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Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience of the dangers and consequences of the use and abuse of tobacco and cigarette products that lead to lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.
Thesis: Behavior modification techniques to quit smoking and the use of new tobacco free alternatives can help prevent the risk of getting lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. . Introduction
According to American Lung Association, “Lung cancer causes more deaths than colorectal, breast and prostate cancers combined. An estimated 158,040 Americans are expected to die from lung cancer in 2015, accounting for approximately 27 percent of all cancer deaths” (2015). Also, doesn’t it sound shocking that more than 10 times as many U.S. citizens have died from cigarette smoking than during the war (CDC, 2014)? Smoking does not seem to be a healthy habit, nor does it seem to be safe. New tobacco free alternatives can help prevent the risk of lung cancer causing agents. Although the exact cause of lung cancer is unknown, smoking causes the majority of the cases. Today, I will be talking about the health risks and consequences associated with smoking tobacco products, particularly focusing on respiratory diseases, available alternatives, and behavior modifications techniques that could help smokers quit and save your or your loved one’s life.
I. Health risks and consequences on respiratory system associated with smoking tobacco products.
Smoking is a bad habit which negatively affects all parts of the human body. Different types of cancer, heart attacks and strokes, poor blood circulation which can lead to gangrene and amputation can all be the consequences of tobacco use (, 2015). The prospects are uninviting, so you should think twice before lighting up the cigarette which can be the direct cause of one of these serious diseases. As cigarette smoke firstly affects respiratory organs, respiratory diseases is something all smokers are subjected to. I would like to give you some information about them, and show you how gravely threatening smoking is to your respiratory organs at the first place.

A. What are the dangers and respiratory health risks of smoking cigarettes and tobacco use?

1. Lung cancer and smoking often, but not always, go hand in hand. As lung cancer stages advance, lung cancer symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and bloody mucus (WebMD, 2015). Think about people who lead a healthy lifestyle and get diagnosed with some type of cancer, all the expenses, pain and suffering cancer brings to the patients and their families – so why would one willingly subject themselves to a gravely danger of getting cancer merely because of some bad habit?

B. Rare smoking does not pose any threat to my respiratory system, does it?

If you believe that smoking cigarettes occasionally and not constantly does not pose any threat to you, you are mistaken. The only thing correct would be that the higher the number of smoked cigarettes, the higher the risk of lung cancer, but even occasional smoker is not safe from the upcoming symptoms. The risk of lung cancer increases with the number of cigarettes smoked over time; doctors refer to this risk in terms of pack-years of smoking history (the number of packs of cigarettes smoked per day multiplied by the number of years smoked. For example, a person who has smoked two packs of cigarettes per day for 10 years has a 20 pack-year smoking history. While the risk of lung cancer is increased with even a 10 pack-year smoking history, those with 30 pack-year histories or more are considered to have the greatest risk for the development of lung cancer (WebMD, 2015). Nevertheless, it does not matter that you are free from possible consequences if you smoke a cigarette per day – respiratory diseases are still triggered more and more with every puff you take.
3. The main evidence seems to support is that it’s the amount of cigarettes/tobacco smoke that increases ones chances.
While someone who smokes one pack of cigarettes per day has a risk for the development of lung cancer that is 25 times higher than a nonsmoker, pipe and cigar smokers have a risk of lung cancer that is about five times that of a nonsmoker.

The two primary carcinogens in tobacco smoke are chemicals known as nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. (WebMD, 2015)

Transition: Now that you’ve been informed on the dangers and consequences that smoking and tobacco use pose on your respiratory system, I will advise you on some of the solutions to help reduce the risk of lung cancer.
II. There are some alternatives when it comes to smoking and tobacco use.
A. Many people who want to stop smoking turn to nicotine gum, which research shows can be helpful for smokers who are trying to quit but are struggling with nicotine withdrawal (Thompson, 2011).
B. Nicotine skin patches are used to help people stop smoking cigarettes. They provide a source of nicotine that reduces the withdrawal symptoms experienced when smoking is stopped (Stöppler, 2015;, 2013).
C. E-cigarettes are also smokeless. They may look like real cigarettes (some even have an LED on the end that glows red or blue), but there’s no tobacco, no flame, no smoke and no resulting tar and carbon monoxide transferred to an e-smoker’s lungs (Mapes, 2014).
III. The decision to quit smoking can be decisive on whether or not you will live a long, healthy life. Act now – here are some tips for you how to get ready to quit smoking, and how to get through this transitional stage to a new, healthy life. You can also share this with your close/loved ones who smoke and persuade them to quit this gravely dangerous habit.


Choose a specific day for quitting. As this date is approaching, keep track on when and where you smoke, change your smoking habits (hold a cigarette with another hand; smoke in a different spot than usual). This will help you get used to the idea of life without this dangerous habit.
Tell your family/friends about your decision. They will support and motivate you. If you are helping your loved one to quit smoking, try your best to encourage them to keep up with this wonderful decision.
Keep your promise. It is your life and your choices, however, you surely love yourself enough to choose a healthier lifestyle and be the best person you can!

First Day

Throw all the cigarettes and ashtrays away. You will not need these signs of approaching diseases near you anymore – you are strong, motivated and on your way to become healthy!
Stay busy. Discover how many other involving activities there are instead of smoking. Socialize with friends. If they smoke too, tell them about your decision. Maybe it will motivate them to quit as well, if not – it is okay if you will stay away from them during their short smoking breaks!

Reward yourself with something small and pleasant for every day/week you go without cigarette – you are doing great!

Staying quit
Do not be afraid to feel certain symptoms – some stress, insomnia or quick exhaustion, increase in appetite – your body is freeing from nicotine, and these are the good signs. You need to stay patient and persistent!
Develop some healthy habit instead of getting read of this bad one – start exercising, cook healthy homemade meals or join a sports club.
Put the money you have saved from not buying tobacco products in a special jar – you can treat yourself to something pleasant: a road trip, a nice restaurant dinner, a night of bowling with friends or a massage perhaps? See how great it is not wasting money on health risks and being dependent on cigarettes, but enjoying your life instead!
(Stöppler, 2015).


Today I spoke with you about the risks the continued use and abuse of cigarette smoking and tobacco have on your respiratory system, overall health condition, and life habits. I have suggested some alternatives to tobacco, and advised you on a few tips for quitting the gravely habit and developing a new, healthy and exciting life style. Life your life to the fullest and secure enough time to enjoy all the possibilities life offers you – shortening your lifespan with nicotine deprives you of so many opportunities and chances! Stay healthy, stay happy, stay cigarette-free!


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