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Academic success is an essential tool in one’s life because it is closely linked with positive outcomes such as likelihood to secure better employment, receive high salaries, have health insurance and have high chances of being promoted. Educational researchers proudly accept that academic success leads to the development of one’s self-efficacy, self-esteem, and integrity. For students who would like to maintain steady academic success need to apply proper reading skills, apply appropriate content mastery strategies and manage time in a wise way (Hurst, 2010). Educational analysts have pointed out simple and yet influential mistakes which lead to the failure of students at all levels. For one to be assured of perpetual academic success, he must fulfill three important aspects; set goals and objectives, read widely and utilize time wisely. Therefore, this paper professionally puts together important skills necessary for academic success by giving real examples. In addition, it tries to identify how the writing process is crucial to academic success. Towards its end, this paper points out university sources are health for achieving academic success.

Setting Goals

Setting goal is a crucial tool that increases motivation in any academic journey. Without proper goals, students will lose direction and eventually fail terribly. Goals can be either long-term or short-term based, students should distinguish the two prior to setting their goals. Next, students should ensure that goals are tangible; they should write them down where they can always visit them. Statistically, over 60% of students fail not because the content was too difficult for them but because they failed to set the right goals. Firstly, learners need to understand reasons why they need to set academic goals. Is it that they admire to pass exams or gain knowledge which will enable them working effectively in their future career? Next, learners need to carry out analysis on the course content, required resources, complexity of the course and the available time to cover such content. In general, goals should always be SMART. Indeed, relevant goals need to specific, achievable despite stretching one’s ability, measurable in that the learner is capable of identifying what he has achieved. Goals are always time bound and relevant.
It is undeniable; goals are pillars of educational success. They give students directions on what they want to achieve either at the end of the term or course. It gives learners a road map on what content to cover, how they are going to tackle those concepts and what strategies they should employ in order to be successful. As an example, a student can set an educational goal that meets the above specifications (Zins, Weissberg, Wang, Walberg, & Goleman, 2004). The educational goal would include setting the grade that a learner will achieve at the end of his course. For instance, if it is mathematics course, the student will aim at scoring 75% and, therefore, he provide strategies for achieving that goal. Equally, career goal entails setting goals that enable learners pursue a certain career or improve one’s performance in the workplace. For example, an individual can decide to set a goal of accomplishing certain tasks within a certain period such as expanding his business or achieve the required quality by customers.

Writing process versus continuing academic success

As reading is essential, learning to write is. Educators discovered that learners needed to boost their writing skills like they do in reading. Indeed, this forms a recipe that equips one with skills of excelling in academic and career matters. Writing process, as per educators entails seven main stages; prewriting, peer editing, rough draft, revising, editing, final draft and finally, publishing (Urdan, 2001). Writing skills enable learners to come up with a good essay, crafted professionally and which carries no grammatical mistakes. Writing process enables students to communicate effectively with markers or their lecturers. Through research, it has been uncovered that most learners have good and strong points but fail simply because they lack skills of organizing the points in a paper. As a result, essay or paper crafted cannot communicate properly to their lecturers. Therefore, writing process enables students carry out research, craft a professional paper and advance his studies. In career matters, writing process is equally essential. At the workplace, workers and managers communicate officially through writing. Writing process enables workers to develop documents without ambiguity thus reducing miscommunications with the organization.

Importance of Ethical Lens Inventory information

Apart from knowledge, experience or skills which are essential to the workplace, having information concerning ethics, acceptable principles, and personal virtues is enough to make one an all-rounded individual. Information earned from Ethical Lens Inventory answers hot questions especially when individuals are making personal and organization decisions. It makes one consider three aspects before deciding; firstly, manners which entails how individuals treat immediate people in matters that have little consequence. Secondly, ethics which deals with matters of importance when relating to others. Thirdly, compliance to community laws when making decisions (Urdan, 2001). These three aspects are essential when individuals are making decisions. Ethical Lens inventory tries to eradicate personal benefit at the expense of others. In the end, an individual is ought to establish a framework for making better decisions through Ethical Lens Inventory.

Critical-creative Thinking skills

Great thinkers have developed clear stages which will enable individuals boost their critical thinking skills. Einstein, a great thinker, acknowledges that everyone has a thinking capacity, but most of it is undeveloped and dormant. Undeveloped and dormant aspects create a difference when it comes to thinking and making conclusions from the available premises. Firstly, improvement begins by accepting that the mind has a serious problem when it comes to thinking. Secondly, begin regularly practicing by using wasted time, reshaping innate character, dealing with ego, analyzing group influence and keeping in touch with emotions. Finally, learners need to internalize intellectual journals in every problem they handle.
There are arrays of resources in the university which are essential for boosting one’s academics. They are basically divided into two; general and books that are meant for specific subjects. Resources for specific careers are essential because they guide individuals towards a specific direction. For instance, learners taking the nursing course are more likely to understand tactics that are essential to acquiring of nursing skills. Some resources outside the universities are essential in that they provide a varied overview of what an individuals or learn should do to pass exams and excel academically (Hurst, 2010). Outside resources enable individuals to reflect on their studies from a wide vantage view and thus to boost their daily skills. However, an outside resource might mislead because some authors publish books without doing extensive research on the ideas they present.


One prime lesson I can learn as a student is that; setting SMART goals, thinking critically, possessing superb writing skills contributes a lot to the continuing academic success. It will make an individual move higher and higher in academic stares.


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