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Introductory Paragraph

The work of a farmer is pretty interesting, they may be working from sunrise till sunset, the work may be tiresome sometimes but what they know is that they are doing a good thing for the people of the Earth. Growing any plant or vegetable is a really interesting process for which one has to devote some of his time, efforts and love. People from abroad who are working at the large-scale and at the family-owned farms experience different problems connected with earth and air pollution. They have a lot of free time in winter and they work abnormally when the summer comes. Family farmers usually have little profit.
The healthier food people eat the longer their life will be. And everyone knows that in a healthy body healthy mind, thus everything is interrelated.

Body Paragraph #1 – Summary of Article #1

Different people applying the concept in their life;
Body Paragraph #2 – Summary of Article #2
Just as kate Sheppard says “as it turns out, the diet diary is a tried-and-true weight-loss technique” humans can fight the emissions(Sheppard);

Body Paragraph #3 – Summary of Ted Talk Video

Brike Baehr emphasizes that the problem is related with the advertisement made by big the corporations who make people believe, in particular, children that the products that are selling are necessary and good for them and even organic, though it is not truth(Brike Baehr);

Body Paragraph #4

The point of view expressed by the permaculture advocates is a possible solution of a problem that has arisen because of human activity;

Pesticides and emissions damages earth and water, vegetables grown with the use of pesticides damages human’s health;

Body Paragraph #5 – Explain the opposing point of view
Kate Sheppard believes that “companies, like people, don't want to stand out for the wrong reasons.” And that in that connection they shall settle down as the public
demands so(Sheppard);

Body Paragraph #6 - Persuade the reader that your point of view is stronger.

Kate herself confirms “Of course, just as a diet diary alone won't magically evaporate unwanted pounds, carbon disclosure alone is not the answer to our over-emitting problem(Sheppard) ;
Body Paragraph #1 – Summary of Article #1
The first article provides the information relating to the healthy food and to the new special concept of permaculture. Originally this term is stood for “permanent agriculture”(Hardy). This essay describes how different people finally realized that they all get affected if someone spoils the earth for example with pesticides. This damage doesn’t leave in nowhere it accumulates in the air, water
Body Paragraph #2 – Summary of Article #2
It is emphasized by the author of the article that there is one more way out and it is reducing of the emissions of CO2 and other chemicals by major actors. There are examples in the history when in a year toxic releases dropped by 544 million pounds( Sheppard).
Adopters of carbon disclosure credits make some positive effect to fighting problem of pollution of environment and to informing of the society but, unfortunately, adopting new laws, regulations and efforts to fight the effects of the problem doesn’t solve the essence of the problem. And the essence of the problem is the wrong way of coexistence of people with the nature. That is why this way of solving problem is good but not good enough
Body Paragraph #3 – Summary of Ted Talk Video
Brike Baehr speaking on TED has presented his own opinion about the problem relating to the food system. He emphasizes that the problem relates to the advertisement that is not true to life. Just as Brike Baehr says” Eating potato with GMO of fish ..” sounds really outrageous(Brike Baehr);

Body Paragraph #4 – Explain your point of view

In order to cope with the problem it some actions must be taking from the very beginning of the process, namely from the growing of the crops. In such a way farmers are going to make a significant contribution in order to save civilization.
Different reports show that bees that interact with the flowers of plants that were poured with pesticides are getting wicker to different diseases in several generations and finally die. What is the influence of GMO food treated with pesticides every day to the people consuming it?

Body Paragraph #5 – Explain the opposing point of view

Supporters of the second Article believe that the problem can be handled through reducing of emissions by major actors. The article provides several examples how different companies managed to reduce the emissions immensely in a short time. It is really hard to disagree that such actions are really to be taken in order to settle the problem with pollution.

Body Paragraph #6

The only possible way out to settle problem is joint efforts of people. People themselves damage their health, environment and still believe that reducing of emissions would help them to save the planet? Maybe such actions would somehow suspend the process of self-destruction for several decades but still the result would be the same.

Concluding Paragraph

People shall stop buying/producing GMO food, should reduce the level of enterprises with high level of emissions and should come to usage of renewable sources of energy in another case there would be no future for humans on the Earth. The only possible way out is to start thinking in another way, people shall remember that there would be next generations and that they shall receive an appropriate legacy and premaculture is the thing that may give a necessary start to the process of modification and improving of the quality of food and to the reducing of some emissions to the air, water.

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