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Cooking is the art of creating and preparing food for consumption; cooking is justified as a work of art by being able to arouse aesthetic effects on human kind. It is made a greater art by being able to have effect for most of our senses, cooking, unlike painting and dancing is able to arouse all our senses. Cooking involves creation of dishes from a simple recipe; for instance, when preparing a piece of cake. The chef fast prepares the dough using specific ingredients at specific amounts which are a detailed process and work of art. The cooking process is detailed and specific failure to observe certain procedure may result in unintended or bad results just like in art.
James Trevor Oliver is an English chef famous for his television shows which focus on food. He recently launched a campaign for better food education where he encourages people to prepare healthy foods and reduce intake of junk. James started his career as a pastry chef where he gained experience and became an expert in preparation of Italian cuisine. I liked the way James prepares his meal in his numerous YouTube videos that he uploads. He has passion for cooking and is widely experienced in preparing different kinds of meals. It is wise to say that James is one of the people that have been really influential in the art of cooking.
Rachael Domenica Scuderi-Ray is another person that has been very influential in the art of cooking. Rachael is an American citizen who is famous for her simple cooking recipes that can be completed in 30 or less minutes. Rachel employs numerous ingredients including garlic, fresh herbs, and chicken stock for boosting the flavor of the meals she intends to prepare. Rachael has been very influential in her television shows which focus on educating people on the various ways that different meals can be prepared. She builds her skills with the belief that favors approximations of the various ingredients half way. I love cooking and although am not a professional chef, I enjoy every time I spend preparing a meal in the kitchen. Building on the principle of healthy and fresh foods as advocated by James Oliver, I always prefer making my own meals at home instead of taking meals in restaurants. I also follow Rachael’s simple cooking techniques since I feel that they are simple techniques that whenever I follow them correctly, I end up preparing a very nice meal. I particularly enjoy preparing spaghetti and meatballs using a recipe that I learnt from Rachael, it takes just 20 minutes.
Cooking has been around us since the invention of fire, humans learnt to use fire to make food more palatable and tasty. Cooking has developed through time as a result of creativity and adventure of chefs from just roasting food to sophisticated cookery methods. The invention and use of fire in cooking and preparing food played a major role in the human evolution, expansion of international trade in agriculture presented people with the needed ingredients and spread cookery methods widely used in cooking. New inventions and technologies have further added the sophistication in cooking and cooking techniques this has led to the application of advanced scientific techniques and knowledge in preparation of foods. Presence of new ingredients and the easy contact between diverse cultures and ethnic groups has led to more sophistication in cookery methods where chefs are able to borrow from different cultures to make their products.
Although cooking process and activities traditionally has been a home activity or around communal life there is more increased cooking being carried out outside the convenience of homes for instance; hotels, restaurants and schools. Ready to eat eateries are becoming common in neighbor hoods and more cooking techniques are being marketed and commercialized in the food industry. This lives cooking the most creative and viable art, it is at the heart of every community and culture.

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