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Thesis statement: Cellular phones offer many advantages.

The usefulness of smartphones in our lives
Offer many advantages in one simple gadget
Make it easy to access the internet at any time
The dark side of smart phones
Waste a lot of the children time and affects their study routine and leaves them less time to focus on the relationships in their lives

Makes everyone vulnerable to the dangers of cyber criminals and put their personal information at risk

The advantages, however, are too many to let the drawbacks get in the way
Also provides the young ones with information to use for their homework and assignments
Allows them to connect with friends and family who are no by their side
Conclusion: In order to derive maximum benefit of the invention, it is necessary to take a few precautions so that the drawbacks do not affect us too much.
The importance of Smartphones in our lives
When asked about the electronics that hold the greatest significance in their lives, people generally tend to root for smartphones. The choice seems nothing short of reasonable because Smartphone actually is a device which helps us with a number of our daily tasks to such an extent that the word smartphone hardly does justice to the number of functions that these devices have to offer in our lives. They are our Personal Communication and Entertainment Devices (PCEDs), our Mobile Pocket Computers (MPCs) and also our Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). The smartphone has come so far from the traditional cellular phone that we started with that the ‘phone’ feature of the device barely scratches the surface counting the usefulness that it entails. The smartphone is thereby a very handy tool which helps make easy for us many of our everyday responsibilities.
These smartphones have essentially become a part of our lives that we cannot simply give up because of so many advantages attached to them. The smart phones offer so many benefits in one single device that it have comprehensively cut down on our need to carry with us all the extra gadgets and tools especially in travelling. This one single device provides the advantages of an Alarm clock, a camera, a map, a calculator, a calendar, a notepad and maybe countless other little equipment. This means that having a smartphone makes it possible for us to travel light, and this device is also quite easy to carry around and keep safe. Another upside is that a person who owns a smartphone has the internet at his/her fingertips and does not feel the need to get to a computer when in need of information. This makes it easier to access the wide array of databases that we keep on the internet as and when required.
The smartphone is a very handy device and nothing less than a Godsend, but this doesn’t mean that having this technology in our lives is vacant of any problems. Where on one hand Smartphones provide us with solutions to every single one of our needs involving work as well as entertainment, there is one hitch in this capability which is that it is also taking up a lot of the time in our lives. The children are being wooed by the electronic and they spend hours playing games and updating their social media sites that they no longer focus on homework and study which brings them several paces back when it comes to their school work. The time that these children spend using the devices also takes away from the time that they should be spending with their families and their friends, but unfortunately they are too preoccupied to focus on that aspect of their lives. The second very crucial drawback is that with close to 6.8 billion people being cellular phone subscribers worldwide, the online activity of people has risen considerably. We have to bear in mind here that these internet users are not always mature adults. Many are innocent children who find it hard to stay away from the internet. On the same internet also roam cyber criminals who feed on the information and identities of the innocent and by doing so acquire the power to use the information in every malevolent way possible. This puts the innocents at a risk to fall victims to these cyber criminals.
True, smartphones also carry a lot of troubles, but these shortcomings should not stop us from reaping the full benefits that they have to offer. Where these phones are a distraction for the young ones, they also have great potential to act as their encyclopedias for all the assignments and homework that they have to do and if the same device can interfere with our relationships, they also have the ability to link us to our loves ones when they are no by our sides to talk and laugh with us. Also, there may be countless predators in the dark corners of the web the key to which is in our palm devices, but the same internet can also be used to spread positive messages and communicate with those around the world. This means that the role of smartphones in our lives may have a few downsides but the benefits all together are impossible to ignore.
The smartphone is a double edged sword and can either help us or destroy us depending upon which side of it takes dominance in our lives. We can benefit heaps from this genius invention. All it comes down to is being able to balance the two aspects and keep the negatives at a minimum. This can be done by taking a few steps that make sure that this technology does not take over our life. The present technological state requires us to be more vigilant about the sites that our children have access to. They need to be taught about the rules of sharing information so that no one can gain an unfair advantage over them. The children, as well as the adults, should also try to maintain a balance between their personal lives and the lives that they spare exploring the wonders of technology. The world of technology is a fascinating place with the immense ability to suck us in.


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