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General introduction of different traits in persons, thesis statement.
Positive trait- Spirit of giving, the happiness associated with it
Negative trait- Hot headedness, the problems arising as result of being short tempered.
How to turn the negative energy into positive one
Conclusion- How we can become a better person

A person is known by his traits, characteristics, qualities, negative and positive aspects of

his character. His traits portrait the real picture of him, they show who he really is, what he was and what he can become depending upon the circumstances and his responses to them. Be it positive or negative, the qualities are the reflection of the person. The positive ones bring out his wiser and a calmer side, whereas the negative ones are the outcomes of his deep rooted indignations, insecurities, fears and failures. The positives show the brighter aspect, the negatives show the grey side. However, efforts, if made in the right directions and in a timely manner, can help a person tackle his negativities and bring out the best in him.
Like everyone else, I too have both positives and negatives in me. They are what make me who I am, they define the real me. Talking about the positives, I would say I have a true giving spirit. I am not saying that I sacrifice everything for others, definitely not. I am also a normal human being with desires and aspirations of my own, but I believe that the happiness we get when we give up something for someone is immense; it is beyond any verbal description. It is not necessary that the person has to be someone very close or dear, at times may be he is just a stranger, but the smile I can bring about on his face with a small gesture of mine is more special than the object that I have sacrificed for him. The pleasure I get on making someone else happy is way more than keeping the object for me. The sparkling eyes, the glittering smile and the whole hearted happiness of the others are indeed worth giving up any materialistic object of desire.
But then everyone is not perfect, nor am I. The worst thing in me I would say is my hot headedness. I am too short tempered, irritable and cranky at times. I can lose my temper at the drop of a hat. Although I don’t hold grudges for long, but I do become very aggressive and violent when angry. I say things, behave in ways that I regret later, but right at that point of time I feel helpless. I just can’t keep myself composed. I repent my emotional outbursts, feel guilty about them. But the harm has already been done by then; the consequent damage my actions and words have done to others can’t be repaired. I can only apologize, but the imprints it leaves on the minds of my near ones are deep and permanent.
As a responsible person, I want to behave in a more mature and a wiser way. I want to channelize this energy of mine which I have been wasting all along in becoming more and more of an aggressive person, in to doing something better and more fruitful for the people around me for their betterment, therefore doing some good not just for myself but for others too. I promise to myself that the next time I become aggressive over any matter I would keep quiet for some time, take deep breaths, go for a walk. There’s an orphanage nearby my house, I will walk up to the children there and spend some quality time with them or I will sit with my grandparents and have a few words with them. I am sure I will feel better afterwards. If I do these things, then not only me, but also the children at the orphanage will have someone to share the emptiness of their lives with, my grandparents will be delighted that their grandson could finally make out sometime of his life for them.
It is not that if someone is having some bad qualities then he becomes a bad person, on the contrary it is the situations that compel him to become so. It is totally up to him how he manages to combat those negativities in him and bring out the positive aspects amidst those qualities which can make him a better and a stronger person. Little effort, patience and perseverance can bring about the change and make him gem of a person.

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