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Assignment 1

Understanding how people think: human psychology
Trying to unfold the mysteries of life: sciences and geography
Root causes of diseases in the world: biology and dietetics; growing up as a child I was very sick most of the time, but since then my immunity has been undeniably strong.

Governments and economic development

International relations
The possible future of the world; sustainability and the environment
Economics: the difference between the rich and the poor in the world can be solved through economics.
The corporate world: understanding what companies are doing what. I have always had an interest in corporations since I was a child.

Globalization: assess the possible future implications of globalization.

Genetically modified foods: I wonder if they can solve world hunger or if they will only bring about more cell mutations and diseases.

Cultural diversity: saw racial oppression growing up and wanted to correct it if I can.

International politics and diplomacy: hate how most governments treat their people.
Religion: was very spiritual while young.
Our experiences determine our thoughts, and our thoughts determine our interests. Growing up, everyone has had several influences in their lives and have encountered several experiences, which have shaped the person he or she currently is. As such, most of my interests are products of my experiences. Additionally, there are several interests, which have a tremendous influence on me. For this exercise, I selected two of my most compelling interests, which are human psychology and cultural diversity. Human psychology is interesting since one grows to understand how humans think and thus can relate to them better and understand them as well. Cultural diversity is an interesting aspect because, in the past few decades, ethnic and racial segregation has reduced significantly, and one might wonder if racial and cultural profiling will eventually end.
My interest in human psychology began when I was a child. I began to realize that people reason differently and that most people are either happy or sad. I did not understand why someone would want to be sad. I had a sad uncle who drunk every day and beat my cousins. As I child, I would not understand why someone would want to drink all the time and beat his children for no reason. As such, I began observing people trends in behavior to avoid people who would be as sad and angry as my uncle was. In the process, I developed an urge to help people who did not seem fine.
My interest in psychology thus began due to some of the bad experiences that I saw my cousins undergoing. Although, it developed as a way to avoid people who are sad, and angry, I developed empathy for them and would love to help them out. As such, my interest in the field is now to understand people and try to improve their lives by helping them identify their insecurities and fears and learn how to address them. I also feel that psychology helps me understand myself better. As such, pursuing the discipline or researching about it would have a significant impact on my life.
In addition, since I was a child, I constantly felt bad that my parents did not understand me. At times, they thought they were helping me, but I felt otherwise. As such, since my early childhood days, I always wanted to understand other people to ensure that I did not make other people feel as I felt growing up. Psychology has helped me develop into a very social person. I understand what people are going through and, as a result, I find myself interesting in reading psychology scholarly papers and columns written by psychologists.
My interest in cultural diversity and understanding several other cultures can be traced back to my upbringing. Growing up, I moved through several schools and interacted with different people. Growing up in the city, one meets people from a variety of cultures. As such, having to interact with different people seeing the mannerism in which people from different cultures were viewed cultivated an interest in various cultures. I saw people from different ethnic backgrounds hate each other for no reason, other than the fact that people were from different backgrounds.
Different cultures hold different values and see other things as vices because they are perfectly understandable in other cultures. As such, it was easy to be confused on which cultural values were right and which were wrong. When I developed an interest in the field, I learned of a concept known as cultural relativism. Cultural relativism states that no cultural values can be termed as right or wrong. The culture shapes people’s behavior and people from a different culture hold different values compared to those one holds. From then my value for culture as a discipline changed. From trying to understand which values are wrong and which were right, my interest in the field turned into an unquenchable yearning for learning and understanding such values.
During my high school year, my parents and I traveled to various countries with different cultures. I became a dynamic individual who understood various cultures. To date, I would love to learn the values held by every culture that exist in the world. However, I can say that my interest in various educational disciplines is mostly influenced by my personality. Being a helper and a highly inquisitive individual, my interest in various disciplines is tied to acquire more knowledge to my yearning. Conversely, my interest in other disciplines result from the existence of a societal problem that I would love to understand, and if I had the capacity, I would correct or develop a solution to the problem.
Other fields such as religion and spirituality are also key areas that I am genuinely interested. My interest in politics emanates from my develop-oriented personality by which I would try to improve any situation I found myself. This exercise has helped me understand some of my "weird" interests. Undertaking the exercise not only give me perspective of what my life entails, but also gives me an understanding of some of my career goals and choices. Researching such topics would be easy owing to the fact that I am already passionate in such areas. Gender and family mostly fall under culture and as such; my interest in such studies would come in handy when undertaking research projects covering such topics. Cultural diversity and human psychology, or human behavior, are some of the fields that would be extremely easy to undertake. However, I took this class to learn some more and thus can undertake research in any other field other than those as mentioned above.
I can conduct both quantitative and qualitative research in any of the aforementioned fields. As such, whatever the research problem, as long as it lies within this topic, then I would be very enthusiastic and passionate about conducting such research. With a basic understanding of all research designs, qualitative research methodologies, data analysis and quantitative research methodologies, I can research any topic in the fields mentioned above.

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