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Ethical operational approach is imperative within an organization. As such, the environment of operation is dependent on effective policy statement. Through a more intensive approach towards ethical performance, plausible outcomes are bound to prevail. Thus, this paper will evaluate ethics as per the analysis of Pharma CARE and the case questions.

Describe the key characteristics of a stakeholder and determine all the stakeholders within the PharmaCARE scenario

First and foremost, stakeholders entail all the individuals or parties that are directly affected by the operational aspects of an organization. The main stakeholders within the operational mandate of an organization denote the employees, shareholders, suppliers, environment of operation, local community and the government (Solomon 2009). Therefore, the most integral characteristics of stakeholders include:

Exude a direct interest on the operations of an organization
Stakeholders affect the operations of an organization
Stakeholders are directly involved in the operations of an organization
Thus, from the analysis of the PharmaCARE case scenario, the mots imperative stakeholders include:
Local community
Analyze the human rights issues presented by Pharma Care’s treatment of the Colebrin’s indigenous population versus that of its executives
Proper remuneration is an aspect of concern within the highly dynamic global environment. Accordingly, from the examination of the PharmaCARE case, it was highly outrageous and implausible in their remuneration of employees. As such, the $1 dollar a day exudes a human rights issue that requires an in-depth evaluation. The organizational performance prospect in their remuneration entails non-conformity to the evident regulation regarding to the environment of operation. Thus, from the examination it is evident that PharmaCARE did not meet what in regards to US entailed the most plausible remuneration level. Ineffective performance approach within the business is an aspect of concern that plays a pivotal role in regards to the performance mandate of ghee business. As the most pivotal right that PharmaCARE did not conform to, it is evident that the organization did not pay its employees within a level that was plausible (Solomon 2009). As an organization that operations within US and across the globe, it was imperative that bathe operational mandate denotes that it remunerates its employee within a level that is plausible and ensures that the living standards of its employees are within a heightened mandate. As such, from the evaluation of UN, coupled with the evident forum in regards to remuneration, it is evident that the levels of remuneration should surpass the operational mandate of the organization and ensure that it is within a higher mandate than the poverty level across the globe. Furthermore, from the examination of the case scenario, it is evident that the executive within the organization took a higher level of remuneration (Hannagan 2010). As such, the executive within the operational mandate of the organization were highly paid with benefits in a six figure mandate. The operational mandate of the organization in regards to treatment of Colberia was highly implausible with the public playing a pivotal role in generation of awareness in the public domain.

Recommend at least three changes PharmaCARE can make to be more ethical forward

Inculcation of a more ethical approach in handling employee fares and remuneration is imperative towards plausible outcomes and maintenance of a plausible public image (Hannagan 2010). Thus, from the evaluation of PharmaCARE case, the three most fundamental changes that it can incorporate include:

Incorporating fair and competitive remuneration

Ensure that they are oar and parcel to the societal development programs
Maintain a close knit interaction with the local community
Assess PharmaCARE’s environmental initiative against the backdrop of its anti-environmental lobbying efforts and Colerain activities, support the position
PharmaCARE has been investing into the sustainability approach in its operational activities. The sustainability approach within the operational mandate has been focused on ensuring that the infrastructure in the organization denotes major emphasis on ensuring conservation of the natural environment. Through plausible theoretical and practical initiatives, the organization has ensured a plausible environment of operation. Nonetheless, it is imperative that the organization invests into a more activity centric operational approach. The activity cent approach should denote consultations with the employees towards generation of plausible policies and policies. The inculcation of effective policies in operations is bound to catapult the performance mandate of the organization.
Decide whether or not PharmaCARE’s actions with respect to the indigenous people of Colberia would be ethical in accordance with each of the following ethical theories:


In most instances, deontologists are also regarded to as the rational ethical individuals. As such, deontology school of thought denotes the inculcation of reasoning in the inculcation of plausible solutions. Thus from the evaluation of the case study, it is evident that the executive within the organization tool a more rational approach in regards to remuneration of employees (Iqbal 2011). The rational approach denoted the inculcation of a remuneration level that suited the profitability mandate of the business,

Virtue ethics

The virtue ethics approach denotes that an act can be termed as unethical through an analysis of the actor. In the instance that the actor did an act that is construed within a selfish mandate, then the act is termed as unethical. Thus, from the case of PharmaCARE, it is evident that the business had clear cut information on the rights of the colberians and operated within an implausible mandate. The evident unethical performance, especially in remuneration is an aspect of reprimand within the business.

Ethics of care

The ethics of care mandate denotes a mutual approach in the actions evident among the parties. As such, from the analysis of PharmaCARE, the organization was in clear contradiction of the moral rights. The organization benefited from its ineffective remuneration of the employees from the indigenous tribe or individuals (Iqbal 2011).
BP was involved in a gross misconduct that led to the pollution of the environment through the oil spillage in US. As such, through the oil spillage, the organization had to inculcate effective operational approaches that ensure effective mitigation of the after effects. Through the evident pollination of the environment, loss of biodiversity, negative impact on the economic activities of individuals and so forth was evident (Pearle 2004). The implausible performance of BP as compared to PharmaCARE is an aspect of in-depth evaluation.

Analyze the similarities/differences between PharmaCARE and the company that you choose

Thus, the evaluation of the BP and PharmaCARE case exudes disparities that are as follows:
BP exuded a negative impact on the environment
BP was within a contradictory mandate to the evident environmental laws as compared to PharmaCARE’s employment laws
The operational mandate of an organization is dependent on effective evaluation of the environment and inculcation of an ethical tactic in the diverse operations. As such, from the above evaluation, it is imperative that plausible approaches are inculcated towards a more ethical operational structure. Through ethics within the operational mandate, plausible outcomes are bound to prevail.


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