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Best Definition of Economic, Cultural, and Technological Changes

Economic changes are one of the major transformations stirred by globalization in terms of influencing robust activities affecting the economic condition of a particular society, including employment, gross national or domestic product, purchasing power, inflation and interest rate, among others. Cultural changes are marked transformations in diverse facets affecting people’s ways of life. Finally, technological changes are dominant transformations in factors affecting tele-communications; including digital platforms and the online medium.
Expansion of how management information system (MIS) has had an impact on globalization, or discuss how globalization has led to changes in MIS
One strongly believes that the effect of MIS to globalization and vice versa is actually symbiotic. This means that any changes in factors contributing to increased preponderance for globalized activities have immediate impact on the MIS. Likewise, any transformations in MIS-related endeavors also contribute or influence endeavors on a more global sphere. According to Lawlor (2007), “innovation in information technology has been a major driving force behind globalization and that information technology has now become a key component of a corporation’s global business strategy” (p. 1). The statement corroborates the interrelated nature of MIS and globalization. However, the evolution of globalization was learned to have originated centuries ago before IT was even discovered. As such, IT becomes an important driver of globalization in contemporary times.

Response to Post 1

One agrees with the contention posted regarding the changes in MIS that impacted globalization. In fact, it was asserted that “information technology (IT) is a driving factor in the process of globalization” . Aside from the fall of the Berlin Wall, which was noted to have spurred globalization, other factors were clearly identified which traced the evolution of globalization to have originated in the late fifteenth century through circumnavigating the world . As such, trading, aiming to discover new worlds and the discovery of power were noted to be drivers of globalization . Therefore, it could be deduced that IT is a relevant driver of globalization in contemporary times; yet, the thrust for globalization has begun centuries ago when IT was still nonexistent.

Response to Post 2

The post focused on expounding on globalization which is deemed influential and contributory to changes in IT. The forces that were identified to have contributed to increased globalization, in addition to the fall of the Berlin Wall were clearly presented as follows: Netscape becoming public, networking (work flow sourcing), supply chaining, open sourcing, outsourcing, offshoring, in-sourcing, in-forming, and the steroids . As such, it could be confirmed that IT is just one of the significant drivers or forces for globalization. In the six processes of globalization mentioned by Lawlor (2007), it could be deduced that applications and IT related endeavors fall under one of the processes, to wit: “Intensification of the links, modes of interaction and flows that interconnect the world. Meaning, much more information is given to you at one time than ever before” (p. 4). More sophisticated hardware and software capabilities enabled facilitating global interactions which confirmed IT as a crucial force that spurred continued transformation in the globalized realm.


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