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Article 1. Bedilu Borena

Climate system consists of four components, which are atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere. Continents are situated on plates which move. The movement is caused by deep volcanic eruption, so human cannot generally influence geosphere.

Article 2. Dana Bundy

There is a set of procedures to be done in order the climate system works. It is composed of the Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Cryosphere (ice layers ), Litosphere and Biosphere. Pedosphere is one in which all creatures live. It develops when all other spheres interact.

Article 3. Sabin Shrestha

Climate system is an interactive system consisting of five components. Atmosphere is an envelope of gasses surrounding Earth, Hydrosphere consists of all water on the planet, Cryosphere is ice and glaciers, Biosphre is system of all living creatures.

Article 4. Shaun Richards

Climate change can cause health problems, increase smog, and heat waves, spread of infectious diseases, water sources in some areas can drought.

Article 5. Yabina Amatya

United Nation Environmental Programme established Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It onsists of three working groups. They collect data about Earth’s climate system, analyze it and offer different ways to resolve consequences of climate change.

Article 6. Jillian Eckert

IPCC was formed in 1988 and it observes climate change through the world. The governments of many countries are involved and verify the information and findings of the scientists.

Article 7. Zaid Alanzy

Clouds have influence on climate as well. They transfer heat, fog, rain, , drizzle, snow and hail. Clouds are partially made of water and climate system is determined by clouds.

Article 8. Yubina Amatya

Water has three states, liquid, gas and solid. Water covers 70% of world surface and only 2,5% is fresh water and it is even decreasing. Global warming may decrease its amount.

Article 9. Luka Jordan

Earth has annual water budget. The return of water from atmosphere to land is via precipitation, condensation and deposition. The water budget can be calculated with help of formulas.

Article 10 . Alene Camp

Climate change cannot be stopped. It is already happening and has impact on people’s lives. We are trying to understand climate change and prevent its negative impact. Only reduction of CO2 emissions will bring about a long -term solution to the problem caused by climate change.

Article 11. Yubina Amatya

Climate change influence health and cause diseases. ‘World Medical Association’, ‘Practice Green Health’, and other health organizations have studied the relationship between health care and climate change.

Article 12.

As with climate change temperature and nature changes, it has great influence on humans’ lives and health. New diseases can appear, new insects which spread diseases, well-being of people may become worse, amount of fresh water decreases.

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