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Female–female aggressive behavior within women has become a very common trait within the today’s women. These traits have been used to show various evolutionary changes that have taken place within women. The behavior model trait is used in understanding the evolutionary mechanisms in encouraging intrasexual competition, with the main focus on sexual selection. Indirect aggression have been exploited and used by the women where it has been classically directed to other women mostly to women who are much attractive and sexually available in the name of the intrasexual competition for mates. Most research shows that women will do all it takes in achieving their needs and in getting the exact mates whom they want and also since the mates, male, have become scarce. The question that always go through the minds of most of these researchers is if there is the use of indirect aggression by women as an intrasexual competition strategy.
The reasons for female aggression are all due to one thing, the scarce resources that are the male beings. The ratio of male to female is exceedingly high in that there are women who are left without men if every man was to have a single wife. It, therefore, has greatly enhanced the rate of female aggression. According to research by Vaillancourt, women strive to put down other women in one fashion or the other. The behavior is mostly evident in good-looking and single ladies who do this in improving their own odd in the competition to reproduce. Women go ahead to using the informal sanctions including ostracism and derogatory gossip in suppressing the sexuality of other women. Vaillancourt supports the use of this technique and behavior since it has been found to be very successful since there have been so many evolutional changes in the lives of women. At the peak of their reproductive value, this method have been found to be frequently used by the girls and women.
The kind of aggression on women on other women takes a different form of the male aggression. It is the men who were considered more aggressive towards female, but the ball has shifted to the female. As described in a study by a Royal Society in the UK suggest that this behavior is all about evolutionary importance of female competition and compares the tension between women to take the form of a soap opera rather than a Jason Stratham movie. The growth and evolutional changes within women take the center stage of all the behaviors seen in them since they have evolved to compete for resources and mates. This is a kind of surprise move and study since the previous studies have always been centered towards male aggression that the study shows was very easy to notice since they would use all they have from body size to weaponry in getting what they wanted. In women, this behavior has all along been ignored but things have changed, there is accumulating widespread evolutionary significance of women competition. The study also claims that the behavior is mostly because of the offspring production and care that makes the women end up employing alliances and coalitions at the same time deploying a flexible expression traits of competition.
Considering the scientific analysis of the behavior, from the time of the scientific study of Charles Darwin in the 19th century. In this study, Charles Darwin talks of the survival of the fittest theory of reproductive competition. The female aggression has not been much, and Darwin focused his research on male aggression where it was only the male who were in search of the female mates. The male aggression has been the only topic of this sector. The study by Vaillancourt also put its argument in terms of the scientific basis of competition and aggression among the women. Though there seem to be very little and casual connection between female aggression and evolutionary success, the research does not oppose the fact that this aggression is influenced by economic necessity. Vaillancourt in her study observes that there is a very valid and strong evidence that the use of indirect aggression is much rooted in our evolutionary past. She gives an example of a lady who wears jeans and sweats in Ottawa and the one wearing a full-body burqa in Riyadh. The behavior may be conscious or unconscious when it comes to competition for resources and mates. It is the type of behavior used by different women around the world.
With time, females have evolved to competing for resources and mates which is not surprising at the moment because it has become a norm. The use of this indirect aggressive behavior and sexual activity has a great link since the ladies use one to get the other. Research has shown that women and the adolescents who use indirect aggression are found to have had sexual intercourse at early ages, have more boyfriends, and live longer as compared to the victimized one who have sex at a later age they tend to be depressed, suffer low self-esteem, more suicidal and even more anxious. This indirect aggression used by women on other women help these women enjoy success in the acquisition of mate and reproduction categories of life. Other women who experience this aggressiveness of other may think that they are being bullied and betrayed, but this should not be the case since the bar was already set by them, so they need to do all it takes to achieve the high standards in getting what they want. The context of women aggression and behavior should, therefore, be understood by other women and they shouldn’t feel jealous or threatened, but they should understand the context of expression f such behaviors and then maybe they will be able to change. The change of one's cognition in most cases will help them change the behavior.
In conclusion, women indirect aggression has become a common norm within the society which have been caused by the evolutionary changes in the lives of human beings and most specifically the women. Also, intrasexual competition shouldn’t be in the form of conscious level but competition. Even if the indirect aggression is used effectively without the aggressors being at risk, there are always risks involved still. The risks involved in indirect aggression are quite clear since there are fewer competitors and the access to preferred mates that would have been connected to reproductive rates during the ancestral times. Women should not therefore be blamed for their aggression and the technique they deploy in getting what they want. Indeed, the male mates have become so scarce, therefore, more protection to the one you have.

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