Free Essay On Who Inspired You To Attend The College?

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How did that person inspire you? what about the person made him or her worthy of admiration?

It is believed that every accomplishment has inspiration behind it .Achieving a target does not actually determine the goal, it is inspiration that carries you all the way through challenges and tasks. Dreams which do not have a background of inspiration often ends up in nothing, they remains dreams. Dreams follow inspiration so as I have dreams of becoming a pilot, getting admission in some apex college of the city and getting high ranks in education. All the time, I got inspiration from my beloved father, who proved to be an ideal rousing personality in my life. Attending college was my big dream and it was my father’s inspirational and encouraging words that kept me moving all the way. He inspired me through his own struggles and sacrifices. He made me branded about the value of high class education and worth of study in life. My father personally sacrificed his time and happiness and leisure time so that I may continue my studies to a substantial level.
My father has many evident qualities that made him an admirable personality in the family. He belonged to a poor family that was not capable of providing necessary facilities of education to him. He struggled throughout life and made his life a noteworthy figure. Despite of hindrances and obstacles ,he kept his journey of success. Additionally, his consistent behavior, positive attitude, struggling efforts and high elevated vision made him admirable everywhere. Likewise, he is a man of supreme qualities for me. He wasted his plenty of time and money in getting right things; now he does not want to repeat the same things for me. He wanted right things for me at the right time to compete the world, so his visionary ideas and doctrine and principles have made inspirational success for me. I believe that lifetime struggle, high-minded attitude and positive courage and spirit made him successful in his career and admirable for others.
Did that person encourage you in some particular way? Maybe sparked an interest in particular career field you plan to peruse.?
My father encouraged me in adaptable but unspoken ways. Sometimes they do not act by words; they performed the thing actually so that I would see it sensibly. I usually ask about his achievements about educational career, and he honestly tell me what he learned and how he would have done it differently with limited resources and money. Apart from encouraging me to remain focused on studies he consistently advised seeking high education at the college.
My father has a different view of implementing his opinions. He gave me full time to think about my studies and after careful analysis he got the point that I was interested to join the Army college of the town. He encouraged me by his ways, by taking me to the visits of army camps regularly on weekends. He encouraged me by showing me more and more TV programs related to army. I still remember the eve of national army day, when he took me to the Royal Army Palace for an inspirational exhibition, where I took many snaps and that day was most courageous for me as I made my firm belief to join the college at my earliest after my school education. He got to know my school education that I am willing to join army college, so he kept me encouraging all the time even during vacations by making my frequent visits to a family who belonged to army. I spent my free days in learning the college environment that proved to be much helpful in my later days, undeniably, that was awe-inspiring.
In short, I believe that my father sorted out my interest and hobbies in my initial life due to his visionary ideology. His keen interest in my education and career made my fly in the air later on. Silently and appreciably, he amended my ways according to my thinking and goals so that I may not waste my efforts and energies in some erroneous ways.

Q: Why might someone else find this person admirable?

My father’s personality is not only admirable for me only, he is well-known among the people for his affirmative attitude and firm assessment capabilities on the road to professional career and goal.
He taught that value of education is priceless , and it can shape your rest life an alluring paradigm. People know about his positive attitude, struggle, and accomplishments. It was his efforts that my elder brother’ s life is a success story. He is a senior official in local government, and people consider it my father’s success story actually.
My father often says about doing right things at the right time deliver the most, so, if its right time to study, then one must study.
My father got several lifetime achievement awards from his office. His loyalty ,honesty and hard work is true example of high spirits of life. In addition to this, it is honor for me to acknowledge that my father’s behavior is very much motivating and momentous for me as he never compromised over my studies, even he left his own busy schedule for my sake. I remember he used to work late nights for additional income to bear my educational expenses. Likewise, early in the morning, he used to drop me at school and then go to his own work. When my school got off, he would come back and drop me to home and then go back to his work. He worked late nights, spent his off-days at office and get overloaded with his own work .Likewise I remember when he got surgery of his foot, he was unable to walk ,yet he somehow managed his work ,office and my school at high strength of mind. People who know him have a high regard for his untiring endeavors and determined hard work.

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