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Question #1

Cigarette smoking is harmful to one’s health. People smoke knowing the health hazards associated with smoking which endangers their lives. Companies also warn users on the packets that tobacco is harmful. Theories and facts have been said about smoking and addiction has become a big problem resulting to loss of lives, emergence of diseases, destroyed families and made people become a slave to it.
The conclusion cigarette causes the pulse rate to increase is wrong. First and foremost cigarette contributes to the increase in pulse rate. Cigarettes are made of tobacco which is known as a stimulant. However, millions of people living in America smoke with an aim of relaxing every single day. Tobacco is a stimulant that is highly addictive. It contains carbon monoxide and nicotine and also many other chemicals.
The heart rate is measured according to the number of times one’s heart beats in a minute. According to Medline plus, it normally fall between 60 and 100 beats. This is applicable for children and adults. The children should be above 10 years. Nicotine results in one’s arteries and veins to constrict. This means that your heart is requires to work extra hard than it usually does so as to pump blood around the system. This sends the heart rate and blood pressure are soaring.it is evident that one does not have to be a smoker in order to suffer this diseases. Tobacco-related disease program research clearly explain that even people who do not smoke a lot that is passive smokers can also be easily and most likely contract the diseases that affect the artery. This clearly shows how dangerous tobacco is to one’s health. It requires that we will all be careful and think of our health first (Ries, 2009).
Cigarette smoking is harmful and can result to severe negative effect to people.it is known 20 minutes after taking the last cigarette the body starts healing. The pulse rate will drop and the levels of oxygen will go back to normal. This happens as nicotine and other chemicals that were inhaled from smoking leave your body.


Ries, R. (2009). Principles of addiction medicine. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Question #2
There are several statistical functions that can be used in the comparison of values. It is so unfortunate that there are more ways to use the functions wrong than using them right. Statistics can be abused in the following ways; bad applications of the functions of statistics, bad collection of data, coming up with the wrong conclusion and tricks that are sneaky that mislead the unwary.
Some examples of the things that you have seen statistics being used inappropriately
Misuse of statistics is sometimes not done intentionally and consciously. It also means that not all the time the analysis or facts are wrong.
Statistics has been mainly associated with the number of people. Statistics has been used in many instances hence abusing the practice. The first way of abuse of statistics is the sampling of the wrong population. A sample is a population that acts as a representative of the main population. It seeks to act as a representative of the main population. Whatever the outcome sought from the sample, the results will be seen to be a reflection of what is happening in the actual populations. Sampling the wrong population represent a misuse in statistics.
Failing to collect a sample that is large enough is also a way in which people abuse statistics. A large sample will result in the findings being a true and fair representation of the actual population. A small sample is evident that it does not portray the actual characteristics of the population. Making the margin error extremely large will yield results that are quite meaningless despite having tested the control subjects (Jaffe, 2010).
Lack of context is a way of misuse of statistics. The context of the research is crucial in the interpretation of any statistic. When one is provided with a statistic that lacks any context or background that is becomes hard to suggest anything that might be a representative other than the most crucial.
Statistics being crucial in research and findings is prone to errors but in order to get positive and true results then the users have to be careful with the manner in which they make use of statistics.
Jaffe, C. I. (2010). Public speaking: Concepts and skills for a diverse society. Boston, MA: Wadsworth.

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