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The Two Brothers story is set in ancient Egypt and depicts the lives of Bata and his elder brother Anubis. It reveals how these two brothers separated over allegations that the younger wanted to seduce the elder’s wife. The Joseph story too is set in ancient Egypt and Canaan basing on the Biblical/Jewish account of the formation of the Nation of Israel. Joseph, one of Jacob’s sons, is seen as the central figure in this tale that reveals how the children of Israel ended up in Egypt. Sibling rivalry, deceptive women, and divine intervention are common characteristics of these two stories. The story of “The Two Brothers” and the “Joseph” story are told with utter significance and tend to have both differences and similarities in regards to the context of Devine intervention.
Anubis is an elder brother who at the same time takes care of his younger brother Bata. These two brothers fall out as a result of a deceptive woman, the wife of Anubis. The fallout sees Anubis persecute his young brother. Bata’s animals communicate with him as they enter their stable and help him to escape from being killed by Anubis who was waiting for him so that in an ambush he could kill him. Similarly, the Joseph’s story presents Joseph being persecuted by his elder brothers who later lay a wicked plan to kill him. Devine intervention seems to favor Joseph. Judah comes in as an intervener and persuades his brothers not to kill Joseph. Joseph survives by being thrown into a well.
Divine intervention in both stories helps both Bata and Joseph to win favor and liking from Pharaoh the King of Egypt. The story of “The Two Brothers” presents Bata as a companion to the Pharaoh. The gods seem to be with him and thus wins him a favor from Pharaoh the King of Egypt. Had it not been divine intervention, may be concept and setting of the story would have changed to mean something else. Similar to the Joseph story, Joseph displayed great skill, by God’s help (divine intervention), in interpreting to the Pharaoh the meaning of two dreams with a similar significance. His interpretation of the dreams greatly impressed the Pharaoh. The king of Egypt was happy with Joseph and gave him a wife. They became very good friends.
Bata had divine ability to transform. He transformed into a bull and a tree. The story of the two brothers indicates that Bata entered the queen, in form of a splinter through the mouth, and was reborn as a Pharaoh the king of Egypt. This account is similar to the story of Joseph. According to Joseph and his brothers, after interpreting the pharaoh’s dreams, Joseph was given responsibility to be in charge of the harvests in Egypt. Joseph became a great ruler in Egypt and this can be attributed mostly to his faith in the God of his fore fathers. Both stories, therefore, present divine intervention as being vital in Bata and Joseph’s elevation to ruling positions in Egypt.
In the tale of “The two brothers” Bata, by the help of divine intervention, on many occasions survives the persecutions by his enemies, and harsh conditions. For example, he defeated and killed a messenger from the pharaoh in the pine valley. Similarly, the Joseph’s story presents Joseph as a survivor during harsh and harsh conditions on many occasions. The God of his fore fathers was with him at the times when he was faced with conditions that would have led to his death. For example he was put in prison for allegedly seducing Potiphar’s wife and was later released.
Although Divine intervention is highly evident in both “The Joseph story” and “The Two Brothers”, one would be keen to witness the differences as regards to this particular context showing the Divine intervention. For example, in the tale of the two brothers, Divine intervention is highly rated and it leads to Bata’s ability to transform into, a bull or a tree. In the story of Joseph and his brothers, Divine intervention is seen in his ability to interpret dreams. The two stories bring out Divine intervention in different perspectives based on the god(s) in their society. For example in the “Two brothers”, the Egyptian gods are seen to intervene in Bata’s life during difficulties while the Joseph story talks of a powerful God, the father as manifested in the Jewish teachings and customs. This therefore indicates that each society in these particular two stories meant something different from the other in reference to Divine intervention.
In conclusion, the two brothers, and the Joseph’s Story show that there is a divine power that will always intervene upon revocation. The stories further depict the world as full of many deceptions, hatred and hardships that may come at any moment in one’s lifetime. Although these bad conditions are present in life, they can be overcome, according to the stories, by Divine intervention. Conflicts and rivalries are common in society, even amongst siblings!

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