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Marijuana has long been regarded as a narcotic. Since 1913, this substance has been prohibited in the United States because of its undesirable effects . However, recent findings about the medicinal value of marijuana have led some people to question its classification as a narcotic drug. These findings have led to renewed studies regarding the effects of Marijuana while some challenge the notion of Marijuana being an illegal drug. People who want to legalize the drug argue that marijuana is safe to use. Accordingly, marijuana has no known adverse effects and has very low risk of abuse as compared to other substance such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine and amphetamines. Accordingly, some of its effect are even desirable such as being used as sleep aid as well as alleviate a number of ailments. The medicinal value of marijuana has made some states and countries reconsider their decision to classify marijuana as a narcotic drug and some of them have already legalized its use.
Despite its medicinal and other desirable effects, it could not be denied that marijuana have adverse effects that makes it a dangerous substance. These adverse effects are, in fact, the major reason why this drug has been banned in the first place. People seem to forget that marijuana is a hallucinating drug. Anyone who uses marijuana could testify that the drug has adverse cognitive effects, which, according to experts, includes impaired memory and motor skills. While temporary hallucination is not absolutely harmful, it is only logical to think that accidents are more likely to happen when under the influenced of the drug. So while some people argue that there are no deaths that have been directly caused by the drug, there is no reason to believe how marijuana can cause deaths indirectly because of its hallucinating and intoxicating effects.
Aside from its hallucinating effect, long term use of marijuana has been shown to have psychological effects. Among the psychological effects of marijuana is addiction. According to scholars, marijuana is an extremely addictive drug and long term users who wish to quit exhibit withdrawal symptoms. Short term psychotic behaviors are also observed for users of marijuana. According to studies, while there is no evidence of marijuana causing permanent psychosis, there is strong evidence that it would elicit psychosis on individuals who are already on the brink of psychosis or have a high potential for psychosis. Studies have also shown that marijuana is a gateway drug. According to behavioral studies, individuals who use marijuana are most likely to use other illegal drugs that are more potent in its hallucinating and intoxicating effect.
Because of its adverse physiological and psychological effects, a person using marijuana is detrimental not only to himself but also to others. For the same reason, marijuana should not be legalized under any circumstances for the purpose of protecting the well-being of the user as well as the community where he resides. Also, in order to implement adherence, the state and local government should provide strict legal measures for those who are caught possessing the drug. In order to discourage its use, both dealers and users should be fined or imprisoned depending on the frequency of violations that the subject has been involved. On the other hand, there is no reason why research regarding the medicinal value of marijuana should be pursued. If indeed it is proven that marijuana does cure some ailments, the substance must be administered by professionals under controlled environments. In conclusion, marijuana is an unusual substance, which causes unusual effects. What society needs are normal people, whose psychological and physical states are not impaired. By legalizing marijuana, the function of a normal society could be at risk.

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