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Discuss low-velocity, medium-velocity, and high velocity impact spatter and provide an example of each.

Blood pattern analysis allows a Blood Spatter Analyst to identify the movement of the attackers and its victim in the scene of the crime. The analyst can tell whether the event went fast or there were intense harassment on the part of the victim. The analyst use the low, medium or high impact blood spatter to determine the kind of firearm or weapon used at the crime scene. Blood dripping cause low velocity impact spatter. In a range of five feet per second or even less, the strength of the blood flow hit a surface on a low speed or velocity. Blood dripping from an open wound or a nose is an example of a low velocity impact spatter. On the other hand, a smashed or stroke from a rounded object can cause medium velocity impact. From five to one hundred feet per second, the flow of the blood hit a surface through a medium speed blood splash. An individual getting hit or beaten by a baseball bat can produce a medium velocity blood spatter. A gunshot can cause a high velocity blood splash. In over one hundred feet per second, the flow of the blood hit a surface for high velocity blood spatter. In this type of blood spatter, the blood droplet is more or less 1 millimeter in diameter. An example of this is an individual killed with a gun shot .
Among the types of bloodstain patterns include passive bloodstain and transfer bloodstain. The force of gravity normally results to passive stains such as pools, clots, flows, drips and splashes. This type of bloodstain normally suggest occurrence of dripping arm or finger, gushes from a human body or drips from a cutter or a knife. Transfer stains, on the other hand, are results from wipes, pattern or contact transfer and swipes. In the case of wipes, this is the result of an object or an item that moved from a previous bloodstain. Meanwhile, swipes are cause by a bloodied or stained object that shifts across and transfer blood to another object. Pattern or contact transfer occurs when a wet or soaked object made contact or touched another surface. Transfer bloodstain suggests there is an existence of shoe print in the scene crime, finger smudge, wiped hand on a clothing or a interlace pattern on a jeans or pants .

Discuss in detail the guidelines for photographic documentation of bloodstain patterns. Why is documenting the bloodstains important?

High resolution photography is the most commonly used photographic documentation of bloodstain patterns. A crime scene photographer will place a scale or ruler next to the found bloodstain in order to capture more precise measurement. From this point, the photographer will take photos from different angles. Often, sketches and captured videos support the photographic documentation to offer more documentation and perspective .
Recording and documenting the bloodstain pattern in the crime is one of the most important components in the investigation. Execution of the recording and capturing of evidences through different manner is critical before anybody can get hold or touch the evidences. With recorded bloodstain pattern, blood spatter analyst and other investigator can always retrieve this info for further analysis and investigation. Also, in the field of crime investigation, crime scene photographers will have different approach on taking on its subject that lead to produce quality crime photos. Quality photos provide more information that will assist in in-depth investigation. Different crime photographer approach also serves as a best practice that other photographers can learn from and use as a foundation for their own professional investigation.

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