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Paper punching

The technology in the modern world on how information is received and stored is highly revolving. However, relevant documents ought to well be saved for future reference. Experts declare that the spiral binding and demand on printing is set to experience massive expansion in the future and hence the need to explore the technology employed in the paper punching.
Paper punching is very crucial as it prepares the documents for proper archiving and hence easy retrieval in the future. There are several factors that affect the quality of a paper punch. In order for one to produce a good quality paper punch, and then one should be prepared to invest heavily in a high-quality punching machine.
Regular maintenance on the punching machine is very paramount should sound, and attractive results are expected. The fitness of the pin of the punching machine determines the hole-quality. Therefore, the punching machine pin should be regularly sharpened to produce good punch holes of desired quality.
Choosing the best die for use is very crucial as it is in most case customer driven. There are several patterns available e.g. oval, round, square and these can be produced using different types of punching machines. It’s important to note that there have not been so much advancement in paper punching machine technology as the available one uses the best steel alloy for any application.
Should there be new advancements in technology, and then other types of metals can be used for the paper punch production. The switch from analog to digital panels has resulted in faster production speeds and yet smaller run sizes with matching demand in the market. To increase the efficiency of the paper punching machine then oil lubrication should be used. Cleaning, storage and proper handling of the paper punch are necessary pre-requisites to enhance efficiency and to enable long lasting.
Figure 1: paper Punching

Metal and plastic rings

The binding machine design technology has not changed so much since its inception in 1854.However, several people have offered their take on the binder design though the original design concept remain the same: a spring loaded clamps that will hold the papers and documents. The spring loaded clamps (also known as metal rings) are made up f an extremely polished nickel plated steel .some manufactures are now offering plastic three-ring binder systems in the variety of colors.( Wang et al.,2012)
The plastic ring mechanisms are gaining ground in the market as they are versatile and offer the variety of colors e.g. red, purple, black, gray and white. The rings are manufactured by use of ABS resin which when molded, forms into very durable product and with the smooth finish.
The plastic rings' mechanism is very expensive as compared to the metallic ones essentially because the metals are mass produced .the type of ring used depends on the project requirement for the customers. Obviously, the metallic rings will be able to withstand bigger weights and, therefore, most suitable.
Metal rings are produced in different shapes and sizes to conform to the requirements of various customers. The shapes can be trapezoidal, elliptical, standard rounded-shaped rings and arch rings. The D-rings accommodate more pages while the round rings offer an easy page turn. The trapezoidal and elliptical rings are similar as they provide larger capacity storage with pages turning easier with the elliptical as there are no angles (Catelli, 2015).
The utilization of the reusable ring metal for binders is one that is environmentally friendly and hence gives the customers the ability to use instead of disposing off. In order to recycle ringed binders whether metallic or plastic, careful procedures should be followed. In the case of the metallic rings, a box cutter should be used to slice the metal from the spine of the binder. Alternatively, a Philips-head screwdriver can be used to remove the metal making both the cover and the ring metal recyclable.

Metal rings Plastic rings

Figure 2: Rings

Plastic spiral binding

The plastic spiral technology is the fasted growing I the mechanical binding industry. The plastic spiral binding has vast advantages that place it at the best competitive edge as compared to the metallic ones. The versatility and the arrays of colors have beefed its aesthetic value and hence desirable to most people. The shortages of steel metallic materials and the rising cost of the steel have made people resolve into plastic spiral binding applications.
The plastic spiral binding matches with the automation process making it suitable. Most manufacturers use the PVC compound to produce the products. The desired colorant is added during the extrusion process in which the color pellets are melted and mixed together. The extruded filament is wounding single strand profile into spools. It’s important to note that different profiles are produced for the particular coil diameters. (Walther et al., 2013)
The spooled filament is hence put through the forming process and manufactured with the specified pitch, diameter and the length of the coil that is required by the different customers. Different manufacturers will put different additives to the compound that will alter the quality of the final product. Different comparisons have been made on the plastic ring made from high-quality compound with that produced by a little lower quality grade material. The plastic ring that is made from high-quality material is more durable and with increased operating performance.
Figure 3: Plastic spiral binding


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