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In the United States, gun laws regulate the procession, sale and the general use of ammunition and firearms. However, the regulations of guns vary from state to state and they are independent from the existing federal laws. Although these states to state laws are independent, the federal laws are concern is the general regulation of the law in large scope. They have been a recent increased public shooting in the United States and this has caused the government to implement strict gun laws. However, some of the people argue that the government should liberate the gun laws (Lott, 61). This work will focus on how implementing stricter gun laws would advantage American community and how to prevent the mass shooting
Guns cause death and serious injuries and therefore strict laws to regulate gun handling and use should be in acted just like the president has called forth fore. State laws regulating the firearms restriction have ranged from highly obscure too indistinct. In some of the states in the United States have left the local administrators to decide if to allow or prohibit guns on the premises. The gun laws are actually being different regarding with the type of firearm, especially the concealed and the open carrying of this fire arms (Spitzer, 102). President Barrack has been publicly seen to indicate strengthening the federal gun regulation measures.
Although the federal government is pushing a lot to the regulatory measure of fire guns, most of the firearms control measure is regulated within state level. The state is involved in regulation of the policy that manage sales, licensing, permits, self defense as well as carrying of laws. The open- carry and concealed-carry laws usually are the determinant of how the citizens carry the firearms in the public. Concealed carry is generally concerned with the hand guns which happen to be permitted in most of the states, but regulated by the various permit local discretion as well as requirement. Open carry of firearms is permitted by various states, but the firearm permitted vary and often there are prohibition of carrying the gun in some premises (Lott, 65).
Possession, purchasing and registration are regulated under the licensing laws. The licensing laws actually require an individual to have a license to possess or a permit to purchase some types of ammunitions especially the guns. The licensing laws and the gun laws are very effective once their implementation in combined, thus allows law enforcement officers to be able to track illegal firearms and crime guns. These new rules were actually enacted to reduce the number of firearms purchased as well as processions of illegal firearms (Spitzer, 105). In the United States they are 27 states that have endorsed the shoot first laws, which in fact allow individuals defend themselves in public with excessive force without retreat such as Los Angeles some of the are less strict and only allow if the shooter is in the vehicle with other not strict and are defined in the combination of jury decisions, laws and statutes which only allow shoot first protection during criminal charges.
The other enacted law regulating gun shows as well as private seller loopholes are under the federal government. The federal law mandates the authorities to conduct background checks for all those who intend to purchase guns from the legal licensed gun dealers. However, this actually leaves loopholes which allow private sellers to sell guns to user without background check ups. However, some of the states have enacted regulation additional laws which help to conduct background check ups to ensure that even the private sellers. In states like New Yolk regulation are included in the regulation which has been passed by the state and its ids expected to provide guideline checks for all the private sale and assault weapon. In states like Illinois the record keeping and other reporting requirement is strictly followed while in some such as Minnesota, Missouri and Kansas the specific private seller regulation and policy are very unclear (Doeden, 54).
The federal government of the United States in the year 2005 passed a law which was prohibiting any licensed gun dealer to transfer or sell to sell handguns with first securing proper gun storage (Spitzer, 106). Most of the states have followed the suit to ensure safety, but though at some points this law does not get to the private sellers the states federal law suggest that if a gun is lost or stolen, the owner need to notifying the local authority but however these laws do are not strictly followed in most of the states. Examples of states that require loch up devices for those selling guns include California, Michigan and Ohio.
Although, the federal government of uniting state and the states have all the above regulation of managing the possession and use of guns, there have been incidents of mass shooting forcing for stakeholders to call for new stricter rules to regulate guns. Today, the United States stands the number one in the list of countries owning many civilian guns. The government today has actually enacted law that prohibit or limit access to handguns which are automatic (Wilson, 76).
In the recent shooting, it has been observed that most of the shooting has been conducted by the use of automated hand guns. Restriction to handguns have by regulating the access to these guns has been one of the greatest efforts to stop mass shooting. Since the introduction of new strict rules in most of the states handguns, the gun assault crimes have reduced 12.4 from the earlier 35 percent. The new rules and regulation about handling the gun is aimed to restrict that all felonies or any person with a felony history to purchase guns. Earlier, backgrounds check up to own a gun did not include criminal offenses such domestic violence as well as mental health (Gold, 35).
They are several ways which if enacted would prevent public shooting in the United States to prevent the bloody massacre witnessed. The most renowned incident is 2012 killing in Pennsylvania where a felony short dead 26 people and 20 among them were children and 6 adults including himself and her mother (Doeden, 54). Policymakers have argued that strict gun rules would prevent these cases of a mass shooting. Since getting a load of guns from the civilians in the United States is not possible and if forced it would result to a civil war. Therefore policy should be set to retake those guns from criminal as criminal are always criminal even with whatever rules. Another action that would prevent shooting is arming the schools.
It has been observed that most of this shooting occurs in a gun free zone, therefore it is logic to arm schools especially the teachers and guards. The schools too should be safeguarded so as provided with better procedure no matter how cool and safe they appear. The society would try to cut the violence in the media as most corrupt the youngster's mind making them more violent and some usually try what they see in the real world. Most of the shooting in schools has been associated with mental disorder. It is therefore necessary for the parents to nurture their child's mental ability through proper mental health. Most of the shooters are victims of bully or have mental problems (Lott, 67). The parents should actually help their children develop social skills and focus much of the parenting. Most of the breaks that cause these incidents are not caused by parental failure. However, Poor parenting may lead to mental disorders as well as lead to child substance abuse.
The current federal laws have clearly indicated that for one everyone qualify to qualify to own a gun. However, the federal law has given some few exceptions of who cannot own a gun. Those who have been tried for criminal conduct and have been imprisoned for more than one year and all those who are fugitive of justice cannot legally own a gun. It also prohibits those who are addicted to substance abuse, those who are holding non-immigrant Visa as well as those who are illegal aliens. The rules also have prohibited owning of gun those who have been admitted in the mental hospital and those who have been dismissed due to conduct from the armed forces. Today, the rules have also prohibited those with court orders being restrained from harassing minors as well as those with misdemeanor domestic violence (Gold, 29). It has also restricted under 18 years to own long guns and below 21 to own handguns.
However, this new rule by the government of Obama feels that these rules legally ban citizens from owning guns. In some places such as Indiana and Montana have, however, passed bills weakling the stricter gun laws. For instance, In Montana, there are laws such as allowing guns in the Montanan college campuses through a bill, which have been passed in 2015 by the legislature (Doeden, 58). The Republican sponsors who actually assisted the supporters to pass the bill argued they were protecting the Montana gun owners from future restriction by the federal government national control groups.
Other states have followed suit such as the South Carolina, Idaho and Georgia, which have passed bills which expands the areas where one can carry the firearms including bars and college and universities. Although these laws continuously keep the public safety at stake, some people are seen to support them. According to expert deduction, it is speculated that this support is more political and economical than genuine. Most of the supporters are the republican politician, which being used as an effort to gain popularity among youth. The sellers of firearms and the manufacturers are also seen to support such bills in those states that support the weakening of firearms (Gold, 32).
In conclusion, most of the people in the united states have supported stricter gun laws, stricter gun laws that the federal government is calling for would actually assist them in civilian safety. However, the regulations of guns vary from state to state and they are independent from the existing federal laws. It is also a heartbreaking effort for some states to weaken the strict gun laws as this would make their public more vulnerable to gun assault.

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