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1. Your personal perspective on problem solving and what drives success
Flexible, ingenious solution of problems, the ability to quickly switch from one idea to another, the ability to work in an unusual environment, the ability to see something special in routine and something ordinary in particular, the ability to combine old ideas in new combinations, the ability to generalize, to abandon stereotypes and think in new ways are all these skills characterize a person with creative thinking.
Problem solving must take into account a number of different factors, namely personal assessment of the manager, risk, time and changing environment, information and behavioral constraints, negative effects and interdependence of decisions. Personal assessment contains a subjective ranking of importance, or quality of goods. Problems should be solved and put into practice, while the information and assumptions, on which solutions are based, are relevant and accurate. Information is necessary for the rational problem solving. Management problem solving in many ways is an art of finding an effective compromise. A single important decision almost certainly can require hundreds of minor decisions.
Taking into account Levi’s Stimulants and Obstacles to Creativity, it can be concluded that freedom, time, cooperation and management, in my opinion, are the most supporting factors for the creativity. An important role for the creative process is contributed by positive emotions; generating ideas contribute to a friendly atmosphere in the team, involvement in a common cause, spirituality, personal growth. It is necessary from time to time to break out of the usual life, to change the situation, the usual route, see and learn something new, meet new people. Support of managers brings great benefit. The person will share ideas only after the completion of work on them, but he will have enough time to critically evaluate personal proposals. He will keep his thought process in his mind. Talking to people, who have achieved success through their personal creativity, markedly stimulates own creativity. The person must spend time with businessmen, scientists, artists and any other people, who seem to be creative (some lecturers and teachers are very creative in developing new programs).
2. Your personal perspective on the lecture, focusing on a slide that seemed particularly helpful in clarifying the topic.
Toyota’s success is based on the implementation of its basic principles – Standards of Toyota. The basis of Toyota success is in a perfect production management and quality work to create new models, allows offering consumers new line-ups every two years. The company produces 60 basic models for Japan, and a variety of options for overseas markets, with a very high degree of commonality – Toyota, is widely used in new models of components and assemblies from the old.

In general, stages of problem solving are:

1. Diagnosis of the problem. The most important step in solving the problem is the identification of the problem.
2. Formulation of constraints and decision criteria. When the leader diagnoses the problem to decide, he must be aware of the fact that it can be done. Many possible solutions to problems of the organization will not be realistic, since either the head or the organization lacks the resources to implement the decisions taken.
3. Identification of alternatives is the formulation of a set of alternative solutions, i.e. solutions to the problem. It is desirable to identify all the possible actions that could eliminate the causes of the problem and thus enable an organization to achieve its goals.
4. Evaluation of alternatives. Research shows that both the quantity and quality of alternative offers grow when proposing offers is separated from their final assessment.
5. Selection of alternatives. If the problem has been correctly identified and alternative solutions carefully weighed and evaluated to make a choice, to make a final decision, is relatively easy. Head simply selects an alternative with the most favorable overall consequences as the best solution is not always possible to choose from a lack of time and information.
6. Implementation. To resolve the problem or to benefit from the opportunities available solution should be implemented.
7. Feedback is availability of data about what happened before and after the implementation of the solution – allows the head to adjust the solution until the organization has not suffered from significant damage. The evaluation of solutions by the management is performed using the control.
3. Your personal perspective on week 4 discussion online regarding these topics.
Considering The Skunk Works at Lockheed Martin such creativity factors as freedom, cooperation and management were applied. For example, Kelly Johnson, Lockheed’s talented but eccentric chief engineer, was allowed to organize the team of people he considered professional in the completion of task (23 of the best design engineers and 30 mechanics). Lockheed management agreed to let Kelly keep his elite design and development team running, as long as it did not interfere in any way with Kelly’s primary duties as Lockheed’s Chief Engineer. Over time, Kelly developed 14 rules for all Skunk Works projects as a way to put his core belief and basic principles into practice.

1. Clarify The Problem, namely decide why it is a problem, determine the benefits to solving the problem and consider how it fits into the business as a whole and the effects it will have on current goals.
2. Break Down the Problem, namely time to get detailed and specific and break down big problem into small problems.
3. Set the Target, namely time for commitment, focus turns to what is needed to complete project, how long will it take, set target dates that challenge staff, but don't hinder other improvement efforts.
4. Analyze the Root Cause, namely identify the factors that cause the problem, generally more than one, consider and address any and all potential root causes
5. Develop Countermeasures, namely teams develop countermeasures to remove root causes, develop as many as possible that directly address root causes.
6. Implement Countermeasures mean to see countermeasures through with clear detailed plan in a timely manner, open communication is vital during implementation and seek ideas and feedback to see what is and isn't working.
7. Monitor Results and Process means some countermeasures require more than one attempt to get right, they may need modification and adjusting and determine if intended outcome was result of countermeasure or a fluke.
8. Standardize and Share Success means to set new processes as the new standard and share results with organization.


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