Good Book Review On The New Jim Crow Review

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Published: 2020/12/16

The review is by Michelle Alexander; she is a professor at the University of Ohio. As well as a civil rights writer and advocate. The review remains written in the year 2010. It highlights the victory and triumph of Americans after Obama was voted with the president of the United States as it showed how blacks stay no viewed as being inferior to the whites. But, in the real sense, the rest of the African American population remains locked up in prison labeled felons forever (Alexander 2011). Michelle shows how the minority, African-Americans, are not well-off as opposed to their beliefs that they will be represented in the government.
It states that, even though, the period of Jim Crow ended it did not end in every person`s mind. Most of the African American population is still fighting the status (Alexander, 2011). The review argues that racism did not end, despite a black American becoming the president of the United States of America. Racism is still a major problem affecting the internal relations of the American citizens and is also affecting the economic growth negatively. It is without doubt that the criminal justice department is indirectly a racist control, and just as before it performs on the racist basis stating that the New Jim Crow challenges the civil rights of a certain group of people. Mass internment of people based on the color of their skin is racism. Besides, it is still under cast`s in a discriminatory manner, and the same is not done to the white counterparts, and if it had, the laws would have been revised years back. Many critics of the book argue that the content of the book is not relevant and only brings troubles among the American citizens.
The paternities have a role to play, especially the black parents, it is upon them to acknowledge their challenges, and in turn pass it to their daughters and sons in order to start revising the behavior that remains tagged to the black population and start changing it from deep within. The strategy will make the next generation to be confident in whatever they do without being intimidated; hence, become successful and mentors to other minority groups.
Researchers identified that during Obama`s term, racism increased implicitly and explicitly. The racism is seen in black and white when Obama ran for the presidential second term against Romney. Interestingly, during the election, it is observed that the African Americans voted for president Obama in a large number because he is one of them and is black. The minorities voted for Obama and the rest for Romney. The levels of anti-black sentiments jumped from 49% to 56% it was, therefore, certain that the effort to curb racism remains overshadowed by the racial prejudice.
The racial prejudice affected even the political movements such as the democrats and the republicans. The Republicans show a much bigger percentage compared to the Democrats to racial prejudice (Powell 1993). It is amazing just how serious the racial issue is, because different words used by employers describe the race of an individual. Words like friendly, hardworking, violent and lazy are distinguishable to the race of an employee. The unemployment rates of the minority are twice that of the whites.
The white population thinks that equality in the different areas of life is essential, but putting it into practice is not an option taken. It is certain, however, that every single citizen plays a huge role in the racial preconception in the United States of America in several ways (Powell 1993). The whites do not want anything done to the minority; also the minority reasons on the same levels, thus, creating turf wars.
In my outlook, I believe that the problem starts from the term minority as it conceals the nature of the name since it refers to the other ethnic groups in a whole. The real intention is to show that the individual is unable even if he or she is qualified. Interestingly, it does not change the fewer factors; hence, proving the notion that a white person is better and can take the position.
The racial profiling act is still an impediment to justice just like in the Jim Crow times. The issues that surround the act are purely biased, and that is why the act remains as an impediment. Even though, the racial prejudice is not all over the country, it is still very noticeable and sticks out all over the news. The New Jim Crow helps to bring out the real situation on the ground and the Arthur objective is educate the society on better ways of dealing with vice, racism. Readers of the book appreciate the fact that Michelle has touched an area, which many do not talk about, thus making her writing a helpful tool for the society worldwide.
In the social justice system, the number of minorities in prison or from prison remains the highest because of the racial effect in play. The mere time spent in prison, in turn affects other stuff such as getting jobs. Once convicted, getting a job in the United States is not a walk in the park because of the knowledge of the conviction the employer might see the worker as a violent person. The factor contributes to naming the person after all sorts of names, and probably not gives the person the job he or she needs. The issues the normal minority faces compared to that of the majority who are magnified in all sorts of manner. All in all, I agree with Michelle Alexander facts in her book.


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