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Video Critique

Video Critique

Objective Description/Summary

The video gives a chronological order in which God used to create the universe, the world, natural features, plants, animals, and man. It describes the actions that took place during the first day of creation to the sixth day. The Seventh day has been left out as it explains why God rested and made it a holy day for a man to serve and appreciate his power and goodness (Biblica, 2011).
The video is criticized based on the scientific approach of creation and understanding. The six steps of scientific methods raise questions to the procedure used. When a question is being tossed as to why the Creator followed a particular procedure in His works, loopholes are left pending as to why the creation took the order it did. When a hypothesis is carried out with specific answers to be answered, in the long run, the issue remains a mystery to all. The measures put by the Almighty are proven hard to answer when experiments are conducted in the manner stand results are expected. Scientific methods have conditions that are room controlled to yield results to their understanding and experience. Observations made in the hypothesis formulated proof otherwise results as per the creation order especially where plants and animals are concerned (Parker, 2006).
Analysis of the observed results varies from the initial hypothetical questions of expected answers by scientists in their field. Analysis of results gathered requires that every step has an explanation as to why a given event took on the second day and not the fourth day. The conclusions also made create doubt among the researchers in the area of study as the explanations of the orders in the creation video differ in totality from their expectations. The video intends to explain the unnatural nature of the Father in His actions towards the creation story as compared to the expectations of men and their understanding. The scientific methods create more doubt in the creation story in the video in relation to the Bible (Parker, 2006).

Objective Critique

The video has its pros and cons while explaining the creation story. The pros play a bigger role to explain the nature and character of the Almighty in His work. The video brings out the robust nature of the Lord in the creation story. Being dominant is depicted by the use of words to make and control the surrounding at all cost. The video shows how God manipulated the universe with its forces to create a beautiful environment that surrounds man as an advantage. The orderliness of God is also depicted in the Video as per the Bible on the seven days’ events. Another pro for the video is that measures have been put to ensure that the events that occur as per Genesis are followed and accounted for accurately. The video also creates an image of what happened at the beginning to the viewers interested in the creation process as it is explained at the start. Having a picture as to the occurrence of things will assist the believers and followers of the Word of God on how it happened in accordance with the Bible (
The video has some challenges that make it face critics from the public. One of the cons facing it is that of using words to explain what the Lord was saying instead of the voice as depicted in the Bible in Genesis chapter one. The use of words makes the video lack the perception of God’s participation in the creation process. The video does not depict the manner in which the universe was, with void and nothing at the start, thus creating another con for the video. The images used are not a replica of what was created in some of the days in the presentation made. It is expected that the creatures, natural features and terrestrial objects are shown to create a picture of what it was like before and after creation. The lack of more information on the items designed as per Genesis enhances doubts and loopholes to the originality of the video and its explanations. The Garden of Eden, as elaborated in the beginning in some of the religious texts, is not shown in the video. Any film that intends to create a virtual version of the creation must depict it as per the Bible, and the types of imagery used (

The research has cast some questions to the understanding of the Bible and the approaches taken by scientific methods. The Biblical understanding has been disputed by most researchers based on their different studies and experiments conduct. The wordings in Genesis have been captured in the video through the creation process, but the images used cast some doubts to the same. Some features are either not featured in the presentation by the difficulty in making some or they have just been omitted by the producers. Parker in his text has tried to offer an explanation for every approach to the making of the features and creatures in the universe through the scientific explanations. His thoughts are also supported by other scientists in the field who doubt the biblical understanding of creation (Parker, 2006).
The order of creation also is miraculous in nature as per religious understanding. It is not supported by any explanation apart from the compelling life of the Lord. The events are in no doubt in chronological order, but the science behind it offers challenges to the understanding of the events. An example can be seen through the creation of the plants before the sunlight. Scientists find it difficult to explain and understand how the plants would have survived without making their food that requires sun as a necessity.
The Bible and the texts by Parker cast more doubt on the understanding of creation as shown in the video. Scientific methods used offer room for more questions than answers as provided by the biblical explanation in Genesis on how creation took place.


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