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March, 22
Conflict Paper
We have various conflicts every day, with random people, with our friends and family. One may say that at least once on our lives conflicts impact our relationship with our nearest and dearest .We all come across at least one incident in our lives that challenges when it comes to the word conflicts fact in friendship or relationship it’s a conflict between oneself and another person or one and society. By writing this paper it will show a conflict in my life that has to be analyzed and examined. The conflict happened one month ago when I was in a tough position to decide whether if I should get back to my ex or I should not.
Obviously, each person had to deal with conflict situations. Conflicts occur in the activities of all social institutions, social groups, in relationships between people. It is nothing strange about that. Life is the process of solving an infinite number of conflicts. Man cannot avoid them. He may decide to participate in decision-making or to leave it to others. Therefore, the head, and every cultured person must have at least a basic understanding of conflict, ways of behavior when it occurs. In addition, as soon as there is a conflict, and it is always associated with emotions, we begin to feel discomfort, tension, which may even lead to stressful situations, thereby causing injury to the conflict.
Frankly speaking, at first, such conflict was only in my head, as I could not adopt a decision on such issue. However, later, I decided that my friends should help me, as they knew me and my ex-girlfriend very well. Unfortunately, they could not agree either on what should I do. Plenty of reasons were given; a lot of pros and cons were told. On the one hand, it was clear that I should not get back with my ex, as there was a reason why we broke up. I clearly understood that, so did my friends. On the other hand, she was a dear person for me, and I still had feelings for her. Such inner conflict was awful, it tore me apart. To be honest, it was hard for me to resolve this conflict, as a lot of emotions and human elements were involved.
At the end, I decided to talk with my ex-girlfriend face-to-face and together tried to think what we both wanted. Frankly speaking, it was not a very good idea, as word by word, we started to revealing examples from our shared past, all the fights and disagreements popped out. In a nutshell, we had a run-in with each other, and it goes without saying, decided not to become a couple once more. All in all, I think that was a right thing to do, as people should not get back with their ex-girlfriends\boyfriends or husbands and wives.
It is very important to take this conflict apart, and to identify what type of conflict it was. Undoubtedly, one may say that at first, it is possible to say that this conflict could be constructive, as it could lead to positive results for both sides of this conflict. However, this very case was an example of destructive conflict, as it ignored the real problems between the conflicting sides. Due to the lack of adequacy and empathy, it was impossible to resolve this conflict peacefully.
As a matter of fact, I tried to use technique of compromising, to somehow resolve the issue and to find a common ground for both of us. To achieve it can be recommended technique of open conversation, which is that: proposition to stop the conflict; admit our mistakes already made in the conflict, we probably have and recognize them for you almost worthless; to make concessions to an opponent, where possible, that the conflict is not the main thing. In any conflict, you can find a few small things, in which it is easy to give up. I believe, that every single conflict can be resolved with the help of compromise, if every single party of this conflict wants this conflict to be resolved. Compromise means incorporation of people, to achieve something that is appropriate for everybody involved in conflict. To be honest, I did my best in order to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, all my efforts were in vain, and the results were not positive.
Hence, it is possible to conclude, that some issues cannot be resolved due to different reasons. It might be the unwillingness of somebody to meet somebody half-way or simply nolition of resolve this conflict. Unfortunately, the conflicts are decided by force, often even tenser situation, thus making it very hard to find a right solution.

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