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Gladiator is one of Ridley Scott’s classic movies released 15 years ago. It features one of finest Hollywood actor, Russell Crowe and good supporting artists Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen and Richard Harris who really gave justice to their characters. The film’s timeless appeal is fueled by its simple plot, excellent performances of the characters and amazing cinematography.
The movie’s plot is simple. It chronicles the plight of a good general who suffered injustice and lives on to seek revenge. Unlike suspense movies where the succeeding scenes are not predictable, the audience can easily predict the transition of events in “Gladiator.” However, this simplicity of plot did not make the movie less interesting: rather, it ignites the curiosity of the audience to further see how the main character would fulfill his revenge. There are no unexpected twists, and the audience have confident certainty over Maximus’ winning against every opposing force. The scene where Commodus ordered his execution have invoked empathy among the audience, but they were so sure that Maximus will survive the challenge. The several fight scenes in the gladiator arena even intensify the confidence of the viewers over the protagonists’ skill of winning battles. Another fascinating aspect of the movie is how Ridley treats the theme of democracy and afterlife. Although there was little inclusion of romance in the film, it sustains the interest of the viewers because it embodies political and spiritual ideals. The words of the dying Caesar is to alter the political system of Rome into a republic- a government by the people, of the people and for the people. Additionally, the plot is an inspiring element of the film where Maximus showed hope a midst painful adversities because of his belief that the human soul is eternal.
Another must-watch aspect of the movie is the powerful performances of the characters. Russell Crowe have faithfully portrayed his role as a wise and just general who is worthy of respect and love from the emperor and the citizens of Rome. He maintains his strong and energetic character during war that resonates through the entire Roman army. His acting was outstanding that he was able to portray the role of a tough, authoritive general, but a loving character. In the scene where he saw his wife and son burned and hanged, he still manage to show toughness despite the miserable spectacle. Joaquin Phoenix equally showed wonder in portraying his role as a cold-blooded son, a villainous character, a merciless and unwise emperor and an egotistic person. Caesar chooses Maximus instead of his own son to take over his throne. This situation urges the audience to sympathize with Commodus as it is painful that one’s father would favor other people more than his own son. But he ignites their hate when he used unjust measures to deal with this painful reality. In the scene where Phoenix embraces then murders his father, he was able to show a face undegoing a deep suffering who is turned between loving and hating his father. Phoenix’ portrayal of Commodus is really admirable. His acting is not exaggerated; the subtlety of his performance gives the audience a real glance of the nature and personality of Commodus- corrupted, ambitious, power-greedy, unjust, but lucks the wisdom that Maximus has.
The plot and acting would have not been enough to make the movie a certified classic, if it had not been accompanied by its majestic cinematography. During the first battle, Scott have taken the viewers to a bloody war between the Roman army and the Germanian troop. The aerial shot of flaming arrows, swords and dripping blood show how Maximus fearlessly leads his army. The decapitated head that rolled in the ground is a gross scene that reveals the barbarism of the Germanians. The low and dark lighting complements the war scene that intensify the two emotions felt by the Roman army. The lighting and the ashes flying towards the sky reveal that while they won the battle, their hearts are filled with sorrow at the sight of their fallen and badly injured comrades. Another amazing cinematography is the shot of the grandiose Colosseum, giant monuments and the gladiator arena. The fight scenes are zoomed out that makes them more thrilling; thus, giving the audience a feel of anxious anticipation of the next scenes.
Gladiator deserves an A rating because of its simple plot that contains a moving story of loss and revenge. It also tackles essential political ideals that are rare topics in modern-day films. The casts of the movie are faithful portrayals of characters in the Roman history that turn the work of literature into a reflection of life. Lastly, the cinematography makes the movie a realistic journey that takes the viewers to the world of Maximus. The close up, zoom out and aerial shots allow the audience to feel the protagonists’ pain, and his victorious revenge. Lastly, it gives them a free ticket to Rome where they are able to take a glimpse at the majestic architecture of the Ancient Roman empire that only existed in history and literature books.

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