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Technology has played a huge significance in our lives up to the current century we live in. Ever since technology came into existence as a result of few brilliant scientists, all it has sought to do is to simplify everything. As if that is not all, it is applied in most if not all the fields. In treatment, technology is used extensively to treat many diseases and even save lives. Take an instance of the intensive care unit of the hospital with all the children who are premature. They are put on life support which is run by an artificial intelligence program that maintains womb-like conditions in the artificial womb so that the child can survive. It will be unappreciative not to recognize the role played by technology in securing the future of the human race.


However, it is my wish to disagree and condemn technology. Technology is bad in many ways, and one of them is that it has completely evolved human beings. The traditions that the humans upheld in high owner as the foundation of great nations is disappearing fast, and the world’s moral stature is diminishing. My fear is that soon right and wrong will be defined on new grounds and those grounds will not be favorable. Technology has shrunk the world into a ‘global village’ modifying cultures all around. Morality is at its lowest and technology is the driving factor. As technology advances, the world becomes more and more connected, and the world’s culture is unified into one. The internet is being used to spread all kinds of things that in the past a child is not allowed to squint at. Today, a child knows more than what their parents are aware of at a tender age.
Technology is important for the survival of the human race. However, it is human nature to go ahead and overdo things till they are a danger to us. It is clear that technology has evolved so fast within the hands of humans that it is now a force of its own. From simplicity to complexity that cannot be underestimated. In the current century, the humans are trying to develop a machine that can think on its own. For instance, Elon Musk with combined efforts of the movie actor, Ashton Kutcher, are trying to develop a functioning artificial brain. Well, you may ask yourself what the artificial brain is for and then you realize the robots are also to be given brains of their own. On this note, I think that is going too far. A robot that can think is not something that is to be taken lightly. It is similar to taking the lion from the top of the food chain where it basks and dumping it over at the bottom where it is to be fed on. In a nutshell, technology is bad.
Technology evolving is a threat and giving it a brain is making the situation worse. Many scientists are predicting ‘judgment day’ which they describe as the time when machines will take over from the slow thinking humans. An engineer at Google, Ray Kurzweil calls this point in time the ‘singularity’ and predicts using the method based on Moore’s exponential growth that it will happen around 1945. He is not the only one as Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking feel the same way. It may be a far-fetched idea but when you come to terms with the level of advancement that is being done every day, it becomes a worry. A machine is generally made to be accurate and optimizes the best solution for every problem it is given to solve. Giving it a brain is giving it an upper hand over us humans. Giving it the same brain is removing it from our grasp as we lose the control we had over it.
Of course, this idea has always been thought of as far-fetched and brushed over our shoulders in passing. Despite various contributions on the same by various prominent icons such as Bill Gates, it has all been considered impossible. It is considered something that has no chance of happening. People are always hiding behind the fact that they wish to make the life of every human much easier. A simple life in which technology simplifies every aspect of it. This is the argument that everyone wants to believe and has always blinded everyone from seeing things in from a philosophical perspective. The fact that technology has been a high contributor to many fields be it transport, health, etc. drives people to believe that there is no chance that it can turn on us. Part of that is true because it is evident what technology has done for us. In our learning institutions, learning is easier with people learning from the comfort of their homes or even at their work place. There is no longer the need for chalk and black boards anymore.
A second factor that disputes the earlier argument is the fact that technology has become a pillar in the lives of human beings. It is the wheels that life today is being driven on, and no one is willing to listen to anything that may soil the reputation of technology. One can imagine waking up one day and technology is not there. Life can easily go back from being the advanced one we have today to the stone-age we left billions of years ago. In fact, technology is what marks the advancement man has made all those years. Without technology, there is little that can show how advanced we are. On this note, it is harder to convince anyone on the negative side technology has. Economies in the world today are well dependent on technology, and the fact that technology could go against the human race could destroy economies. The level at which technology is now should remain the same. Over-ambition is what may lead to the destruction of us all.


Technology has all the right to remain among us because, in itself, it means no harm to us. The fact that human beings wish to over-indulge themselves in playing God by going over the limits is what holds potential harm to us. Ambition should be kept within limits, and curiosity left alone before it spells out our end. Far-fetched or not, it is better to be ready than be caught off your guard, right? Therefore, the plea, in this case, is not to terminate advancement in technology but rather to keep human ambition out of the way.

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