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After watching the video entitled “The Rise of ISIS”, one cannot help but make the following observations and realize the following insights:
First, that the fragmentation between the Sunnis and the Shias in Iraq and elsewhere in the Levant and in the Middle East contributed to the increase in momentum and rise to power of ISIS. The ISIS took advantage of the “oppression” of the Sunnis in Iraq as well as the aggression of then Prime Minister Maliki against not only the ordinary Sunni but also to the Sunnis in the government as well. Maliki forgot that he had to administer and lead the country with a policy of inclusivity, but rather he drove larger wedges between these groups such that the Al-Qaeda remnants in Iraq were able to plan in order to increase through its link with Syria. It is the history of bad blood between the Sunnis and Shias in Iraq that helped fuel resentment among the Sunnis in Iraq, who used to be in favor as Saddam Hussein was a Sunni. Maliki in fact, could be said to be another Saddam Hussein in the making.
Secondly, ISIS has a vision. It wants to create an Islamic state, and in fact, it has declared itself to be a Caliphate, reminiscent of the Baghdad Caliphate, a center for learning and commerce in the Middle Ages. The regime of the ISIS is intent on creating a sovereign state, and this country is doing it by creating a very strong link between the Islamic faith and the dream and vision of ISIS. Al Baghdadi, an experienced military officer. This is seen in the methodical and well-planned strategy of ISIS, and the fact that Al Baghdadi has even been able to preach and exhort Muslims and convince them to join the cause of ISIS. The implementation of strategy has been relatively seamless as well, with the decisions to take Mosul and the plan to take Erbil, while being able to confiscate American logistics, weaponry, vehicles and equipment in doing so.
The whole situation was exacerbated by the choice of the US of Prime Minister. Maliki was certainly a big letdown, but the US should have known this from the start such that the cascading of events leading up to the rise of ISIS could have been eliminated. Also, there is the obvious conclusion that the big expense of the United States with respect to the equipment, training, infrastructure and other forms of expenses have been for nothing. This is because the Iraqi army in the areas where ISIS has fought has literally disappeared. The soldiers have been captured, tortured and murdered by the ISIS, and so far they all have proven to be inept soldiers and fighters anyway.
Finally, it appears that the intelligence work of the US seems to be spotty and less than efficient, and one thinks that the leadership of the country invested huge amounts of money in Iraq without ever thinking that it needed to reap the fruits of the investment. It appears that Obama is afraid of political repercussions as he promised to bring home American troops out of Iraq, but if there will be another growing threat to worldwide democracy in the form of fundamentalists who are quite fanatic already, then the possibility of another series of events such as 9-11 is not too far behind. Obama, never mind if he is about to step down from office soon, must rethink these events seriously, get down to business with his advisers, and map out the best strategy to neutralize the ISIS, and help build a more open and democratic Iraq and Middle East.

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