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Physic is the study of energy, substance and their mutual interaction. The said energy is taken from the motion, electricity, radiation, light or from anything like this. It addresses matters which range from sub-atomic particles to stars and to greater extent- entire galaxies.
In classical mechanics, Newton’s law of motion laid down the fundamentals. In these laws, Newton explained the interrelation between the forces and the body along with the motion which occurs due to the said forces. Kinematics is the subdivision of classical mechanics used to illustrate the movement of objects, groups of objects, and points without taking into account the reason for the motion. In thermal physics, the mutual study of three sub divisions of physics i.e. kinetic theory, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics is made.
Conservation principle for momentum is one of the most commanding laws of physics which states that the momentum of a system is pre-reserved. In this regard, energy and angular momentum is the evaluation of the amount of rotary motion an item has by considering its speed, mass and shape.
In physics, simple harmonic motion is a category of period motion in which there is a direct proportion in restoring force and displacement. The superposition principle also holds a vital position in physics which states that at a given time and place, the net response of two or more than two stimuli is the sum of two or more responses causing the stimulus individually.
Physics is incomplete without wave interference phenomenon which happens with the meeting of two waves traveling in the same medium. The basic properties of waves include amplitude (i.e. wave’s height is gauged in meters), wavelength (i.e. the distance between adjoining tops is gauged in meters), period (time to pass a specified end by one complete wave is gauged in seconds), frequency (i.e. in one second how many complete waves pass an end is gauged in Hertz), and speed (i.e. the flat speed of a spot on a wave as it transmits is gauged in meters/second). In this regard, a sound wave is a wave circulated as hearable mechanical displacement and pressure and it is circulated through a medium like water or air.

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