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Published: 2021/02/07


The paper focuses on the mathematic analysis of the interaction between different categories agents. The review entails the art of writing of the author in the incorporation of all aspect of the game theory. The article specializes in the dominant branch and it principal components. The non-cooperative game theory is a general term that tends to misrepresent due to the fact that it is not limited to the agent of varying conflict. In addition, the paper outlines the connection between different types of game theories. The methodologies applied by the author in the article are clearly indicated in the entire paper.


According to Shoham and Leyton-Brown, 48 ideologies, the non-cooperative game theory stands out a unique branch. It is evident that the branch takes in consideration individuals as its basic or primary modeling unit. On the contrary, coalition type takes the groups as it main modeling unit. The article distinguishes the two types of game theory. In other words, non-cooperative theory consists of self- interested agent. It implies that individual interaction is independent. The concern parties or agents are dedicated to achieve their interest and objectives. The article classified the agent or individual interest as utility theory (Shoham and Leyton-Brown, 54). The approached facilitates the formulation of a suitable alternative and increasing an individual’s preference in the event of uncertainty.
The utility function is used to evaluate or represent the degree of agent’s desire in relation to his or her conflict. It is the use of the number to represent the actual real life situation of an agent. For instance, the utility for Alice is determined by her preference and that of Carol and Bob. Using the utility function to represent her world’s conflict, she has a 50 utility of being at home. On the hands, utility to be at the club is 51.75 whereas that for movie is 0.25(0.6 • 50 + 0.4 • 10) + 0.75(0.6(75) + 0.4(15)) = 46.75


Shoham and Leyton-Brown conducted an extensive research by incorporating research methodologies such as data analysis and observation. The research methods include the use reference materials from utility theorist and other relevant specialists. The methods assisted in establishing the importance of preference and utility. The use of utility in determining the agent’s degree of happiness may seem pervasive. However, the author has outlined that it is a substantive method to acquire a more sensible model for determining individual preference (Shoham and Leyton-Brown, 67).

Personal Assessment

The article uses analytical approaches to address the matters of non-cooperative game theory. According to the Shoham and Leyton-Brown, (50) the world’s situation could be representing in terms of values or number using the utility function. The preference and utility are fundamental elements of a game theory because they are used to determine the agent’s desire in a given conflict or situation. It clearly evident that the individual considered as self-interested are focused at attained their own description of the condition or situation that suits him or her best.

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