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The aging community is on the rise and apart from the chronic diseases, the seniors have to deal with other issues like memory loss, dealing with wrinkles and looks and keeping pace with the fast life around. Chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer set in. The increasing population of the aged also means that the health care costs will increase. However, the health of the aging population can be preserved and aging delayed by promoting healthy lifestyles as well as improving the use of clinical preventive services (Keeping the Aging Population Healthy).
The aging populations also have to deal with diet quality and nutrition issues. There has been an ongoing research on caloric restriction and how it impacts the longevity as well as age-associated diseases. The dietary habits need to change with aging. After all, one becomes less active as they age, and the metabolism slows down. As the requirement for the energy slows down, it means that the older population need to eat less. The older adults need nutrients that can be easily absorbed by their bodies. It is very essential to maintain a nutrient-rich diet for older adults because of the direct impact of food on health. Research indicates that a quality diet carries a major positive effect on physical condition of the older people and improves their cognitive condition, bone health, and the immune system (Institute of Medicine (US) Food Forum).
However, it is very challenging to devise the right diet for the aged, and things are not that simple as they look. A common reason is that aging is often accompanied by a change in taste as well as a loss of appetite. Thus, it may lead to a lower intake of healthful foods and limited choices in food. The general oral health decline is another issue, and older people have trouble chewing the food. This can further limit their food choices and intake. The consequence can lead to lower nutrition in their diet. Moreover, lower mobility and low income is quite prevalent in aging populations. This makes it all the more difficult for the older adults to get access to high-quality foods.
One of the essential aspects to look into for the aging population is to make sure that they are getting a healthy diet. Most of the older adults are not getting sufficient nutrients. A good dietary intake for them should be made of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, etc. An improved dietary variety is linked to an improved dietary variety that can lead to better health outcomes in the weaker and expanding older population. The challenge remains to get good quality foods for this population.
Regular physical activity and a good diet can contribute greatly to the fitness and health in older age groups. Later life need not mean struggling with health. According to the projections by the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2030, the number of people aged over 65 will double. At least more than two-thirds of current costs in health care costs are used treating illnesses among the older population. By paying attention to the lifestyle and the dietary habits of the aged, one can bring significant changes in their health. Healthy aging would mean improving, preserving and optimizing health across the lifespan, and enjoying a good quality of life even in later years.
Product category Lamiaceae family has long been known for its flavor and medicinal properties. The herbs such as Basil, rosemary, mint have been commonly used in the kitchen and carry sharp fragrance. The aromatic herbs have been always popular for their flavors, and their oils carry medicinal properties (Retief). Because of their potent pharmacological activities and antioxidant activity, Lamiaceae herbs have been researched upon in the recent scientific studies. Rosemary oil is well known for its antimicrobial and antioxidant activities and has been commonly used in cosmetics, medicine, and flavoring foods. The Mediterranean species is well-known for its sharp fragrance (Lamiaceae).
Today, yogurt is easily available in the market and plentiful of flavors. One can get plain yogurt or add flavors of their choice. It would be easier to add Rosemary oil, extract or powder to yogurt and increase the nutritive value of the product. One can even add nuts, fruits, and cereals to the yogurt with Rosemary and make it healthier. As for those aging adults with almost no teeth, they can take plain yogurt. The nuts can lower the high cholesterol by about 20% and cut down the risk of high blood pressure. Yogurt can easily have by any generation, and one can develop healthy eating habits from an early age. (Best Foods for Your Anti-Aging).
Rosemary, the fragrant herb tastes good in culinary dishes and is a rich source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B6. It is easy to use Rosemary as it can be dried and made into a powdered extract. Its oil or extract can be easily missed in the yogurt and consumed by the aged groups. It boosts the immune and circulatory system and improves memory, as it is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Research shows that Rosemary helps in neutralizing harmful particles called free radicals as it is rich in antioxidants. It is known to improve indigestion, and this is really useful in the older population. Scientists have found that rosemary is good for improving memory and concentration and is also good for your brain. It contains carnosic acid that is useful in fighting off free radical damage in the brain. Thus, it can prevent brain aging and can prove to be useful for the aging population.
Already yogurt is very popular among the masses and can be easily consumed anywhere. It can bought and stored in the freezer and used as per convenience. Moreover, one can add their own seasonings and ingredients to the plain yogurt to increase the nutritive value. It will be very simple and easy to introduce the product in the diet of the aged. However, one should recognize that as it is a dairy product, it should be stored properly in the fridge or a freezer.
The product category that will suit the needs of the aged population best is yogurt. Reports claim that yogurt rich in calcium and contain “good bacteria”. While calcium can keep away osteoporosis, the good bacteria can help maintain a good health in the gut. The calcium and fortified vitamin D present in the dairy food is very essential for strong bones. The yogurt can be made at home easily and from the low-fat milk. One can get plenty of choices in soy milk, almond milk, etc. Moreover, it is easy for the older population to consume yogurt.

Manufacturing process/Recipe:

The manufacturing product is based on yogurt which is a diary product. Other ingredients are added to give the yogurt color and flavors, as required. The ingredients include milk, sugars, stabilizers, rosemary extract or powder, plus a bacterial culture. The basic manufacturing process includes pasturing the milk, fermenting the warm temperatures, cooling, sugar, and other ingredients. The composition of the milk is modified before it is changed into yogurt. The fat content needs to be reduced, and the solid content increased. Increasing the solid content will increase the nutritive value of the yogurt. The standard content of the milk for manufacturing yogurt is 1-5% fat, 11-14% solids-not-fat and solids content is about 16%. This is achieved by evaporation and adding concentrated milk powder. The milk substance needs to be fermented until it gets changed to yogurt.
The other ingredients like fruits, cereals and flavorings are added to the yogurt before packaging. The choice of raw materials and other ingredients will affect the quality of the end product. As Cow milk is considered to be best, the yogurt preparation will use the cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is nutrient-dense and carries 3 to 4 percent fat. Buffalo milk should be avoided as it carries a very high-fat content (Yogurt Manufacturing). Yogurt with different flavors and aromas have become very popular. The Rosemary extract and flavors will be added at or just prior to filling into pots. Minimum sugars will be used and to add a variety to the finals products, honey, and lemon will be added to one batch while the others will have added nuts, cereal and fruits. Saccharin or aspartame is added to the low or no sugar yogurts.
The proportion of fat in the final yogurt is essential, and the normal range is from 0.5% to about 3.5%. However, one can manufacture yogurts with fat content as low as 0%. Many customers prefer higher fat content because it lends a creamier taste to the yogurt. As we are making the yogurt for the seniors and aging population, the fat content will be kept low. The ratio of making the yogurt with rosemary flavor will be kept at using one spoon of the extract or powder for 4 cups of yogurt(Yogurt).
The composition of the milk is checked and modified before making the yogurt. The fat content is reduced, and the total solids increased.
After the adjustment of the solids composition, the milk is pasteurized, and any microorganisms that delay the fermentation process are removed. The milk is heated to 185° F and held there for 30 minutes. Homogenization starts at the same time, and fat globules are broken to create a smoother and creamier, as well as a uniform product.
The milk is cooled and the fermentation culture with a concentration of about 2% is added at a temperature between 109.4-114.8° F. The temperature is held for three to four hours to allow the bacteria to metabolize and create the characteristic yogurt flavor.
It is time to add Rosemary extract or powder along with other additives and varieties such as nuts, honey or lemon. The fruits and flavors need to be added to the containers first, forming a bottom layer first. The finished yogurt is packed in containers and placed in cardboard cases, and then refrigerated.
The shelf life of yogurt will depend on a variety of factors such as the preparation method, date and how it has been stored. Yogurt can last from 1 or 2 weeks in refrigerator and 1-2 months in the freeze. The yogurt cup size will be available in the family pack of 500 ml and smaller cups of 100 ml. Moreover, the containers and cups will be made of Food grade plastic.

Health Claim

The product name is based on Rosemary as it make use of the ingredient. The plain yogurt with Rosemary flavor will be called Rosemary Yogurt while the one with lemon and honey can be called Rosemary-Yogurt+ Lemon or Rosemary-Yogurt+ Honey. Accordingly, other variations can be called Rosemary-Yogurt+ fruits or Rosemary-Yogurt+ nuts. As the products is soft, it can be easily taken by the older population and moreover, Yogurt is very easy to digest and keep the stomach area healthy. The health benefits of yogurt are so remarkable that even the younger vernation and health-conscious people are making it a daily habit to consume yogurt in some form. Addition of Rosemary to the yogurt only adds to its multiple health benefits.
Rosemary is known to carry a high antioxidant activity because of its primary chemical ingredients, such as carnosol, carnosic acid, diterpenes, rosmarinic acid and caffeic acid along with the essential oil components (Rašković et al.). The phenolic diterpenes in Rosemary consist of carpools and flavonoids such as genkwanin, cirsimaritin, homoplantaginin as well as triterpenes such as ursolic acid. However, it is the Carnosic acid and carnosol that form the main antioxidant compounds which are known to carry anticancer properties (Borrás-Linares et al.).
Rosemary extract carries an amazing activity to scavenge free radicals and offers protection against ionizing radiation. Rosmarinic acids, phenolic diterpenes and caffeic present in flavonoids prevent oxidative DNA damage and lipid peroxidation (Maris et al.). It is known to offer relief for digestion problems and get rid of gallbladder complaints. It keeps the high blood pressure under control and improves age-related memory.
Research shows that rosemary contains no cholesterol and is rich in dietary fiber. Just a little amount of the herb gives one the amount of vitamin A they need for the day and keep the vision healthy. Thus, it could be very beneficial for the aging population in keeping their eyesight healthy. Fresh Rosemary leaves can be added to the yogurt as they are the rich source of vitamin C and will boost immunity. Moreover, the herb in any form is rich in B vitamins that are very important for DNA and RNA repair. It carries several therapeutic effects and takes care of many disorders and diseases in the older population.
A recent study has shown that rosemary made significant improvements in the quality of memory and also improved mood and alertness. The herb can induce significant beneficial effect on memory and thus improve their cognitive function. Rosemary is rich in nutrients such as Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, etc., whether fresh or dried or added as an ingredient. Potassium control heart rate and blood pressure while the body needs Manganese as a cofactor for superoxide dismutase, the antioxidant enzyme. As it is an invaluable source of iron, it improves the hemoglobin component, thus increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
Rosemary contains no cholesterol, and thus the humble herb is simply the right choice as an ingredient to add to the yogurt for consumption by the aging population, as well as the younger generation. It is noteworthy for its various health benefits.
Nutrition Label – Real yogurt and 100% pureServing size: 1 cup = 100 mlAmount per serving: 1Calorie: 120 caloriesFat: 4% Calcium: 40%Iron: 10%Fiber: 5%Vitamin A: 17%Vitamin B: 10%Vitamin C: 12%Potassium: 5%Cholesterol: 0%
Marketing and competition The marketing strategy for the Rosemary Yogurt needs to be simple and direct. A plus point is that the Yogurt sales have shown steady sales over the year, and this points to the consumers demand for healthier snack alternatives. Rosemary Yogurt is non-fat and made from all-natural ingredients. The customers that are targeted are the older generation and with age groups -60 to 80. However, the marketing and advertisement needs to get across all age groups so that they can make the product available for the seniors in their family.
Already there are plenty of unique flavors available in yogurt, and the competition is going to be tough. What works in favor of the Rosemary Yogurt is that is meant for the senior population and the aged and aims at improving their health. As the shelf life of Yogurt ranges from 2 weeks to a month, the ingredients and other products will be bought from local suppliers and sold within a 100-mile radius, to maintain the freshness of the product. Special arrangements will be made to store the yogurt containers.
Advertising can be done following the traditional means and using the internet. To begin with, free samples can be placed at local stores, community grounds, churches, fairs, etc. The older people need to know about the health benefits of yogurt, as well as Rosemary. Just having a small cup of Rosemary Yogurt can take care of the countless aging problems they are likely to face, such as higher blood pressure, cholesterol, lack of digestions, etc. The yogurt flavored with Rosemary, or with added fruits and nuts is a lot healthier as compared to regular yogurt. It contains less sugar, very low fat and relatively low in calories. All those aspects need to be talked about in the advertisements.
Emails can be sent to the local population, talking about the healthy Rosemary Yogurt and its variations. A colorful banner with an attractive message in the banners or pamphlets is sure to grab attention. Special health benefits of rosemary and how its high antioxidant activity can help people during their senior years need to be clear. Older people would show keen interest as they would like to delay their aging process, get rid of digestion problems and improves memory. Sales people can go and make personal visits to the residences of the aged people, give them free samples for a week and educate them about the health benefits of Rosemary Yogurt. Rosemary is rich in vitamin C, B vitamins, and vitamin A. It will be easier to make sales ounce the targeted clients can understand the numerous therapeutic effects of Rosemary Yogurt.
Families with little kids and seniors are likely to show interest in the Rosemary Yogurt. This would make an excellent choice in place of other snacks. The younger generation too can enjoy the food product as it would make a very satisfying and healthy choice. A survey can be done and interview the consumers of the Rosemary Yogurt. The survey should point out the exact information one is looking for. It should talk about if the consumer likes the taste of the product, understands the health benefits of the Rosemary and Yogurt, and finds the quality and quality of the product satisfying. The participants can elaborate on points for improvements. The survey can identify the weaknesses in the product, its marketing and the areas with scope for improvement. These surveys can be held online or face to face.
In order to achieve a continuous growth in profit, the prices need to be kept competitive and keep the marketing costs well within budget. Total costs are made of production costs, labor costs, marketing costs, distribution costs, etc. Yogurt shops with fresh yogurt have mushroomed in metropolises, and Dannon and Chobani are the leading yogurt suppliers. The trend of fresh yogurt is fast spreading across the globe. Consumers can be asked to sign online and register to get free coupons and watch out for special promotions and sales. The price of the leading suppliers is about 1-2 dollars per cup. In order to keep the price competitive, it can be kept at one dollar for the 100 ml cup and 4 dollars for the family pack of 500 ml.
Although there are plenty of Yogurt products in the market that are plain and flavored, there are very few that focus on the senior population and none with Rosemary. Thus, the competition may be lower but at the same time, it will be risky too. The consumers need to be made well aware of the health benefits of Rosemary first and how consuming the Rosemary Yogurt can improve their health in the senior years. The plus point is that Rosemary carries pleasant flavor and taste and is already used in many recipes at home. Thus, the consumers are already well aware of the ingredient. A recipe book can be given along with the product that can tell the customers as to how they can customize the Rosemary Yogurt, by adding nuts and fruits of their choice.
Yoplait, Dannon, Chobani, and Stonyfield are some of the major players in the yogurt industry. They offer a huge variety of creamy, low-fat, high protein yogurts made from simpler and natural ingredients. Consumers can pick from their favorite yogurt with their choice of flavors and ingredients. One can find the huge range in flavors in yogurt such as Chocolate, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, granola, banana, apples, mango, peach, pomegranate, raspberry, blueberry and many more, etc. These yogurt products carry health benefits.
The yogurt market enjoys a high household penetration but faces the challenge to offer great value to consumers in a price-competitive market. There is a continuous need to expand a product range and offer customers a larger range of products. Rosemary Yogurt has an advantage as it is specifically targeted for the aged population and with specific health benefits. The market share is dominated by a couple of brands, and there is room for a new product for the aging population. Rosemary Yogurt will try to succeed in the market by selling a fresh, high-quality product that exceeds the expectations of the customer. The prime focus will be on the local market and raise brand awareness.
The wonderful smell of rosemary has always been associated with good food, and the customers are likely to develop a liking for the Rosemary Yogurt. What will make the platform less competitive is when the customer will get educated on how the product will boost their immunity, stimulate the immune system, and improve digestion. It will improve memory and reduce the severity of asthma attacks. This is a delicious and smarter choice for the seniors in the family.

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