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The paper looks at the negative impacts of smoking and how it can usher in all those deadly diseases in one’s lives if they are not careful. Every year, cigarette smoking salad to hundreds and thousands of deaths, and it remains one of the major causes of death and illness worldwide. In spite of awareness and education, smoking remains a major health issue for the society.


You may be exercising daily and eating healthier portions of food, feeling proud that none of that junk food goes inside your body. However, if you regularly smoke, then all those healthy efforts hold little value. The message is strong and clear that smoking is bad for you and your body. And, if your smoke regularly, those who live with you or work next to you also raise the health risks for themselves. Most people are aware that smoking is not good for health. However, most of them are not aware as to what other illnesses can smoke lead to and the negatives of smoking.
The chemical compounds in cigarettes What is it about cigarettes that add to health risks? There are over 4000 chemical compounds as well as 400 toxic substances in the cigarette. When one smokes a cigarette, the temperature is 60°C in the core and 700°C at the tip. The different chemicals are broken down into different toxins because of the heat. When the cigarette burns, the residues of the chemical burnt get accumulated towards the butt. These residues are carcinogenic in nature and can lead to cancer. Moreover, the nicotine present in the cigarettes is highly addictive and may have side effects. The carbon monoxide in the cigarette smoke lowers the oxygen in the body. The extent of damage caused by smoking will depend on the number of cigarettes one smokes, if the cigarette carries a filter and how the tobacco has been made (Macnair, 2015).
Most smokers carry certain expectancies that smoking can bring certain wanted or undesired personal consequences. There are beliefs that smoking relaxes one and improves their mood or make one more sociable. Such beliefs are the result of associative learning and can influence the behaviour. One of the most popular expectancies is that nicotine can create desirable emotional consequences. Studies show that smokers who carry high NRSOE or negative reinforcement smoking outcome expectancies are more vulnerable to experiencing negative affects due to deprivation of nicotine and a higher risk of relapse (Robinson et al., 2012).

The Risks Due To Smoking

Smoking can lead to serious effects and can harm almost every organ of the body. One in every five deaths in the United States happens because of smoking.Smoking can cause Cancer As compared to those who do not smoke, the smokers are more likely to get cancer, especially of throat, lungs, and mouth. There is a clear link between smoking and lung cancer, and majority of the lung cancers have been traced to smoking. Heavy smokers consume more than 15 cigarettes a day and are most likely to get lung cancer. Other kinds of cancer that commoner in smokers are cancer in oesophagus, bladder, kidneys, cervical and pancreas.
Smoking can cause pulmonary disease Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a used condition related to lungs and breathing. Here, Chronic means long-term and not severe. Smoking is responsible for 80 percent of COPD. It can lead to emphysema, where damage to the microscopic air sacs causes breathlessness. Smoking can cause inflammation in the airway tubes, narrowing them, thus leading to cough and bronchitis. Lung damage because of COPD can be permanent (Macnair, 2015).
Smoking can weaken immune system Smoking weakens the immune system and thus raises risk factor for autoimmune diseases. Thus, those who smoke are likely to catch respiratory infections easily. Other autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis are found to be more common in smokers.
Smoking can weaken the bones Recent studies have shown as direct link between decreased bone density and use of tobacco. Smoking weakens the bones and thus increases the risks for osteoporosis. People with osteoporosis are likely to get more fractures. Older women and men who smoke experience a significant bone loss (Effects of Smoking on Your Health, 2015).
Smoking and impotence Research done on men in their 30s and 40s has shown that smoking raises the risk of erectile dysfunction by about 50 %. Thousands of men suffer from ED because of smoking. The blood vessels in the penile area have to be in good condition so as to let a free flow of blood. Smoking can damage the blood vessels and thus hamper the flow of blood, thus making it difficult to achieve an erection.
Other negative effects of smoking Smoking can decrease the hormone estrogen level in the body, thus leading to earlier menopause. Smokers are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes as compared to nonsmokers. The flow of blood supply to the skin gets lowered just because of one cigarette. Couples who smoke face fertility problems. Smoking can cause hypertension and raise the risk of heart attacks and stroke. If one has a tendency of asthma, smoking can worsen it. Smoke because of a cigarette can cause itchiness in the eyes and can make them bloodshot. Smokers also carry a higher risk of cataracts. Moreover, smoking can stain the teeth and make them look bad. One has to deal with the issue like bad breath, swollen gums and risks of periodontal disease. Smoking contributes to ulcers in a mouth.
It is a belief that educating the massive on the negative effects of smoking can play an important role in relapse following a quit attempt. There is evidence that smoking lowers abstinence-induced negative effect that is highly applicable when treating nicotine dependence. Another study reveals that smoking carries the strong impact on the relief of negative affect due to nicotine abstinence under controlled laboratory settings (Lerman & Audrain-McGovern, 2010).
Conclusion There are plenty of negatives of smoking that one should be well aware of. Moreover, smoking makes one look pale and shabby. Smokers develop wrinkles earlier, and this is because of a decrease in blood supply to the skin as well as lowers levels of the vitamin. One is not only inviting those risk for their own body, but also for those who are around them. Passive smoking is as harmful as direct smoking. Children who grow up in homes where one or both of their parents smoke carry a higher risk of getting asthma and bronchitis, and are more likely to become a cigarette smoker themselves.


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