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Obviously, art is like an unknown language for the majority of society. Everything should be learned and respected in order to become famous and well-known. It is evident that one needs to be well-educated and competent in case he/she wants to understand the specific features of art or architecture. It is necessary to take into account the fact that any kind of activity requires certain skills and also the knowledge that you gain while studying the subjects of interest. However, each person has an identical comprehension and interpretation of it. The thing is that all people differ from each other, and, that is why, they cannot create in their heads the same understanding of certain things; our thoughts and decisions are often dissimilar; consequently, there are many viewpoints on the matter of the same thing. One should understand the fact that this trustworthy facts matter a lot while speaking about the realization of judging art from different viewpoints.
Apart from the abovementioned assertion about absolutely different attitude towards peculiar dimensions, it is worth taking into consideration the existence of numerous art directions, which basically enable its representatives to cope with uncovering the essence in a preferred way. Analyzing the tendencies within the area of modern art, one cannot but encounter the prevalence of such movements as formalism, expressionism, realism, modernism, and post-modernism. Considering each of these terms, it is necessary to be aware that the artworks of each art movement are characteristic of particular traits. In order to understand the way the artworks represent each term and visa versa, it is necessary to conduct a survey of the selected artists and emphasize how they view their artworks.

The first artist to analyze is Piet Mondrian and his formalistic painting “Composition with red, yellow blue and black.”

Considering the current painting, it is worth saying that the artist did his best in order create a visual balance in the artwork. The thing is that the term formalism incorporates absolutely formal elements, which are used to represent the composition of color and lines. Piet Mondrian’s masterpieces are filled up with purity. Undoubtedly, he creates everything with the special technique of uniqueness. It seems that he puts his heart and soul into his projects and as the result the paintings become the worldwide masterpieces. All these manners reflect strength of his works. The visual aspects that one can eyewitness while considering the given painting demonstrate the perceptual dimensions different from social or historical backgrounds; that is the component characteristic of formalism.

Another artist to discuss is Edward Much and his famous painting “The Scream”.

In accordance with Edward Much, the vision of the world drastically changes depending on how we interpret the human body. The secret technique helps him to quickly understand the society that surrounds him and give quick response to it. Creative fluidity can’t exist in a closed person. It must go with an open thinking, and must always be ready to get inputs from outside world. Analyzing the given painting, it becomes apparent that the artist managed to disclose his subjective perspective; the emotional aspect is obviously the key component of this artwork. In accordance with the composition of the discussion painting, the expressionist is likely to draw attention to expressing emotional feelings and definitely not the physical aspect.

The third artist to make mention of is Gustave Courbet and his painting “Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet”.

Analyzing the given picture, it is possible to conclude that the artist paid attention to describing the trustworthy reality of our life. To be precise, realism emerges to be aimed at describing the objects in a very precise and accurate manner. The appearance of the chosen objects appears as the key element of this art movement. Considering the abovementioned painting, it is necessary to admit that the artist was focused on highlighting the details of quite ordinary things such as, for example, the hat, the stick, etc. It is clear that the representatives of realism consider their artworks as the tools to reflect a solely usual perspective.
The fourth artist to analyze is Hans Hofmann; it is the representative of art modernism and his picture “The Gate” occurs as a great example of this art movement.
Hans Hoffmann is the artist by nature. In other words, it is mainly not about studying in the university but appreciating the willingness to elaborate some new mechanisms within the sphere of painting. This is the person desiring to improve his own abilities to perceive the modern means of creating the artworks. Although until a big number of masterpieces during his life, he trained himself as a strong personality, who can look at things through the alembic of fancy.
Analyzing the given picture, it is clear that the artist was targeted on utilizing the experiments in order to alter the ordinary stereotypes with regards to the form of the objects. The discussion art movement is aimed at using new techniques so as to pay attention to, for instance, the materials that the artists prefer while painting. Evidently, the representatives of art modernism relied on the new mechanisms of perceptual process. Usually, the artworks belonging to art modernism are full of extraordinary background.

The last master to consider is the painter Marcel Duchamp with his photograph “Fountain”.

Analyzing the given artwork, it is worth saying that there are many signs of post-modernism. The thing is that the basic components of post-modernism emerged as the result of contradicting the concept of modern art. As for the selected artwork, one should take into account the fact that it encloses the traits of performance art, which occurs as the characteristic of postmodern art. Obviously, the photograph contains some hidden context that can hardly see; however, it does not make the composition worthy of nothing. Postmodern art emerges as the bridge between the impartial perception of subjectively indicated objects.
The overriding peculiarity of modern art is pluralism in styles and movements, caused by the freedom of expression. Formalism, expressionism, realism, modernism, and post-modernism are only some of numerous existing trends of Modern Art. For instance, artists’ hyperbolized attention towards the content of the painting is peculiar to the trend of Naturalism. This trend developed into Abstractionism. Intense expressiveness is a typical feature of Expressionism. Surrealism is characterized by versatility and unusualness of its works. Modern art painters considered that contemporary’s life chaos sharpens a person’s sense of loneliness, because hostile reality is fearful. For instance, the “father” of Cubism, Pablo Picasso, paid much attention to geometrical forms, widely applying the principle of asymmetry. What is more, artists conveyed the vision of life’s absurdity in their artworks. Modern art is mysterious. It merely hints at the content, it is highly symbolic.
Any piece of art speaks volumes through the message that it conveys. Sociopolitical art looks for a feedback from the viewers. The artwork spurs a viewer to ponder over the question that is raised in the painting. It is apparent that the five abovementioned terms occur as the complete art movements possessing particular characteristics. The representatives of these art movements are inevitably dissimilar in terms of reflecting their reality. The thing is that each artist has his own unique technique; however, apart from uniqueness, there are also the frames of art movement that each artist is considered to belong to. Despite the fact that the artists are not obliged to strictly obey particular ideology, they create their artworks within certain limits making its creative activity characteristic of peculiar traits.

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