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Radioiodine Ablation is a treatment procedure used to remove any residual thyroid tissue after a thyroidectomy (complete removal of the thyroid gland or part of the thyroid gland) (Bailey, Johnson and Newlands 1644). It is normally applied to persons having thyroid cancer. A radiologist normally conducts radioiodine ablation with the assistance of other specialists such as endocrinologist and thyroid surgeon. There is no equipment used during the radioiodine therapy apart from the whole body scanning equipment.

Goals of Radioiodine Ablation

Radioiodine ablation ensures that cancer recurrence in the thyroid areas is reduced.
It helps in reducing mortality attributed to thyroid cancer
Furthermore, radioiodine ablation can be helpful in detecting any additional cancerous cells that were not removed following the surgery.
Radioiodine ablation is applied 4 to 6 weeks after the initial surgery. Radioiodine ablation is not normally indicated for patients having a well-differentiated thyroid carcinoma that is less than 1.5cm. In this case, radioiodine ablation can only be applied upon the patient’s request. If the well-differentiated thyroid carcinoma exceeds 1.5cm, radioiodine ablation can still be applied since it has significant benefits and low-risk side effects. For patients with persistent disease, it is recommended that radioiodine ablation be done.

Contraindications for the test

Radioiodine ablation test is contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women (Randolph 87). It is important to carry out pregnancy tests prior to the test in all women that are of reproductive age. Radioiodine can be taken up the fetus. It is recommended that women do not get pregnant during the 6 to 12 months after radioiodine ablation.

Patient Preparation (Royal College of Physicians 18)

The patient needs to sign an informed consent.
Two weeks before the therapy, the patient is required to adopt a diet that has low iodine content.
In the case of breastfeeding mothers, the breastfeeding needs to be stopped 4 weeks prior to the therapy.
Adequate hydration is necessary during treatment and regular emptying of the bladder
The patient will be tested for levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which need to be high. It is important to have high levels of TSH to facilitate uptake of the radioiodine pills.

Performing Radioiodine Test

After the recommended 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, radioiodine dose is provided to the patient orally in the form of a pill. A week later, a full body scan is done on the patient to provide an indication where iodine collects in the body. Based on scans provided in the hospitals, the doctors can be able to know the amount of cancerous cells that have remained. Once this is established, the patient can be administered with a different dosage of a treatment pill. The patient is then discharged and may be asked to return seven days later for another scan. The dosage taken is the second round is responsible for the destruction of any thyroid cancerous cells that may have remained after surgery.

What will I feel during the Procedure?

The patient is likely to experience discomfort in the thyroid accompanied by a sore throat.
Restrictions to follow treatment
Patients are required to use private restrooms over public ones. Both males and females are required to sit down while urinating and ensure double flushing with the toilet lid closed.
Saliva exchanges through kissing or sharing personal items need to be avoided. Additionally, close contact with other people need to be limited especially for pregnant mothers.

Sexually activity should be avoided

Clothes, towels and sheets need to be washed separately
Drink large volumes of fluids to aid in the removal of the unutilized iodine from the body.
Personal hygiene needs to be observed on a frequent basis.
Women should not become pregnant within 6 to 12 months after the treatment.
Side effects
Side effects are minimal. They may include a dry mouth and inflammation of the salivary glands, which may cause neck swelling. These are expected to be short-lived. The patient may also experience stomach pain and nausea. Furthermore, the patient may experience for a short duration the loss of taste. To address the loss of taste the patient is advised to suck sweets.

Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine is a branch in medical imaging that utilizes radioactive material to diagnose and establish the rigorousness of diseases and treat those diseases (Biersack and Freeman1). Nuclear medicine is applied in the treatment of cancers, stomach disorders and brain disorders in additional to other abnormalities affecting the body. An important aspect of nuclear medicine is its non-invasive approach. Radioactive material used in nuclear medicine is either injected or administered orally.

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