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Tensile test is a basic experiment in the course of strength of material. By carrying out this tensile test, various tensile properties such as yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, and rupture strength modulus of elasticity can be known. Moreover, after plotting the stress-strain curve based on the experimental values of the tensile test, one can know whether the material is ductile or brittle from their elastic and plastic deformation under load. Stress is applied force per unit original cross sectional area. Strain means extension per unit length. In stress-strain graph is plotted, slope of the graph denotes modulus of elasticity or young’s modulus. Yield point is a point in the stress-strain curve where the curve becomes non-linear after being linear (ASM International, 2004). Linear part of the curve indicates elastic behavior of material and non-linear part denotes plastic behavior. So, yield point is a junction of elastic and plastic part of the stress-strain curve. Ultimate tensile stress occurs at the maximum point of stress-strain curve. Fracture stress occurs at the fracture. By elastic deformation it is meant that the deformation is recoverable after removing the applied load and in this deformation applied stress is proportional to developed stress (Roylance, D., 2008). Non-recoverable deformation or permanent deformation takes place when any material undergoes plastic deformation. In plastic deformation elastic part of deformation is recoverable (TWI). In this experiment two circular metal sample were tested. One of them was a steel bar and another one was an aluminum bar. Purpose of this lab experiment were to know about tensile properties of steel and aluminium as well as to know about their stress-strain behavior. Four apparatus were used namely Tinius Olsen type H25KS tensile machine, % reduction in area gauge, digital vernier caliper and computer.




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