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GMO foods have been proven to have large quantities of trans fat among other foods. Health Canada (n.d) states that Canada has reduced the amount of fat intake in the past few decades, but the amount being taken is still too high. According to the Government of Canada (2013), a study conducted between 2009 and 2011 showed that Canadians aged 6 to 79 39% of the population had unhealthy levels of cholesterol. Huge amounts of fat in the diet leads to heart diseases. The person may also develop obesity and hypertension due to the cholesterol accumulating in their bodies (Public Health of Canada, 2009). Obese children have low self-esteem and in more than often would suffer from stress and low productivity.
When these citizens get sick, they overstretch the available healthcare services. Such increases the government expenditure on healthcare services. The government ought to protect the children from harmful substances by regulation the diet the children take in public schools. Such would make the government save money for other services. In addition, the children would have an improved self-esteem.
However, one can question the moral authority of the government. If the government allows the manufacturing of the foods, it would be hypocritical of the same government to ban the same food they allowed manufacturing. On the same note, children do not choose the type of food to consume. There is a responsible person who ought to make sure that the diet is balanced and does not have a lot of trans fat. It is, therefore, not the duty of the government to indulge itself in such matters since each school has leaderships that are responsible. Fat is good in the body of any person provided it is not in excess.

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GMO foods
According to the Library of Congress, Canada is the third largest producer of GMO food(s) in the world. GMO food is beneficial in various ways. Eating Ontario (2015), GMO crops grow well and often are resistant to most of the pests and disease. Therefore, the food produced is high in both quantity and quality. Therefore, many people can access food due to the scientific production of foods. In addition, natural catastrophes such as frost and drought do not affect GMO foods to a greater extend like the regulation crops. Due to this, farmers are sure of getting enough to feed the expanding populations. Further, the GMO foods have higher nutrients than the other ordinary crops. The production of GMO foods is higher per acreage. Such means that smaller portions of farms would lead to more food as opposed to the traditional approach. Moreover, the farms are easy to manage reducing the cost of production of food.
Whereas this is the case, there is a need for regulating the production and usage of GMO foods due to various reasons. First, the production of GMO foods involves the use of a lot of pesticides and herbicides. Arjun Walia (2014) quoting Aziz Aris and Samuel Leblanc (2012) noted that a study in Canada (the first that nature), found that some of the toxic pesticides and herbicides find their way into the bodies of fetal, maternal, as well as in non-pregnant women. Such a critical problem since it threatens the life of the mother and that of the unborn as well as the other non-pregnant mothers. GMO food may induce certain cancer, such as breast cancer through estrogen receptors. It would, therefore, be wrong for the government to fail to take stringent measures to control the production and consumptions of GMO foods.
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