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In the XXI century people’s attitude towards smoking varies around the world. In the first half of the XX century in the majority of countries it was allowed to smoke almost everywhere: in theaters, in cinemas, in restaurants, on public transport. This is clearly evidenced by footage of many films of the time, and plenty of classical books. But since the 60s, more and more scientific studies proving the harmful effects of tobacco and its derivatives began to appear, tar and smoke have negative influence not only on the health of the smoker, but also on health of those who are close to him while smoking. Since the 80s of the last century airlines began to ban smoking on planes, a ban on smoking was gradually introduced in all public places. About the need for decisive action against smoking tells the statistics of deaths caused by them, according to the World Health Organization report published in 2008, each year from diseases caused by smoking (cancer, lung disease, heart, brain, etc.) die 5.4 millions of people. No wonder that in the majority of modern countries it was decided to support the worldwide fight against tobacco.(Berridge, 2007)
For some individuals it is difficult to take the choice to surrender smoking, and this happens due to both physical and mental reliance. At the same time the sooner the smoker goes to the way that the time it now, time to surrender cigarettes all the better for him, for his wellbeing and for every one of people around him.(Royston, 2000)
Doctors all over the world say that according to medical researches, smoking robs man of seven to ten years of life. People who want to live long and healthy life should isolate themselves from cigarettes.
Doctors’ attitude towards smoking is usually based on medical researches. They all say that smoking by one means or another appears to be the reason for ailments, for example, loss of vision, emphysema, waterfalls, deafness, interminable bronchitis, hypertension, myocardial dead tissue, cardio, angina, constant gastritis, dental caries, Melora-Weiss disorder, pathology of the hepatobiliary framework, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcers, blood vessel and venous thrombosis, fruitlessness, ineptitude, periodontal infection, etc.(Royston, 2000)
Cancer emerges in 90% of instances of tobacco smoking, the most regular sorts of infections - nasal cavities growth, oral disease, pancreatic tumor, renal disease, and bosom tumor. A death rate from lung disease is the most elevated among all cancers. (Crawford, 2009)
For the majority of women the number one fact that forms their attitude towards smoking is the fact that smokers look much less beautiful than those who are not involved in smoking. Is there anybody at all who does not care less about their appearance? Like it or not, yet every smoker smells tobacco, and frequently this odor is terrible even to a smoker. Anyhow when an individual stops smoking, the smoking smell vanishes following two days without cigarettes. Smoking additionally unfavorably influences the appearance, it causes yellowing of the teeth, nails and skin, builds the quantity of wrinkles and prompts a disorder of "smoker's face". Substances contained in cigarettes annihilate collagen and elastin filaments of the skin, subsequently, it gets to be fat and loses its flexibility. Because of the narrowing of veins is exasperates conveyance of vitamins and minerals in the nail tissue, which in the end turn yellow, peel and break, furthermore smoker's hair that get to be dull and lifeless. (Crawford, 2009)
Women who quit smoking say that the refusal of smoking is proportional to free visit to the beautician, after a month in the wake of surrendering cigarettes appearance gets to be fresher, problem that cause some skin issues later vanishes, the problem of yellow teeth that is called by tobacco also disappears. Moreover, the disposal of tobacco serves to secure a sound sleep. (Crawford, 2009)
I would also like to speak about the group of people who have nothing to do about the fact that they are surrounded by smoke smell. This group of people consists of waiters, and other maintenance personnel. How often do people who have never been involved in smoking appear to be hostages or even victims of passive smoking?
In recent years, there were plenty of manifestations of service personnel who claimed the adoption of legal acts to create ban on smoking in restaurants and other public transport. Service personnel wanted to apply changes that were called to save those people who were surrounded by smokers. 600,000 individuals overall pass on every year from illnesses brought by the impacts of uninvolved smoking. Tobacco smoke from cigarettes hurts the entire group of people who have to work in the places that are full of smoke-smell. Side-stream smoke contains a greater number of cancer-causing agents than straight smoke, that is, one that inhales itself smoker. Staying for over 8 hours in a smoke-filled room prompts the impacts of tobacco smoke, similar to smoking more than five cigarettes in the meantime. Impact of uninvolved smoking on the body can be both short and long haul. Tobacco smoke can likewise cause tipsiness, shortcoming, eye disturbance. That is the reason smoking is banned in the dominant part of open spots. And this is why people who work in casinos, restaurants, hotels, have negative attitude towards smoking and smokers. (Anger, Kvasnicka & Siedler, n.d.)
In regard to profoundly religious people I would say that their attitude towards smoking is rather negative. Christians of all denominations, despite differences on the interpretation the Scriptures agree that smoking and faith are incompatible at all. According to Christianity, spiritual needs should be above the needs of individuals, and smoking in this respect is nothing better than gluttony or adultery. When a person is concerned about the satisfaction of nicotine dependence, it is difficult to think about his highest purpose, which means that each smoked cigarette moves away from God. (Alls & Hibbett, 1978)
Many clerics are also often mentioning the relationship of smoking with a sacrifice to the Devil. As a fallen angel wanted to be like God, he took his mandate of burning incense as a sacrifice. Only instead of pleasant scents of rose or jasmine he unobtrusively, as in the Garden of Eden, suggested people use tobacco leaves for the same purpose. (Alls & Hibbett, 1978)
According to all the major faiths of the world, smoking harms not only the body but also the soul. And there is no good attitude towards smoking not only in Christianity, but also in other the most fundamental world religions.
Psychologists say that smoking gives a sense of confidence. Some people, especially shy and diffident use cigarettes in order to feel more confident. This people start smoking in order to join the company and become a part of the society. However, there are another ways how shy people should enhance the confidence and self-esteem without any harm to their health. Psychologists recommend looking for other positive ways in order to feel at altitude, it could be different sports, buying expensive and stylish clothes, a prestigious job, and much more. This is why smoking is not something good enough to use as a method not to be shy in society. (Liu & Hsieh, 1996)
The fact that smoking contributes to satisfaction is another thing that psychologist say about smoking. This is also a fairly common cause of smoking. And many smokers are so attached to cigarettes, because they can not get positive emotions in positive ways. So if you also belong to this category, psychologists will recommend you to answer the only one question: "What will make me happy?" And then just start doing it. (Glock, 2013)
People who are involved in smoking usually justify themselves saying about the benefits that smoking brings in their lives. For them smoking is a way to relax. And it is actually true, one of the main causes of smoking is an association of cigarette and relaxing. Smokers think that smoking is an action that helps to relax, unwind and bring your thoughts in the correct order. (Glock, 2013)
Smokers say that tobacco helps to concentrate and think. Some people use cigarettes as an assistant in concentration. It illusory helps to think, reflect, and come to some certain decisions. But the thing that actually promotes concentration is nothing more than good focus on the things that are important, if a person experiences problem with concentration it is better to be involved in meditation rather than in smoking.


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