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1.0. Introduction
It depends a lot on an individual’s skills and ways of assessment how good or bad he/she responds to an opportunity. This report sets out to cover my response to the job advertisement by Ford Company that appeared most recently. The company is seeking for individuals to work in groups on different projects initiated by Ford. All the students selected for these work placement positions will be working under the supervision of seniors, which can be deemed as a great opportunity to earn and learn (with more emphasis on the latter). I am applying for the job considering it a highly significant door that opens to my road of career. The report is divided into three basic sections. Initially, there is an assessment of gap and appropriateness between the skills required for the job advertised and those possessed by me. Second phase covers the presentation of CV and cover letter, which is followed by a reflection and action plan provided at the end.
2.0. Analysis of Work Placement and Vacancy
With reference to the job-ad under discussion, the employer is looking for individuals with a specific set of skills. Some of the skills required by the employer are outlined below:
2.1. Requirements

As an applicant, I should have proper knowhow about the business of Ford and the nature of its customers.

The employer is also looking for individuals who have the aforementioned knowledge coupled with a passionate approach to working for the company.

Applicants are also required to demonstrate the ability to develop strong relationship and work as team members.

Candidates should also possess excellent communication skills.
Employer requires candidates to have an ability to have optimistic approach in highly unfavorable and challenging situations.
Applicant should be able to inspire others.
Employer is seeking deadline-oriented individuals.
Candidates should also possess creativity, initiative, self-motivation, diplomacy, and self-confidence.
2.2. My Strengths as a Candidate
I satisfy the criteria defined by the employer to great extent. Being ambitious to work for a company with such a huge and widely accepted reputation as Ford has, I possess the level of motivation as required. I am zealously applying for the job and will impatiently be waiting for the response. Furthermore, I have an innate ability to tackle challenge and make my way through obstacles. In simpler words, I do not usually get panic while faced by challenges or adverse situation and keep a cool head under unfavorable circumstances.
In addition to this, I always try to leave an inspirational impact on others through my performance and remain successful in most of cases. My educational career is also an evidence of it. Then, I never put off till tomorrow what I can do today. Not only this, but I also put extra effort whenever there is a deadline associated with a given task and I personally enjoy it. Some of the activities or small projects led by me during school life and afterwards were accomplished well within the given timeframe. Basing on all these abilities, the employer is very likely to find me a good fit.
2.3. My Weaknesses as a Candidate
However, there are some areas that I have to improve. For example, I have good communication skills, but have to raise them to a level of excellence. I believe in teamwork and can perform excellently as a team member, but I have to develop the skill of building relationships. Apart from this, I have a passionate approach to working for Ford (as discussed above), but have very little knowledge about the behavior of their customer-base.
2.4. Improvement Plan
I have a plan to make thorough research to the company’s profile and its approach to segmentation and positioning. It will give me a clear idea about its target audience. Then, it will be handy to visit some of the online customer review websites to check how the company is serving the core needs of its customers, and how far it remains successful in this regard. It will also lead to the assessment of certain critical complaints held by the customers against the company. Hence, I will be able to make up my deficiency regarding the lack of knowledge about the company and its customers.
Then, I will try to improve my communication skills. For this purpose, I will join online community gathered on different social media platforms and messengers striving to achieve the same purpose, and will practice in conference. I will also make deep research on effective communication skills and the ways to utilize them. I will simultaneously be improving my ability to build relationships through my efforts to polish my communication skills.
3.0. CV and Cover Letter
3.1. Curriculum Vita

My CV for the job in question is presented below:

4.0. Reflection
5.0. Conclusion
The Curriculum Vita given above shows perfect match between my skills and that required for the job. It shows that I have a fair chance of getting selected for the underlying position. In addition to the CV, my cover letter is given as follows:
3.2. Cover Letter

Human Resource Manager,

Dear Mr. Employer,
It is grand knowing of your need for workers to occupy different workplace positions in your well-established and highly rated organization. With excellent match between the skills as required for the position and as possessed by me makes my candidature fully capable of seizing this wonderful opportunity. Throughout my educational career, I have been in the good books of my peers and lecturers, and want to continue this tradition as I move to my practical career.
Also, I have a dream to utilize my core skills to serve a company like Ford with vast customer-base and excellent approach to the business. Working for ford will be a milestone achievement and big confidence booster for me. On the basis of my passion and expertise, I hope to go beyond just meeting your expectation if I am given a chance.
Herewith enclosed is my resume that serves as an evidence of my suitability for the current vacant position. A highly favorable response from your side will be anticipated and awaited.

Thanking you,

I am going to submit the hard copy of my cover letter with CV enclosed to the address given by the employer with an expectation to be rated among some of the most prominently shortlisted candidates. Despite being equipped with all the tools in shape of qualification and expertise as required by the company, I will not let myself be overconfident. And, I have to prepare myself to make up deficiency in each of my weak areas.
4.0. Reflection
This section is to throw light on some of the goals defined by me on the basis of my assessment of the needs with regard to the work placement position. There are six goals in total out of which two are short term, two medium term, and remaining two are long term goals. Short term goals will cover the time span of up to level six, while medium term objectives extend to the completion of graduation. In the end, long term goals are defined for up to two years post-graduation.
4.1. Identification of Needs
As discussed earlier, I have to improve certain areas and polish some others to reach the highest level of my individual performance. My core need is to keep learning and improving. Being specific, I have to improve my communication skills and ability to build relationships. For these purposes, I will be working on a comprehensive set of strategies, which is discussed in detail in the following part of discussion.
4.2. Short Term Goals
In short terms, I associate two goals i.e. improve my communication skills and to grow into an inspirational personality. As for communication skills, I do not have to cover a very long distance; and therefore, I hope to make up my deficiency in it in short term. I do not have to work on basics as I already have a solid grip on them. I just have to take a step further and move to the next level of proficiency.
With this purpose in mind, I plan to do some short communication courses as well as join groups of people on social media and other forums helping one another to make improvement. I hope these activities will boost my confidence and add to my competitive advantage as an individual. To have a meaningful and effortless approach to it, I want to make my learning process as much interesting as I can.
My second short term goal is to come up with an inspirational personality. I will be working hard to bring my confidence level to the maximum heights. For this purpose, I will study the history of great employees who made tremendous growth in their career and earned name and fame on the basis of their insight, planning, and matchless approach to work. Then, I will try to develop the skills and perceptions of those legendary figures in myself. It will teach my how to face a puzzling situation as well as how to behave when everything is going in my favor. Following into the foot step of great men who raised their status to leadership from lower ranked employees and utilizing my specific skills, I hope to achieve an inspirational place in my field of study. Till I reach level six, I plan to study the history and make deep research on how great leaders came to be leaders. It will help me become a source of inspiration for others.
4.3. Medium Term Goals
Two of my medium term goals that are aimed to be achieved as I complete my graduation and these include: to have a solid grip on the industry knowledge and trends, and reach the highest level of productivity utilizing my full potential. To collect the information about industry, I will use my research skills. For this purpose, I will conduct interviews and online questionnaire to assess need of customers. Then, I will go through the study of what is being offered by the automotive companies to their customers. It will help me identify the gap and devise the ways to bridge that.
My second goal is also based on a generally agreed theoretical approach pioneered by Abraham Maslow. In the Maslow’s hierarchy (as also given below), it is clearly shown that the highest of an employee’s need is self-actualization, which refers to utilizing his full energy and maximum potential to accomplish a task.
(Kremer, and Hommond, 2013)
For this purpose, I will ensure my participation in each skill development programs and training sessions. Having gone through a proper procedure, I plan and hope to accomplish this objective within allocated time frame (by the end of graduation).
4.4. Long Term Goals
Apart from short term and medium term, I also have two long term missions. One of them is to develop my research skills, and another is to assert my position as a specialist in a particular field. To develop my research skills, I will study the techniques and methods utilized for this purpose. Having a grip on it will speed up the pace of my career growth. Basing on my exploratory skills, I will be able to hit the sweetest spots in all practical matters. It will also help me develop the most refined approach towards problem solving.
Furthermore, I never desire to be a “jack of all trades”, and want to assert my competency in one filed relevant to my interest. My experience and performance in different areas wherein I am given the opportunity to work will ultimately provide me a clear direction. Hence, I hope to reach the most appropriate conclusion in this context and emerge as a specialist in one specific field in the automotive industry in years to come. It is one of my core objectives.

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