This need for education began long time ago when the middle class in the Europe were struggling for political and education away from Aristocracy (Gutek, 1995) It is naturally that children are born when they are illiterate and thrive in ignorance and cultural practices of the community. However with the assistance of teachers and amateurs in the family, they come to write and read in appropriate ways culturally. They approach education differently with others learning more than their colleagues and this affects individuals economic fate. In “Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education” Dewey talks of education as continuation of life in social setting. In general, education provides an individual with variety of skills and knowledge which makes them achieve their own goals allowing them to participate fully in the development of their community (Noddings, 2012 ).
Thesis Statement: While people are struggling to make their life successful through education, some beliefs are arising on the purpose for the existence of education. This has created different views and arguments concerning the provision of education with different practices rising in the field of education.

World view and Philosophy of life

Metaphysics; this considers first principles and looks to nature of reality. Having new ideas or getting new knowledge is good for growth. Education is viewed as an instrument directed towards the discovery and development of abilities of the individuals and moral context to serve the society better. Methods of teaching are grounded in the provision of ideas by way of lecture or discussion. Uses of good methods in the provision of education are a way of enhancing students’ education for future success. Education is used as a tool for reality. Students are taught what awaits them in the future life. They are given the context of the real life situations. Teaching methods such as observations and demonstration provides students with ability of critical thinking. Curriculum is supposed to be developed scientifically and character made by training within the conduct rules. In the world view, method of teaching is directed towards getting solutions to problems. Schools should stress on social experience. Various cultural groups learn to function as one and this leads, to formation of a society which is democratic in nature.
Axiology: To me education is a specific experience for an individual in classrooms. For students to benefit from education, I expect of teacher to have better understanding of benefits of provision of education to the children. I believe in teachers taking education as a lifestyle because their goals to students are more important other than just the provision of information. Teachers must enhance the growth of learning academically and ethically. This can be done by the provision of education of high quality so as to come up with children who expects success in their lives. To achieve these goals, there should be development of a good rapport with the children. This would lead to development of a fair environment grounded on trust, support and caring to be applied in the learning environment. This would enable the instructor in the achievement of common goal of equality, trust and honesty in preparation of the children for interaction with adults and future survival. In learning there is the need to motivate and inspire children. Passion is expected of the educator form learning. Students find education interesting from the teachers’ willingness to provide them with the required information. The teacher must therefore have confidence in children’s’ capabilities of learning and becoming successful.
Epistemology; this investigates nature, method, origin and limits of Knowledge. Knowledge about the reality is an important aspect for a student in the education life. Application of best learning methods in the classroom setting enables students to become motivated and assume their role in education of making positive choices. Adoption of mentoring role by the teacher leads to accomplishment of personal growth. Showing students’ compassion and welcoming them with warmth make them feel to be loved by the teachers and this also motivates them. Demonstrations of fairness and being consistence provide students with the vision of positive adult behavior and apply them as they continue to grow. I am convinced that all the children needs equal opportunity in receiving high quality education. Every child’s faces education from different perspectives and adopt different learning styles. Developing a close relationship with all students provides them with equal opportunities to success. I take learning to be a reciprocated process, it is therefore important for the teachers to have reciprocal relationship with students.

Philosophy of schools and learning

Education practices
Provision of education to learners needed to follow a certain protocol. This involves the use of teaching models that best suit the learner and promotes understanding depending on the subject being addressed (Teddik et al2011). These models help educators to develop high quality professionals and give them an opportunity to a large group of students effectively. The model I myself could have preferred applying in education is the creative problem solving process model. This can be used to find out actual problems and issues being faced by the students. It involves identification of challenges, generation of ideas and implementation of innovative solutions. It involves six steps; Identification of goals and challenges; collection of data about problems; Provision of solution to the problem; finding out the ideas behind the problems; finding out the solutions for the problems; and accepting the finding. This model is good in the motivation of students by removal of barriers they face academically. The implementation of this model is to improve on the students attitude towards education and hence improvement of education standards.
The positive relationship between a teacher and a student is good towards the achievement of education objective. Teachers are expected to monitor their students each and every time to find out the challenges the students are facing that interferes with their learning. The communication going between a teacher and a student is mandatory. No teacher will understand the needs of the students unless there exist an effective communication between them (Ghose, 1989). It is expected of the teacher to understand the cultural values of the students as this would bring good understanding between the two parties. Giving respects to the students by the teacher is good for creation of active learning in the class, hence boosting performance. I have also discovered that not punishing students who bullied their colleagues make their colleagues to become victims hence a barrier to their education.

Diversity in education

Education diversity is an important aspect in the road towards the promotion of education. Diversity in education looks into the human differences in education. Schools looking into racial, ethnicity, and gender has form a foundation for education diversity. Schools are coming up with some being girls schools only and others being for boys only, while some maintaining the mixed nature. Engaging the community is a better way of forming a positive diversity in education. Admission of students from different racial groups was towards the diversification of education. Students interacting with colleagues of diverse nature in classrooms usually perform better and likely to become successful in life.


Justice is not difficult in the field of education. Different countries have different ways in approaching philosophy of education. I therefore stand to support education as a good instrument for the success of our children. Promotion of education is therefore an important aspect in the promotion of countries economy as more innovative ideas will come in from the knowledge gained in schools.


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