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Published: 2021/03/03

Carl Rodgers was against the deterministic nature proposed by behaviorism and psychoanalysis and claimed that human beings have one inherent motive- the desire to self-actualize (Saul McLeod, 2014). Such is interesting since every person needs to question the motives of doing what they do. Rodgers opined that human beings behaved in accordance with individual perceptions since no one can perceive like any other. Due to this individualized judgment, it is logical for one to think of how one can improve his skills and achieve one’s potential. Every person has the intrinsic drive to achieve the highest potential if the environment is right. From the concept of self-actualization, Rodger believed that not all people can achieve their highest levels. He asserted that the few who achieve self-actualization tended to have five characteristics that he called a fully functioning person. First they are open to experience, both negative and positive. Secondly, they live an existential life and are in touch with the most current experiences. Third, they trust their gut feeling; fourth, they are creative and take risks. Lastly, they tend to have a happy and satisfying life.
According to the traits of a fully functional person, my professor has achieved the self-actualization. It is evident that the professor has been open to experience throughout his life. He has also showed consistency with the most current ideas that all humans are experiencing. Such behavior is consistent with Rodgers’ idea that one has to recognize things just as they are (George Boeree, 2006). When one talks to the professor, one can tell that he trusts his judgment very well. Moreover, he has been creative in many ways especially in class and in life. He is also happy and satisfied with life.

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