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Green supply chain for Montero

Overview of the apparel industry
Production in most apparel industries particularly in Mantero goes through various chains before the final product get into the hands of the consumers. Goods are subjected to various forms of treatments at different stages of supply chain before it is released in the market. Within the supply chain, the middlemen involved may innovate fresh ideas that would otherwise improve the quality of the product. Branding, sorting out, and repair are among the services that the middlemen offer on the finished goods in order to improve quality and reduce the transit time in the shelves. These chains are trimmed in a specific way to avoid environmental pollution. When the manufacturers do not properly design a good supply chain, environmental pollution is likely to results. It is unethical to sustain an industry that pose a hazard to employees, as well as the general population in the surrounding (Akȧli, 2005).
Scarf production from Mantero garments industry starts from conceiving of an idea that is later translated to goods and services. Entrepreneurs start by formulating business ideas, which are tested and later implemented in factual business. These production processes begin from a simple concept to product is very important especially in developing the society. New employment opportunities are opening up daily in the society because of production process that runs from the concept to the product. Passing production from concept to product is also necessary for evaluating the possible risk that could be expected when the actual plan is implemented in the field. However much the production concept may look conducive to the environment, passing it through different process will automatically reveal the extent at which it can cause pollution to the environment. It is, therefore, important to start the production process simply by innovating the best ideas that are then scrutinized before they are channeled to produce the desired goods into the market (Harvard Business School. 2006).
There are several different designs of scarves produced by Mantero Apparel Company. Mantero Apparel Company has a world reputation for producing good-looking scarves for the constantly changing fashion in the market. Scarf production normally starts from the innovation of the concept that is later transformed into the product. Different ideas on the best scarf are hatched and launched for production. Raw materials are then collected upon deciding in the fashion that would fit the ever-changing taste in the market. To satisfy the market demand for the production on the latest design scarf that sale in the society, Mantero Apparel Company has organized a team of expertise that conducts the market survey and remits the feedback for production (Akȧli, 2005).This process has enabled the company to get an update on the latest design to make thus improving their sales of scarves I the market. Various fashion of scarves in produced from Mantero apparel company has gained the company good popularity both in the local markets and the international markets. Their scarves are said to be of good quality that survive in a harsh climate without changing in their original color. They are said to be made from pure cotton wools that are sewed by professional experts. For over 50 years of operation, the company is known for producing various scarves, which include male ties, hand's scarf, leather bags, knotty silk scarf among others. These scarves are produced on a low cost thus; the company has moderated their prices that can be affordable by the customers from all range (Dyckhoff, Fandel, Lackes, & Reese, 2004).
Production process of knitted scarf combines both manual labors provided from human being and the use of automated machines. The general process sketch can be divided into six different stages that span from innovation of the design, to manufacturing and packaging. The key initial step of creating the design of the scarf is very crucial to the success of the final products in the market. Selection of patterns, logos, and wording are among the key activities performed during the designing process. Mantero Apparel Company is computerized, and all the design process are done in the computer and served as a program. Stage two of scarf production is the selection of materials that is to be used in the production process. Good quality cotton is chosen, and it is then dyed with the best color that would match the customer's request. The process is very important as it ensures that all pantone colors are in line with the customer‘s demand. Stage 3 involves machine operation. (Dyckhoff, Fandel, Lackes, & Reese, 2004). Knitting of scarves is done by the machine, which is fed with the correct data of the scarf to operate. The machine will continue knitting the scarves repeatedly until there is no more thread in the system to knit. This process is controlled electronically, and one or two employees may be required to supervise the several machines at the operating at the same time in order to minimize the glitches problem. The personnel are also in charge of ensuring that there is constant production flow of scarf during the production process. The scarves produced from the machines are then cut loose into single scarf and then released into the next process. Stage four is simply ironing of the produced scarf to make them nice and flat for customer’s satisfaction. The other two remaining steps are majorly dealing with packaging and marketing process of the scarf. Once the scarves have been produced, they are branded nicely and then packed for transportation to the market. Fashion labeling can take the name of popular musician or footballer who is admirable among the young generation. Scarves for football fans are design with the logos of their favorite team (Dam, & Skjøtt-Larsen, 2005).
In moving products, for instance, scarf from Mantero Apparel company to the final consumer, there several activities, information, and resources that are involved in the success of the whole procedure. These series of interconnected activities are referred to supply chain. The supply chain activities help to transform the raw materials used in knitting the scarf in the Mantero Apparel Company into finished products that can be supplied to the customer for satisfaction. In some complex supply-chain system, the by-products may be re- cycled and used within the system to reduce the expense cost of the general production. Recycling process is also very important in managing the environmental hazards that are likely to be caused by the waste products from the system. The key responsibility of the Mantero supply chain management is linking major business function and business processes within and across companies into a cohesive and high-performing business model (Dyckhoff, Fandel, Lackes, & Reese, 2004).
An ideal supply chain starts with the biological, ecological, as well as political regulation of natural resources after which the extraction of raw materials by human personnel takes over.
Most firms struggle for efficient and effective supply chain. Efficient supply chain in Mantero Apparel Company enabled the production of high-quality products. Fashion industry is one of the competitive industries in the world. High management has to be implemented in the supply chain from the production concepts in order to supply high-quality products to gain competitive advantage. Analysis of efficient supply chain is necessary to ensure that there is no wastage of resources within the chain supply chain. This will necessary in minimizing the end production cost thus reduction in the price of the item (Dam, & Skjøtt-Larsen, 2005).
Many companies have incurred an imaginable lost from the poorly coordinated supply chain. Some have even closed down their operation completely due to improper planning of the supply chain. It is the key responsibilities of the management board of the company to design on the best supply chain to be implemented in the company to enhance the quality and quantity of goods and services delivered. Environmental degradation and pollutions are among the common impacts of the improper supply chain system. When the pollution from the supply chain proceeds for a longer duration of time, the firm may be forced to suspend its operation by the higher institution of authority due to the unethical nature of companies. Stakeholders and the administrative board of Mantero Apparel Company are assigned humble duty of ensuring that the supply chain for their company is efficient and effective in order to reduce any negative impacts that the system may impose on the natural well-being of the environment. They are also conscious too with the efficiency of the chain to avoid compromising the quality of the final product (Akȧli, 2005).

Green supply chain

Various individuals have defined the term green supply chain differently. The current working definition of green supply chain is a series of interconnected activities that are implemented in organization to enhance the moving of finished goods from the manufacturer to the end final consumer with environmental awareness in the process. The green supply chain is keen on promoting safe environmental components in the transfer of raw materials into finished products. Within the green supply chain, the suppliers are determined to promote environmental awareness to the consumers. Environmental issues have become a key concern in the world today. Consumers of Mantero products’ are geared to understand how friendly those products that they are using are. Secondly, they are focused to improve the sustainability of their surroundings. Issues of global warming and other environmental issues are among the key concerns that are addressed in the green chain supply. They are determined to reduce the global warming effects and promote the green environment (Chopra, & Meindl, 2015).
Mantero Apparel Company should ensure that their manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly to reduce the cases of environmental problems. The by-products released from the industry should be treated before they are disposed of into the environment. Recycling of the waste products is sometimes encouraged to reduce the effects of carbon footprint into the environment. Consumers are very concerned about the impacts of goods and services on the environment and to their health. The consumers normally reject unhealthy products for some reasons. Green supply chain is therefore very important for the firm to increase their reputation on to the customers as well as increasing their profit return. Managers and others stakeholders should ensure that all their manufacturing company implement green supply chain system for sustainability (Blanchard, 2010).
Many fashion firms have recognized the need for sustainability during their production process since the customers, and other stakeholders have become generated extensive awareness on the global warming. Furthermore, it is undoubted facts that most of the fashion industries use very poisonous chemicals during their production process. It is from this argument that various apparel industries are incorporating various green into their supply chain. Many fashion firms for example Mantero Apparel Company have adopted the new concept of sustainability which is known as " Triple Bottom Line" which comprise of environmental, social and economic performance aspects of production. The three aspect of triple bottom lines deal with the human wellbeing, environmental wellbeing that refers to the healthy environment and economic well-being that relate to the preparation of the future society (Chopra,& Meindl, 2015). The supply chain for Mantero Apparel Company is labor-intensive and very sensitive to the environment and society, it is, therefore, crucial for the firm to build up a more sustainable supply chain than that covers all the three aspects of triple bottom line than their current green supply chain that they rely on at the moment. Some of the component of the green supply chain for the apparel firms includes eco-material preparation, sustainable manufacturing process, green distribution, ethical consumers, and green retailers. Mantero firm has gained considerable competitive advantage in the market since it has relied on sustainable supply chain which has recently made it promote its responsibilities to the society and the environment. The fundamental part of the green supply chain is the application of eco-material production. The known eco material for the apparel firm is organic fabrics that are produced by less water and harmful chemicals (Dam, & Skjøtt-Larsen, 2005).
Mantero firm should be cautious in managing the environmental impacts of its manufacturing process. This is because the natural environment is incapable of supporting total current level of production and disposal of apparel due to depletion of natural resources and quick filling of landfills. Production of shoes and other winter jackets that are not readily recycled back into the system or can undergo biodegradable once thrown away have reduced the potential of landfills to contain more waste products. Serious measures are, therefore, taken up the supply chain to improve the general wellbeing of the environment (Blanchard, 2010).
The first greening option should be employed during the selection of raw materials that are used as the input in the production process. The selected raw material can either be eco-friendly silk or organic materials. These groups of raw materials require the use of little water in their processing process. Their products are also biodegradable after a short period when they get disposed of into the environment. Mantero firm should then encourage their potential supplies to grow organic cotton wool which would ensure sufficient supply of organic, raw materials to the company. Another stage that needs thorough greening is the use of dye during the production process. The ink used for dyeing the fabric should be made eco-friendly. This is to ensure that there is little emission of poisonous gaseous into the environment. The most preferred ink should be lead and mercury free. Greening should also be done during distribution process of the finished products especially in the selection of the materials to be used packaging of goods. The world all over is fighting the environmental pollution that has been caused by the disposal of waste that was used in packaging of goods after processing. Inorganic tins should be avoided during packaging. In transportation, the Mantero should adopt the use of lead-free automobiles in transporting their goods to reduce emission of excess carbon into the environment (Harvard Business School. 2006).
Having viewed on the how the production firms can win the hearts of the customers and reducing the general environmental impacts especially by greening their production stages, Mantero Textile Company can take advantage over other textile companies located in Italy. (Blanchard, 2010). Greening the supply chain is evidently the most reliable mechanism for sustaining the production even in a highly competitive markets. Customers and stakeholders have the benefits of consuming products from green manufacturing process, however, expensive the product might be. This is the time that Mantero Textile Company should plan to change their production process green to earn more profit.


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