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I choose to rewrite the poem “Porphyria's Lover” by Robert Browning. This poem was first published on January 1836 with the title Porphyria. The poem is an attempt of examining abnormal psychology by the poet (Alexander, 1984).

The short story

On this rainy winter night, one could hear the rain as it settled on the lake located beside the cottage, the place where they were presently residing. At first, everything was near perfection; Porphyria’s lover had organized this countryside vacation. Such a vacation to a cottage that was surrounded by trees was his plan of winning back over Porphyria’s heart after he had felt that she was slipping away from him. He had sensed that the heart that he treasured so much was slowly slipping out of his reach and he was determined, however hard it might be, to take back what belongs to him.
Porphyria’s lover was neither the best-looking man nor the wealthiest. He was increasingly becoming aware of the fact that he was no longer the type that Porphyria preferred. He was quite ware that she had been spending quite some time with another wealthy and charming man while terming this quality time as nothing but just a friendship. Due to the love that Porphyria’s lover had for her, he trusted her despite the fact that he had some doubts that he was losing her love to the charming and wealthy man. He decided to put his trust on her like always and therefore did not intend to show any doubts over the state of their relationship. He wanted to follow his idea of a vacation where they would spend some quality time together and then he would use the chance to bring her love back.
During the vacation, Porphyria’s lover did everything he could to ensure that he won her back. He observed Porphyria gaping through the window heaving a sigh at the rain, and her silence during this vacation; he had no chance of winning her back. He made up his mind and decided to request Porphyria that they make a renewal of their marriage vows. It is after this request that Porphyria had the audacity to break the news and confessed to her lover that she could not see their union working out as she had expected. Porphyria informed her lover that she could no longer pay for her needs and she has already found someone else who had more money.
This confession by Porphyria sent her lover into a fury. Porphyria’s lover wrapped her long blonde hair three times around her neck as he strangled her. After cooling down, Porphyria’s lover started realizing what he had done. He propped her head up such that she was in the ordinary position and hoped that she would remain the same. He had a deep feeling that he wanted to keep her for himself forever and what he had done was the only way possible. Porphyria’s lover then sank and sat beside while engaging himself in thoughts over what he had done

Critical question

What may be the cause of break ups and discontentment in marriages?
Follow up essay
Marriage is a union between two people who are in love with each other and therefore, make a decision to spend their life together. In most occasions, the couple ends up disagreeing over various issues; such disagreements if not solved may cause a huge rift between the couple. Many people have tried to find out what maybe the main cause of these disagreements in marriages that occur regularly in our societies. Coming up with a definite answer to this question has proved to be quite a difficult task. In this story, the main question is the fading love between Porphyria and her lover. Her lover takes her for a vacation in the cottages on the lakeside with the intention of rebuilding their fading love. He had noticed that his love was quickly fading and that Porphyria had started spending some good time with another man who by comparison was more charming and wealthier than Porphyria’s lover was. This provides the clue to the answer, one cause of the disagreements in marriages can therefore be traced to the issue of money.
Porphyria confesses to her lover that he does not harbor any feelings for him anymore and that he now loves another man who is wealthier than him. From this situation, another cause of disagreements in marriage can be traced to the greed of the person involved. This can be seen where Porphyria tells her lover that he can no longer pay for her needs since she has found someone better. Both partners not spending enough time together to ensure a close bond between the couple always break marriages. Porphyria’s lover knew that he was not spending some good time with his lover and pointed to that as one of the reasons for their fading love. The love between Porphyria is fading away. In the bid to salvage the love between the couple, her lover takes her for a vacation at the cottage near the lakeside.

Explanation on coming up with the question

Poetry is one of the few literary items whose understanding system can never be declared complete. Critical judgment and understanding of a poem are critical but is impossible for an individual to achieve either of them unless they have experienced poetry. Even after experiencing the poetry, it is difficult to exhaust every bit of it (Ciardi & Miller, 1975).

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