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In the contemporary times, childhood obesity has turned out to be a major concern. If the truth is told, the overall pediatric population in the world has a large percentage of obese children who are at a great risk of experiencing the negative outcomes of obesity. It is, however, unfortunate that a lot of people do not consider the seriousness and destructive physical and mental consequences of childhood obesity. On the other hand, healthcare professionals consistently stress on obesity as a forthcoming threat. It needs to be noted that obesity has emerged as one of the most important health concerns associated with the lifestyle of the modern human beings (Davies, 2008). If appropriate measures to control obesity epidemic are not taken, it is anticipated that the existing child population in the world will be challenged with a smaller life expectancy menace as compared with the earlier generations. Therefore, it is excessively necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take preventative measures in order to control excessive accumulation of fat in the body.

Dangers Associated with Childhood Obesity

Pediatricians consider childhood obesity as an imminent challenge due to a number of reasons. To begin with, childhood obesity is highly prevalent in populations belonging to lower socio-economic categories. Second, a majority of families do not demonstrate adequate understanding and sensitivity about this menace. Even if families realize the threats of obesity, they fail to adopt permanent changes in their lifestyle. Similarly, this condition is exacerbated due to the absence or lack of counseling techniques. Lackadaisical attitude to continue long-term monitoring is also one of the major reasons childhood obesity prevails. It is worth-mentioning that hypertension is the most significant risk of childhood obesity (Cameron, Norgan & Ellison, 2006). In addition, “cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and many cancers (including, for example, colorectal cancer, kidney cancer and oesophageal cancer)” (“Population-based approaches to Childhood Obesity Prevention”, 2012) are also common in children with an increased body mass index (BMI). Moreover, obese children are at a risk of facing social isolation, bullying, and teasing due to their physical appearance. In addition, such children are also susceptible to premature death, lost productivity, financial disenfranchisement, and disability in adult life and premature death (Koplan, Liverman & Kraak, 2005).
In the past several decades, social, economic, and technological spheres have become much advanced. In particular, developed countries have made cost-effective and adequate food resources for their citizens. Due to rapid advancements in the mentioned areas, it has become extremely easy for people to buy nutritious foods with caloric richness (Waters, 2010). The fact that there are countless supermarkets and fast-food restaurants has made it possible for everyone to purchase any food/meal at any time. Furthermore, technological assistance has reduced physical activity thereby increasing obesity levels throughout the developed world. It is no secret that the children of the present times have become excessively involved in using electronic devices in their social and domestic settings.

Preventative Measures

It is great news that prevention of childhood obesity is possible. In fact, strong commitment and appropriate medication/treatment may even make it possible for an obese child to lose weight. It is the responsibility of parents or other elders in the family to make sure that such a child adopts healthy habits, exercises on a regular basis, and consumes healthy food. Parents should also make certain that their child does not lead a sedentary life or overeats. In particular, obesity develops when breastfeeding is replaced with artificial feeding of formula milk. Moreover, when supplementary food products are introduced to a child in infancy, he/she is at a higher risk of developing obesity. Similarly, when children are not offered adequate opportunities to involve in outdoor recreational and physical activities, they tend to become obese by remaining at home. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for the family to intervene during childhood and introduce a child to a healthy lifestyle. It would not be incorrect to state that obesity can be discouraged by using intervention as a precautionary tool in childhood. In addition, it is also required to keep a check on the eating habits of a child by making a precise assessment of his/her dietary consumption levels. Such an evaluation is helpful for the identification of unhealthy behaviors that may cause obesity (Waters, 2010).


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